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    Yes I am getting very annoyed with this now!!

    Bought the software for £35, which is expensive, and still getting no where with it after 3 days of trying.
    Where is the support from the person selling the software ?

    This software has managed to stop my SteamVR Controller Bindings menu working, so no I cannot even change my bindings for other games.

    This software constantly doesn’t work correctly with the Vive controllers. I cannot even access the Vorpx settings without having to take the headset of and press delete.

    The SHIFT doesn’t even work now with the vive controllers. It was totally working fine, The left controller grip was SHIFT, but for some reason even though the mapping on the controller says its suppose to be SHIFT it actually performs EDGE PEAK, So both vive grip buttons perform EDGE PEAK.

    And the seller doesn’t even help with problems with new people who spend £35 on it.
    I can see myself telling Paypal that I have received software the doesn’t work and will be requesting a refund.

    This is totally pathetic !!!


    it’s best using vorpx with keyboard or gamepad not with vive controllers, even tho it’s supported and plays good for game like skyrim.

    you can rebind all vorpx keybind through vorpx configuration tool.

    vorpx works 100% fine for me with steamVR, i’ve been using it fine for 2 years now.

    Ralf is very helpful but cant be there h24 obviously.


    I cant use vorpx with keyboard mouse as my pc is in a different room to where I play roomscale. And am certainly not constantly moving my sensors just to use vorpx and my keyboard mouse.
    Am not actually saying vorpx doesn’t work, what am saying is its buggy and causing to many problems, and when there is no support been offered by the seller, its not good.
    He obviously knows why things like my controller bindings settings are not working in steamvr now, it must be something to do with vorpx gamepad/controller mapper.
    This shouldn’t be affect steamvr controller binding though when vorpx isn’t even been used, but it does. And I use the controller bindings all the time for new games, and now I don’t even have access to it, because of vorpx x.
    I have even tried uninstalling steamvr and reinstalling, yet still vorpx stops the controller bindings from working

    The other problem is when you start vorpx in a game, it messes up which controller is which, and even displays the wrong mapping on them.
    Like the GRIP on the left controller is suppose to be SHIFT so I can access other controls on the controller, yet even though it says SHIFT on the mapping for it, the SHIFT is on the right controller, and what mapping is displayed on the right controller is actually on the left controller.
    So another bug and no support to stop it happening.

    Other than these problems the software works as intended from what ive seen at present. But these are big problems for someone who needs access to the steamvr controller bindings.

    The wrong controller issue seems to be intermittent.


    If i a was the Developer of this software i would think twice before answering to such a relatively unfriendly posting. Perhaps Ralf is ill or has taken some free time after months of hard programming. Have you thought of this ?

    In my eyes its always good reporting any issues (not everyone is doing that) , but “complaining” will probably not make the software better neither inspire the programmer to work overhours. No software is perfect.


    That’s ok coming from someone who has probably had the software quite a while and had their moneys worth out of it.
    But when you buy something and don’t get any response when there is a problem its pretty bad, especially when I messes up configurations on other software that you use regular. (ie The steamvr controller bindings)

    Would you buy something from a shop, lets say a TV, and if it wasn’t working as intended you would get support for it.
    So yes, you do expect support!
    It is not hard to just check a forum daily to check there is no one needing support


    don’t use vive controllers with voprx…

    then, wait ralf :)


    Ralf is generally quite responsive to posts where he can help. It’s been unlike him to not post anything these past few days. Hopefully he is well.

    I use vorpX daily, but not with controllers so I can’t be much help. Your situation sounds a bit unusual though, hopefully there’s a workaround.


    If you want to use use the Steam overlay (which includes the your Steam controller menu) while vorpX is running, please uncheck the “Try to block known overlays” checkbox in the vorpX config app.

    You can rebind your Vive controllers in the vorX menu. They can be used to either emulate a gamepad or mouse and keyboard.

    BTW: I changed the title of your post to someting more fitting. Unfortunately it’s not always possible to answer questions immediately. Thanks for your patience.


    Ralf is a good man! :)


    Thanks you for your reply. Am sorry but that has not fixed the problem.
    THe steam overlay was always working, what is not working is the controller bindings of the steam overlay, and that’s what I need to be able to change bindings of all my other steamvr games.

    When I press my MENU button on my vive controller, I get the steam overlay, Then I select SETTINGS, then I select CONTROLLER BINDINGS. This is what doesn’t work.
    All the other things seem to work fine.

    This all happens with that box ticked or not ticked, and also if I don’t even load vorpx up it still happens.

    Vorpx must of done something in the startup or registry that is affecting this!


    vorpX does not change any Steam related registry setting at all, nothing controller related and also nothing else.

    It can change settings for some games, which you can revert in the config app (“Restore Game Settings”). If the according list is empty on your PC, no game was started yet where vorpX changed any settings.

    Apart from potentially changed game settings vorpX doesn’t do anything unless it is running, so your issue is almost certainly an unrelated coincidence.

    Might make sense to fully reset your Steam install if you don’t remember what you changed. To do that simply delete everything in your Steam folder except ‘Steam.exe’ and the ‘SteamApps’ folder. The latter contains all your downloaded games, so you definitely don’t want to delete that one. On next launch Steam will redownload all missing program files and create new configutation files.

    Make a backup of all files you remove in case something goes wrong!


    I already have re installed SteamVR, and I can certainly assure you I haven’t done anything but install vorpx.
    I use the controller bindings every day, and have not been able to since I purchased vorpx.

    Reinstalling SteamVr didn’t stop the problem !


    As said above, apart from potentially changed game settings vorpX doesn’t do anything unless it is running. Just because your controller issue occured around the same time you bought vorpX doesn’t necessarily mean it caused your issue.

    If you want to change VR controller bindings for vorpX, you do that in the vorpX menu on the VR controller page.

    If you have issues with games that vorpX isn’t hooked into, these issues are unrelated to vorpX. To ensure that vorpX doesn’t hook into any game, you can exit from its tray icon right click menu.


    I have reinstalled everything, Steam, and still it does not work.
    Your software does start something in services, which is running prior to anything been opened!


    Apparently I wasn’t clear enough before: vorpX does not to anything unless it is running. It does not change your Steam settings. It does not affect your controller. It plain simple doesn’t do anything until you start it.

    While your issue may have occured around the time you purchased vorpX, it is not related in any way simply because vorpX can’t do anything while it is not running.

    Sorry for not being of more help.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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