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    Hey everyone,

    So ive been with Vorpx for awhile and with Lockdown 2020 going on… i assume a fair amount of us are largely indoors, looking for games to play (maybe getting bored of the games we got since we are this far into it.)

    So – I thought, may not be a horrible idea to share what Vorpx experiences we had that we thought were exceptionally good (or just exceptionally unique and need to be experienced)

    So, Im offering my top picks here and some of them require Mods.

    First of all – Dark Souls 3 with First Person Mod.

    Now, to use this mod it does require you basically “not using” many of the games mechanics. You cant really use the Lock On ability because the first person camera mod basically makes Lock on go TOTALLY insane… So you pretty much are stuck playing the game as a quick 2 handed character. Now, this sounds awful, but once you get the flow of things (and things are indeed easier to dodge in first person – you see those swings coming) you will be massacring the Dark Souls 3 monsters with well timed rolls and a solid 2 handed weapon.

    Now, I dont want anyone to feel like Im sending them to their deaths here, so there is a GREAT 2 handed weapon available at the start of the game, after you kill the first boss.


    Watch that video and he will lead you to the best two handed option early in game that you can level up and use all the way to the end of the game – im not lying, beat the game with zero lock on and just dodging and using that sword, leveling it up as i went. So unfortunately – Shield blocks and Spellcasting are kinda out of the window since Lock on doesnt work right… but its still an incredible experience to see the beautifucally horrific monsters in Dark Souls 3 up close and the ‘fun part’ is – your sword SWINGS where you are ‘looking’ – so there is some degree of motion controls because you will be slashing at one dude and turn your head to hit his buddy and your sword slash WILL follow your ‘face’… so you aim with your head.. its kinda glorious and fun if youre a Dark Souls Fan.

    Anyways, Dark Souls 3 is totally playable like this (if youre a souls fan, i think most of us agree, Dark Souls 3 is far and away the easiest of the bunch, so this isnt impossible. Now this does use CheatEngine so you want to be playing offline for this mod)

    Next up, Sekiro with a first person mod.

    This one I have NOT finished the game yet – but – it seems to work much better than the Dark Souls 3 mod, it doesnt make the camera go wonky on lock ons so you can lock onto your enemies and “stand your ground” as you normally would in Sekiro (and parries seemed WAY easier in first person, seeing when their sword is about to hit you is alot easier when theyre right in your face)


    This one is much easier to get up and running, dont need to worry about getting a specific sword and everything. For extra fun – if you wanted to feel a bit more like Spider Man + Sekiro, you can increase the range of your grapple hook as well, this one is just for funsies, but fuck it,youre modding the game anyhow :P



    So thats the end of my Souls recommendations haha.

    Onto some other fun ones. GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas and GTA 4 all have First person mods and work great in Vorpx. GTA5 has a few VR mods out there and i havent dug into it yet to know whats better or not, but you can get first person mods for Vice City and San Andreas and 4 and experience driving your car in first person, looking over your shoulder (they actually have an animation where when you look into your blind spot you see your characters shoulder leaning back like in real life to check a blind spot lol).. and being in VR listening to the absurd radio shows that pop up on there is just alot of fun.

    Also just great out of the box experiences – All the Metro games. Even though it doesnt have full 3d I found a good profile for Evil Within 2 and that game features a good first person mode, it might be fun for survival horror fans to just put it up on immersive screen mode.. it was a ton of fun when I played it.

    Just trying to give some recommendations to my fellow Vorpxers about games that are out there that are alot of fun.

    Please feel free to add your personal favorites to this list so we can try to see if we might be able to help eachother pick out our next games


    nice thread :)

    i’ve been playing vampire masquerade bloodlines from start to finish with vorpx, amazing exp ^^
    right now i’m playing dark messiah of might and magic, it’s really fun :)
    after that i know i will play ori and the will of the wisps and i’m not sure what after but there are so many great games to play with vorpx it’s sometimes hard to pick which one to play first :D

    i’m very bad at souls games else i’d try first person mod with dark souls 3, can you tweak fov tho ?


