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    ‘control’ has official profile, but quantum break (from the same sotware house and come out before control) has no profiles…


    Did you checked if there’s a cloud profile?

    Maybe the profile for control can be used for quantum break?

    Sorry i can’t tell you anything useful, haven’t played those games


    no cloud profile…

    and there are no profiles for quantic dreams games…


    i dont have Quantum Break installed at the moment, but the Engine of Quantum Break is: Northlight (2016) Engine.
    Alan Wake is Northlight (2010) G3D, try to copy it with that profile. Maybe that work.


    FYI – Quantum Break is DirectX 12 only if purchased through the Microsoft Store/Xbox PC store. There’s no option to change this, so no VorpX (right?)

    However, the Steam version of Quantum Break is DirectX 11 only… So that one’s your best bet. The difference in performance is ludicrous. Alas I’m stuck with DX12. The cursed Microsoft Store version was never updated.


    i’ve tried quantum break with alan wake profile: there is no 3d effect at all..

    with CONTROL profile, there is g3d active, but the screen is all …black :)

    maybe you can try to resolve it…


    you can play unsupported Games in “Cinema Mode” or “almost Full VR without Positional Tracking” (Z3D) (including Quantum Break Steam Version -Direct X11) like this :

    1.Way: Install Reshade and the Plugin for Reshade “Superdepth 3D”,
    ingame set it in Side by Side mode to get Z3D. You can freely set the 3D Strentgh and so on,
    you need to check out whats the best for you.
    If the 3D is not good, try to change the Buffer to “Normal Z Reversed”.

    Now you can play it via Vorpx Desktop Viewer or Virtual Desktop on your VR Headset, you have to activate Side by Side Mode.
    Addiotionally you can install the Reshade Plugin “Lumasharpen”
    to get the same sharpening feature like in Vorpx.

    One omportant note:

    All Games have to run in “windowed mode” or “borderless Fullscreen”.
    If a game doesnt support it,
    no problem: just install the programm “borderless gaming”
    to get the game in borderless Fullscreen.
    Because when the game runs in fullscreen both programs cannout capture it.
    I also recommend to play all Games in 1280×1024.

    2. Way:
    Install Tridef 3D and create an Generic 3D Profile, Tridef 3D does a very great Job, btw you are also able to watch 2D Movies on your PC with really not bad 3D (realtime converting).
    Then also you can choose if you use Virtual Desktop or Vorpx Desktop Viewer.
    One important note here: you can also keep reshade installed and you can use the sharpening feature then.

    The good thing about this is, this also works with Direct X8 Games.

    Also, you can download “opentrack” to use headtracking.
    Also you can use flawless Widescreen for FOV Change.


    There is a 3. way i found out yesterday:
    But this is only for NVIDIA Users:

    You are still able to install the Nvidia 3D Vision driver via
    3D Fix Manager – Helix Mod.

    If you install this tool, then in the program you need to click on 3D on and off until the programs says it will download the latest Nvidia 3D Vision Driver, you are able to keep your updated graphics driver without need to delete it, it will just “add the 3D Vision feature which Nvidia did remove last year, because they didnt support it anymore”.

    The 3D fix manager “fixes” the 3D Vision Profiles also, i tested yesterday for the first time ever Metal Gear Solid – The Phantom Pain and Quantum Break.
    Both worked in awesome 3D. Also the fixed Profiles are also better and doesnt have any shadow problems like the normal driver had.
    That means you play then like an better “Nvidia 3D Vision 2.0 driver”

    You just need to set also all in Side by Side in the Program.
    Then play it via Virtaul Desktop or Vopx Desktop Viewer and activate SBS.
    That means you can play all Nvidia 3D Vison supported Game in Cinema Mode then.

    I also tried to find an FOV Fix for Quantum Break, but there isnt one, so i think the “best VR experience” for Quantum Break is in the Cinema Mode or Full VR zoomed out. But its possible :)



    Impressing !

    Does this 3D Vision SBS Trick also work with DX9 games ?


    Sadly, certain games doesn’t work coorectly with latest W10 drivers above 1903.
    MGS V is one these games.
    On my pc hitman 2 works very well with this but not MGS V.

