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    Mirror’s edge is just amazing with Vorpx and I’ve been playing through that.

    Gearing up to play through Metro Exodus as soon as I get my RTX 3080.



    All the old call of duty games are awesome with delrifters profiles and an fov changer. Played back through nearly all the campaign’s, just amazing.


    I’ve said it before but in VorpX F.E.A.R 1 and 2 are unbeatable. Dishonored is good too.


    i just did darkness 2 with vorpx it was great ^^
    cant believe i never heard about this game before, it’s short, about 6 hours long, but really nice.


    If anyone is in Star Wars mood currently and didn’t play Star Wars: Battlefront II yet, that’s another one I would recommend. Just wanted to check the profile today and ended up playing halfway through the campaign. Supposedly not very long, but definitely worth it.

    You might want to wait a few days until the next vorpX release since I added a few improvements while I was at it: scalable HUD, Z3D working with resolution scale > 100%, optimized X-Box controller handling and some minor tweaks.


    I can’t figure out how to do quotes.
    But @Jarilo – Just got my Quest 2 and don’t really have too beefy of a PC.
    But you just convinced me to buy Vorpx with your mention of FEAR1 and FEAR2.

    So much of my childhood was spent playing those games. Single AND Multiplayer.
    I would love to experience them in stereoscopic 3D.

    I’m mostly buying Vorpx just for Rocket League though.
    Can anyone on here suggest how it is recently?
    Most posts I can find are from years ago.


    I tried Rocket League today but couldn´t get it to hook up properly.
    It tries to hook up to rocketleague.exe but eventually just pops up on monitor.

    I have the Epic Game Store version of it, but other EGS games work with vorpx so its not that…


    They recently discontinued DX9 support, grabbing the ‘Rocket League [vorpX]’ profile from the cloud should get you going again.


    Yeah that fixed it, working fine with the cloud profile.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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