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    The more games I try with vorpX, the more I realize the supported game page is false advertising.
    My thoughts were to play a nice driving sim like NFS Rivals and something along the lines of FO4.

    Problem is, Rivals isn’t supported, at all. It only works in cinema mode which is pointless.
    FO4 is nearly broken. With limitations to lock picking and consoles/hacking, according to this thread and my own attempts, the game is hardly enjoyable.
    I’ve spent my entire day off just to try and get these two games working to no avail.

    But, in your ‘Read first’ page, you do say different versions of Windows behave differently.
    What, then, combination of OS version and game are well tested and can provide a out of the box pleasant experience?


    Make sure to run Fallout 4 with a 16:9 or 16:10 resolution, those are the only aspect ratios really supported by the game. With a 4:3 aspect ratio (usually better for vorpX) the game boots up fine, but the UI gets messed up. Among other things that leads to the lockpicking screen being invisible. Not a vorpX issue, just the game only working correctly with widescreen resolutions.

    If you still experience issues afterwards (e.g. the camera being misplaced on hacking terminals), disable the positional part of Direct VR in the vorpX menu. The normal positional tracking will still be available.

    You can get a quite immersive experince out of cinema mode by choosing he “None” or “Ambience” scene and then moving the screen closer to you. That is quite useful for racing games where vorpX cannot change the ingame camera with head tracking.


    HI need to add something related to the lockpick thing.. it works on all resolutions.. the fix is to set the resolution to for example to.:1439 X 1919 or 1919 X1079

    This is the fix for 4:3 or whatever one wants..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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