    Latest drivers for my 2070 super and for W10 here?

    Which drivers have installed Ghostrider087 ?


    @ RJK
    Yes it works for example Bioshock 2 in direct x9 is in the game list, in the description of the website you can see following information:
    This includes fixes using Helix Mod (DirectX 9), 3dmigoto (DirectX 11) and OpenGL 3D Vision Wrapper.


    Oh, im still using Windows 8.1 and can confirm Phantom Pain and quantum break works perfectly with the Nvidia 3D Vision via 3D Fix manager.
    My (normal Nvidia driver is version 445.87

    My Pc is 6 years old and i have an Geforce GTX 660, i buy a new pc in the next months with Windows 10 of course.

    But it should also work in Win 10.
    Do you use Nvidia Geforce Experience to update your normal video card driver ?


    Yes i do.
    I’ ve asked the developer of Helix mod for my MGSV case and he answered me that actually a bunch of DX11 games do not work with newest W10 drivers, but it works perfectly fine with older drivers. I don’t want to reinstall these drivers so i prey for a vorpx profile for MGS V.
    These problems are only for DX 11 games , DX 9 are ok.

    Vorpx profiles are better in general and they include headtracking wich is a big plus for me but vorpx misses profiles for a few big open world games like MGSV or hitman 2.(I don’t understand why these 2 games have no profile).


    Of course Vorpx Profiles with G3D are the best experience you can get.

    But for games like Quantum Break and Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain and some more,
    the engine of these games are not Vorpx friendly, so we need to get the “3D” from somewhere else like Nvidia 3D Vision or Tridef 3D.

    I see, so that means the only way to play Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain with Nvidia 3D Vision on Windows 10 at the moment,
    is to downgrade the video driver.
    Thats really bad…
    I think Nvidia 3D Vision use an “specific hook”.

    So we need an “DGVodoo3 – Metal Gear Nvidia 3D Vision Edition” wrapper like for the Fox Engine, to get this “hook”.


    The manager only seems to copy the helixmod dll into the game directory, can you give us detailed informations how DX9 games will work with the helixmod,i dont see any corresponding ini settings to enable SBS.



    when you have installed the fixmanager, then you also need to start any compatible game via the fixmanager.
    The manager will detect your installed Games and you will find then the list in the left section.
    When you choose one game, there are 3 Options then : “Play 2D” “Play 3D” “Install 3D Fix”
    Make sure that 3D is activated in the right corner above.
    It will also automaticaly enable if its not activated.
    The fixmanager installs an “modified custom 3D Nvidia Vision driver, this is why everything will be controlled by the fix manager.

    So it will only start in 3D Mode, when you start a game via the Fixmanager.

    Also i recommend to download the “RivaTuner Statistics Server” for accessing all features of 3D Fix Manager.
    This eliminates micro stuttering, reduces input lag and improves frametimes for stereo 3D mode.
    You find it also under the Fixmanager download link.

    This is how to get Side by Side:

    In the manager go to:

    Settings –> Display Profiles –> Monitor Profile

    Tick the Box: “Preferred 3D Format” and set it to “Side by Side”.
    In default its set to Regular 3D Vision Frame Sequential

    I also recommend to enable in

    Settings –> Nvidia 3D Settings –> Advanced Hotkeys, so you can control the convergence, which is a must, to make the 3D Effect really good. The best is, when the character pops out a little bit.

    In game via CTRL + F3 (best to hold the keys) you can decrease the 3D depth
    with CTRL + F4 you increase the strenght.

    CTRl + ALT + F11 is like changing to Z3D/G3D

    The fixmanager also offers 3 differtent Profiles, Monitor, Beamer and TV.
    i would recommend to set there also all to SBS via ticking the box.

    In Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain, when you use any hotkey you will get feedback by changing the 3D Strength.
    In the Darkness 2 (DirectX9) you dont get any feedback, but it works.

    In case the game is not in SBS 3D, press CTRL+ T to enable or disable it manually.

    U dont need to install any more or something the fixmanager will automatically install all requred drivers. So it will automatically install the correct 3D fix for Directx9 and so on. You only need to start the game via the manager.

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