    I’d like to throw one into the ring that I always considered underrated. Have to mention it once a year or so: Aliens: Colonial Marines.

    If you aren’t opposed to straight up shooter gameplay in a science fiction setting with a little bit of horror thrown in, you can’t go wrong with this one. Don’t expect a masterpiece like Bioshock, but it’s a more than solid shooter with great atmosphere that lends itself very well to being played in VR.

    It’s a few years old, so it also performs very well. On modern GPUs you should largely be able to reach 90fps with Geometry 3D. There also is full DirectVR support with all bells and whistles.


    yeah colonial marines is one of the games i’ve been planning to play with vorpx, will definitively do so some day :)

    i heard the game had horrible AI but was because of some error in some config file which is easily fixable with editing some ini source: https://www.ign.com/articles/2018/07/15/modder-fixes-maligned-aliens-colonial-marines-ai-with-one-simple-coding-change

    i’m sure it will be a blast to play in full directVR !


    Game AI broken by .ini typo. Shit happens, I guess. Funny that noone noticed that until years after release.

    I’ll add this AI fix as a tweak to the DirectVR auto settings for the next vorpX version.


    On the subject of Aliens: Colonial Marines, is anyone aware if vorpx is compatible with the overhaul mod by TemplarGFX? It apparently fixes stated AI bugs and makes various other amendments. I’m tempted to try it but kinda want to wait for confirmation before taking the dive.


    i dont know but thanks for talking about that overhaul, i had no idea there was such mod, i will definitively use it when i’ll play this game ^^

    maybe it will be compatible, if it doesnt inject any dlls, but it also modifies shaders and more so maybe there will be issues, only way to know is testing it.


    I took the plunge on this because I was curious. It appears to work good with the overhaul mod. I used the auto-installer for the latest version of the mod (v5). I had to delete a .dll file for vorpx to hook properly (I suspect the mod used it for some post-processing reshade functionality) and drop down from the Ultra quality install preset because performance wasn’t great for me (Pimax HMD | RTX2080super | Ryzen 3900x).

    I also got stuck in a game launching loop when quitting the game, but there is a fix listed in the mod readme for this. This issue apparently only occurs for some people.

    John Heaton

    Wreckfest is great using the cloud profile. The Physics and damage model is brilliant. I play with a wheel in cockpit view with fov set to max in game.


    I’ve been playing Batman Arkham City. There’s no first person mod that I know of but the profile I’m using looks really good.
    Close to VR at times when it goes into first person mode.
    I uploaded my profile to the cloud.


    One of my goto games is the original Crysis. 2 and 3 work well also, but I love traversing the jungle in the original and the vehicles work great too. Dead Island played good too. Right now I’m experimenting with Dying Light. Too bad nobody created an Alien Isolation type VR mod to enhance the experimental VR that’s already in the game.


    Titan Fall 2 works very well. I’m loving it. Also, Resident Evil 7 and Halo: Master Chief Collection (Halo 3 just released for it TODAY!).


    Hey y’all!

    Just got into VR and installed vorpx, what a blessing!
    using a quest.

    I enjoy PORTAL 2 very much.
    Just dont understand why they didnt release it vr, it works great.
    Also RDR2 an GTAV are amazing!
    Wonder what mods you actualy need for gtav? I played a bit just with native settings, all was very pleasant:).

    not that into darksouls. but still, your explanation of “because you will be slashing at one dude and turn your head to hit his buddy and your sword slash WILL follow your ‘face’… so you aim with your head.. its kinda glorious and fun if youre a Dark Souls Fan.”
    makes me curious.

    have a save lockdown!


    Hard Reset works great although the amount of strafing and turning required makes me a little queasy.


    Colonial Marines retconned Alien 3 and did so in a way that was so much better than the direction they went with Alien 4.

    I played through Jedi Knight, it was great.

    Also a shout out FORKLIFT SIMULATOR 2019 has built in VR and its great.

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