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    James Grover


    I read somewhere that the latest version of VorpX allows for TrackIR support (Track IR tracking can be used used as the VR Headset?). Is this true? Can someone please clarify that TrackIR indeed works as the headset as I have a WW1 flight sim game called ‘Wings Over Flanders Fields Platinum Edition’, which I currently play using with TrackIR but there is no VorpX Profile for this in the cloud.

    Any info would be grateful. Thanks in advance.


    I don’t know the game, but there isn’t much that can wrong with TrackIR input. vorpX checks whther TrackIR support is available and if so notifies you about that. If for some reason that fails, there still is OpenTrack.


    don’t know the game either, but i can tell something about farming simulator 2019 which also supports 6dof track ir.

    When using vorpx in Z3D mode there is only 2 DOF, like standard mouse look. But as you switch to G3D mode it enables 6 DOF with VR headset. I was surprised myself that it worked, didn’t have to do anything extra it turned it on by itself. But only in G3D.


    That’s not TrackIR, but vorpX’s own G3D 6DOF tracking. It is enabled in games where it doesn’t cause any graphical glitches. TrackIR would also work in Z3D.

    The Farming Simulator games only support TrackIR in vehicles as far as I’m aware, not on foot. Never tried it myself, but in FS19 you may have to enable it with an ini hack (source: https://forum.giants-software.com/viewtopic.php?t=136836).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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