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    So i have been through every thread i can find, youtube video, and news thread on how to set this ut, and still i cant get it to work.

    I wanted this for No Mans Sky, and was pumped as hell.

    So i installed NMS, booted it and set up the settings as suggested.
    Installed and activated VorpX, got the DOOM profile that was suggested, added NMS.exe to that profile (some time figuring that out), set the default device to Vive.
    Went into NMS properties and disabled Steam overlay, and Desktop Game Theatre.
    Paused the watcher in VorpX.
    Started SteamVR.
    Unpaused the Watcher.
    Started NMS.

    The game dosnt go black and starts as normal in desktop.

    I got hold of a NMS graphic config on the forum here and copied that into NMS folder.
    Tried it from the top again. same results.

    So i read trying other supported games like GTA5, Just cause 3, and other games.
    Same results.

    So i read some more and i disabled my antivirus, antispy/malware, and any other background, just steam and steamVR and vorpX left.

    Same results. No black screen, nothing in Vive etc.

    So im giving up soon. Just looks like VorpX wont hook into games started from steam. Also tried starting from source folder, but steam interface takes over, or game doesnt boot due to invalid info or somethings like that.

    Windows 10 Pro
    GTX Titan X
    Intel Core i7-5820K
    32GB RAM (DDR4)

    PS. Also tried updating ALL drivers…… Same results.

    Im glad for any suggestions. Thinking of clean install with win 10 Home.


    Did you try the No Man’s Sky profile from here? That should work by simply importing it into the profile list in the config app.

    Your issue sounds more like an injection conflict though, especially OpenGL games like NMS shouldn’t cause problems otherwise, since in contrast to D3D vorpX’s OpenGL injection is not time critical.

    Please double and triple check for any potential programs that may also hook into games. Some virus scanners do not allow their users to fully disable them. If you use something like BitDefender, Webroot or Comodo for example, temporarily uninstalling might be worth a try.

    Also check for video recording software (e.g. nVidia Shadowplay from Geforce Experience), any GPU/CPU utility and chat programs that can show notifications in games.

    Ideally shut down everything that is not required. If that helps, you can easily find the offending program later.

    If you can’t solve the problem, please create a trouble shoot data archive in the config app and send it to support |at| vorpx com. I can’t make promises, but I will look into the list of programs you have running and check whether you maybe overlooked something.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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