What specs would I need to run Fallout 3 and new vegas with Vorpx?

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    So it’s always been my dream to run Fo3 in VR at max settings along with an awesome ENB/ overhaul mods. Problem is, I’ve been a console gamer my whole life and I don’t know much about system specs when it comes to PC gaming

    I’m looking for a gaming laptop that would be compatible with Vorpx while running games like fallout 3, new vegas, and skyrim. I’m under the impression that the reccommended specs for 2D gameplay are not always adequate for VR. I want to stick to something in the $1000-$1200 range

    Would this get the job done?

    Can anyone offer some advice or recommendations? I don’t know where to start.


    Hello, i only can guess around a bit.

    With that laptop you have a GTX1060, SSD , fast i7 that should do the job (at least in theory). I personally would not buy a laptop for gaming because i always experienced a lack of speed in one or another way with any laptop i owned before. (i might be wrong in this particular case). What the 1060 is concerned , you may as well choose one with a 970 which should be cheaper but not very much difference in speed, a slightly older i7 6700 should do a great job also. If you want it faster, rather buy a 1080 then a 1060. Make shure the board that is used is sufficient enough for the highspeed ram ect. I noticed that your add doesnt mention details of the board. – I also would keep in mind that if you buy a desktop PC, you always can update parts in case you need to go even faster which is not possible with a regular laptop. Hope some other guys who own one can help you more.
    (Just my thoughts)


    Don’t use a notebook for graphical demaning games.

    First of all, a notebook’s GPU is less powerfull than it’s desktop equivalent, i.e. a notebook GTX 1060 or GTX 1050ti is no match for a desktop 1060/1050ti. Furthermore notebooks have to throttle after a few minutes to prevent the GPU from overheating – just not enough airflow in the small cases.

    I personally use my notebook for room-scale games that are not that demanding (like Superhot VR, Beat Saber, Windlands, Soundboxing etc.) in my living room as I have plenty of space there.

    My girl friend once tried Eagle Flight with the notebook and immediately caught motion sickness as the notebook wasn’t able to provide constant 90hz refresh rate with headset.

    Use a proper PC with a 1070ti (CPU isn’t that important) to really enjoy VR.


    Thanks for the responses! As much as I would prefer to use a tower, unfortunately I just don’t have the space in the barracks. I’ve since done a little more research and it looks like a 1070 oughtta get the job done (I don’t anticipate a 10+ year old game over taxing the system, even if it is in VR). I’ll probably end up going with this MSI instead. It’s a tiny beast.

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