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    Hi Guys,

    i saw for weeks and monthes many problems around real Driving Simulation compatibility.

    So, allow me a Question Guys !
    Who experienced a real good experience with a Racing Simulation Game ? (exept the Online Racing sites)

    For me , a good racing experience, is just : Allowing the Head tracking instead of the Left Stick Button.

    The VORPS Option “Overide Left Stick” runs …. in FPS games .. yes .. but in which racing one ???

    Please tell me , i’m ROAD addict ;)

    Best regards


    Project Cars has native VR built in, Assetto Corsa is great, too and Dirt Rally VR will be out in the next couple of days. I do enjoy VorpX with a few games, but they all have at least one issue and I don’t want this in driving games.

    I really don’t know how you could wish for more than those games.

    Assetto Corsa setup guide: http://www.riftracer.co.uk/guides/assetto-corsa-oculus-rift-setup/


    I am getting more and more disappointed with vorpx. I have a huge game collection, may be 100 racing games among 1500 others, bought myself today a complete driving set (with chair and everything) and dont get any of the games to work in 3D properly. (ok, havend tried them all yet).

    Messed around with some rfactor profiles on BMW M3 Challenge with no success. Nice 3D view, but couldnt get the headtracking to work, the whole cokpit was moving when moving my head like in a shooter.

    Does anyone have advice of which settings to manipulate or profiles to try so i can move my head freely from side to side ? This might be a main issue with racing games.


    For head tracking in racing games there are basically four options:

    If racing games provide a mouse look function in cockpit view (probably rare), the normal mouse based head tracking would work.

    For racing games that have TrackIR support, you can use an external tool (OpenTrack). It can translate head movement into TrackIR input. This is the best option. If a game has TrackIR support, you should always try this.

    For racing games that allow looking around with the right gamepad thumbstick, you can setup vorpX to simulate a gamepad axis with head tracking in the vorpX menu. This works with many racing games, but due to the heavy filtering that games do on gamepad input it’s rather laggy usually.

    And last but not least there is a quick and dirty general purpose method that always works. It doesn’t provide true head tracking, but is still rather immersive: for that switch to cinema mode (“Ambience” or “None” scene) and move the screen closer until it fills the entire view.


    Thanks for these details ralf, i’ll try all this ;)



    Thanks for the infos Ralf, ill try that.

    With a a good users manual many questions might become obselete ;-)



    Granted, documentation is a weak spot. On the other hand a large portion (I would assume the vast majority) of users don’t even check the documentation that is available. Modern times, noone reads manuals anymore.

    The next vorpX version will have tooltips in the vorpX menu, hopefully that will help to clarify things better.

    There also will be a new startup screen for unknown games that will let you choose between “Full VR”, the above mentioned quick and dirty method (dubbed “Immersive Screen”) and “Cinema Mode”. This will make it very easy to check what suits a game best without having to touch multiple settings.

    The “head tracking as gamepad” functionality mentioned above is indeed a bit difficult to find. To make it available in the menu set “Override X-Box Gamepad” to “Off”.


    i think i’ll buy the IR Tracker, the problem is how to fix the Antenas on the Rift.
    Ho, Ralf, allow me a Question, is VORPX xtill full copatible with the Oculus Rift Consumer version ?

    And a very last one (not especialy for ralf) ;) … do you know wher i can find some tutorial setup for GRID 2 (or autosport) and DIRT3 ?

    i’ll have a big fternoon of testing ;)

    Thanks Guys


    You don’t need to buy the hardware, all you need is OpenTrack, which you can download here!

    Unfortunately I can’t provide the TrackIR functionality within vorpX directly for legal (patent) reasons. The OpenTrack programmers apparently ignore this issue, but for a commercial software like vorpX that is not an option.

    if you use an Oculus Rift: I’m not 100% sure whether they added native Oculus support by now. If not, you may have to run vorpX in Steam VR mode.


    Hoooooooooooo GREAT !!! Let’s try this !
    i’ll do some tests this afternoon with several games, i’ll post feedbacks.
    Thanks again ralf


    Ralf please, for the HeadTrack software soluution, have we to combine VORPX & HEADTRACK ?

    Very thanks


    You have to make sure that the game supports TrackIR and that it’s enabled in the game options. Not every game has TrackIR support. Check this list first.

    I’m not an expert in this regard TBH, but you should be able disable the vorpX head tracking, tracking will be handled by OpenTrack alone if everything works.


    Concerning “Users Manual”,

    I agree most people probably wont read it. But at least a good discription of each option shoul be availiable somewhere. This Button does this,that button is for soemthing else. It is (for me) not clear what some seetings really effect. (i am not english origin). Though, i cant have enough setings to play with ;-)

    I myself use a manual only when not understanding what ButtonXY does. But if no explanation is availiable adjustments can easily ruin a day ;-)


    Rolf wrote: switch to cinema mode (“Ambience” or “None” scene) and move the screen closer until it fills the entire view.

    I ve tried the options you have mentioned. There is a look around option with two keyboard keys i can route to a controller number but couldnt manage the vorpx ingame settings (controller). They are not very self explaining (for me).

    I finally (was not perfect, but at least i was able to move my head without moving the whole cokpit with it) by swithing over to cinema mode and pulling the screen a little closer. (i think i used screen offset set to -1.0).
    Not close enough, the slider was pulled all to the left, a thick black border was still seen.

    For such cases a lower value of may be -2.0 would be good. But the slider doesnt go so far down.

    If anyone manages to use “Opentrack” please report here.

    BTW: Ralf please dont remove any options in futher versions, i cant have enough of them, may be rather explain them extensively ;-)

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