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    Evening All,

    Recently took the leap into VR and bought myself the first HTC Vive and thinking about now upgrading to the vive pro 2 as on my understanding i can use that headset with the base stations and controllers i already have but before i do that I’m wondering what the majority are using her and there results and any feedback they can offer.



    If you are patient, there are some upcoming VR headsets that I am planning to upgrade to coming from a Valve Index.

    You have the Pimax Crystal or Pimax 12K that comes out later this year.

    I am looking forward to a very light headset, especially to use for VR gamepad experiences like vorpX, called Bigscreen Beyond.

    There is also the upcoming Meta Quest 3, if you are into mobile VR gaming plus being able to tether to a PC so you can use vorpX.

    If you cannot wait a few months, then I would recommend buying the Valve Index + Knuckles Controllers. I am, very pleased with it and for you to come from the HTC Vive would be a big upgrade, but since you already have the basestations, I would recommend you to consider upgrading to the Bigscreen Beyond headset.


    As others have said, there are some great headsets arriving this year (maybe next year). Personally, I have used the following (I strictly only do PC and PS5 VR – no mobile garbage):

    1. Meta Quest 2 – OK, not bad visuals, the FOV feels claustrophobic to me, screw Meta.

    2. Valve Index – excellent albeit dated, the tracking is second to none and is a direct connection, so you have zero compression. The screen and lenses are dated though, and definitely not worth the $/£1k price tag now.

    3. PS VR2 – absolutely top-notch visuals, haptics, FOV, not PC VR but it is so good I thought it worth a mention.

    4. Pico 4 – a better and cheaper Quest 2. The visuals are better, the screen is higher res and comes with pancake lenses so the clarity is better at the extremities. The headset is lighter so is more comfortable for extended sessions. It has a fan which helps with fogging, as a sweaty mong this is a big deal for me. It mirrors the Quest 2 with regard to connectivity, you get WifI and USB (both meh), and finally, Virtual Desktop which is the best option. They aren’t a direct DP/DP ALT Mode so you do get compression but overall the fidelity is very good.

    If you want a headset now I would suggest the Pico 4. You can get it really cheap if you go for the lower storage option. They are a much better Quest 2, for want of a better explanation. I’m personally holding out for the Index 2 whenever that arrives.


    I’m using my new Reverb G2 rev2 to play The Witcher 3 currently. It’s an excellent HMD, highly recommended for vorpX. But very expensive for a product that will get discontinued soon – i paid 700€ here in Germany (even though it’s discounted to half of that in most other parts of the world) – and it just went to 750€ at BestWare, LOL… :)


    What is the tracking like on that headset? I was considering the G2 in place of the PICO 4 but I saw lots of reviews stating how bad the tracking is.


    I had a Pico 4 beside my G2, but sent P4 back the next day. It had bad distortions in the middle of the lenses (faulty production run), very noticeable screendoor effect, really bad lens glare and the screens looked dark with completely crushed blacks and choked whites. I doubt that i had multiple defects at the same time, the product was unopened. Very bad experience.

    The G2 tracking seems OK from the reviews. Haven’t used the HMD for anything else than vorpX yet, and i’m playing sitting with a gamepad. Though i have to say that if you are letting your arms hang by the sides while you play without moving them for a longer time, the cameras can’t see the controllers and lose the tracking. Worse, when the tracking is lost, the controllers don’t react to button presses anymore. Could be a vorpX thing, didn’t notice anything like this in my short SkyrimVR test.


    That is a shame about the defective Pico 4 headset, I think you might have liked what they can do if it worked. Don’t get me wrong, they are not without fault but still, they are a really great alternative to the Quest 2. In fact, from what I’ve heard the render quality is better than the Quest Pro.

    In regard to the G2, yeah that is essentially what I heard from elsewhere too. It is a shame because they look like a very good wired option, some flight sim enthusiasts are buying multiple units when they pop up on eBay, that is a big stamp of approval. I think the controller disappearing might be a SteamVR problem. I’ve been getting several issues where the game glitches then SteamVR goes into a weird state. If it happens again try killing SteamVR from the task bar, then open Task Manager if you see SteamVR in the process list kill it from there too.


    Pimax 8K-X. Absolutely hands-down the best HMD I’ve ever had on, WHEN you can make use of the FOV and clarity. With a 4090 I usually can, but there are still plenty of titles I have to run at Normal FOV rather than wide (I don’t use Small – which is should be noted is STILL larger than most other HMDs out there.) The performance issues manifest anytime a dev hasn’t realized than some HMDs (even the Index) have canted displays. Eventually this will in-theory become the norm, since the entire “you are wearing horse-blinders” effect of most HMDs greatly reduces immersion in what is supposed to be an immersive experience.
    The PIMAX ecosystem is a PITA however, so you’ve got to take that into consideration. So when you can make use of it, it’s simply flabbergasting, and when you can’t it’s annoying AF. I run AC at insane resolutions (160% Steam SS) and Wide FOV with a ton of lighting and weather mods and it’s almost brutally good – incredible fidelity, zero SDE, extremely wide FOV (but, as noted, with somewhat distorted edges. Those don’t bother me at all, whereas “nothing at all being there except the black inside of an HMD” bothers me a lot on other HMDs – everyone is different). Every time I curse the Pimax foibles I spend a few hours in the that and realize it’s all worth it, as nothing else can really come close (maybe a Varjo? I don’t know, never tried one of those.)


    might be a SteamVR problem

    I don’t use SteamVR. VorpX runs in OpenXR/WMR mode.


    VorpX runs in OpenXR/WMR mode.

    I could never get OpenXR to work on any of my headsets, either way. I guess SteamVR isn’t the culprit this time – I have problems with it every time I use it.

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