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    I’ve just bought VorpX specifically to try Unreal 1 in VR, as I have read several reports that people got it working in VorpX with Patch 227.

    After I ran the game, VorpX would not attach to the executable. I have tried to create specific profile for the game, but it said that the executable is already used in a different profile – Unreal.

    I have searched for profile called Unreal, but have not found any. After some digging, I’ve found out VorpX contains many hidden profiles to intentionally prevent people from playing certain games.

    I am completely perplexed by this decision, as:

    A, There are reports from people that actually had the game running in VorpX, before it was actively disabled by hidden profile.

    B, There are other games running on the exact same engine, which are supported – Deus Ex for example.

    Therefore I am feeling blatantly cheated, as I’ve just thrown out money for VorpX out of the window, to not only find out that game I want to play does not work, but that it does not work because it was made so on purpose.

    Is there any way I could get a refund at least? My order at the point of writing this message is about half an hour old.

    Thank you



    Definitely some foul play going on here. I’ve renamed Unreal.exe executable to DeusEx.exe, and VorpX now works in Unreal, without any crashes. :|


    I would also like to have some more information about this from Ralf. There must be a good reason for this, so lettings us know the situation, and some possible solution, would surely make us customers happy.


    I’ve tried renaming Unreal.exe to DeusEx.exe without any success. My version is Unreal Gold non-Steam version.

    When I launch the .exe, it plays normally. Should I select “Direct3D support” the first time I run the game?

    VorPX works with “the Stanley Parable” and “Duke Nukem Forever” for me so far.


    I tried Unreal 1 a long time ago and would have loved to include an official profile. One of my absolute all time favorites. Couldn’t really make it work in 3D myself unfortunately. Since the game isn’t too popular anymore these days I didn’t invest too much time for research though.

    You definitely would need a DX9+ or OpenGL renderer. The original DX renderer won’t work for sure.

    What I tried was the OpenGL renderer from the last official patch (worked halfway, but 3D was borked) and the Kentie DX10/11 renderer, which worked only in 2D IIRC.

    What also should work (but also 2D only) is using the nGlide Glide wrapper. The Glide renderer was the best looking Unreal renderer back in the day. Much nicer skies.

    I’ll check the .227 fan patch on occasion, don’t think I tried that one.


    Ralf, thank you for your quick reply!

    So, basically those so-called “hidden profiles” are there because you tested the games and could not get them to work, is that correct?

    I saw this .227 fan patch floating around the Internet. I’ll give it a shot and report back here. I’m a n00b, so I’m not sure I’m qualified to determine if it officially works or not! So it would be better if you could try it too if I cannot get it to work, myself.

    If I manage to make it work, is there a way for me to delete the “hidden profile”, or should I make a copy of “Unreal.exe” and call it “Unreal_vorpx.exe” and attach a new profile to it?


    There can be various reasons for hidden profiles. In case of Unreal 1 the reason is that the game only ‘works’ in a very limited way, if at all. I just checked the profile, it’s restricted to OpenGL only, so you can launch the game with the OpenGL renderer. You will need to set the 3D-Strength to 0.0 though. 3D does not work correctly.

    If you want to experiment with DX9+ renderers, rename the .exe to anything else and then try to create a custom profile, but I’m quite certain there is no way to make it work in 3D. The engine is so old that the only option for 3D would have been OpenGL, and that doesn’t really work.

    If it would work in 3D, there would be an actual profile for the game.


    Ralf, thank you again for your support. Unreal is indeed an amazing game. It was the only “next generation” game that could work on my 486 DX2. The first time I encountered the beast after each of the lights turned off one by one, I knew that game was different from the others!

    I’m sorry for the n00b question, but how exactly can I modify a profile? I’d like to set it to DirectX 9 (as I understand, it is now set to OpenGL). I’d really like to try that before losing all hope, since I just patched it to .227 and it seems to be a HUGE leap from 226, even if it’s an unofficial patch.

    I think if the game were to be supported by VorPX, it might just give it a new boost in popularity!

    jonny panic


    I can confirm that using dx9 with the unofficial patch works. Geometry 3d is available too if changing to .exe to haloce. Works well except for coronas (which can be disabled) as far as I can tell. Only problem I have is getting 1:1 headtracking.

    Any chance we can get an official profile? I can already tell that the game works almost perfectly, but needs a little work to get headtracking.



    Any chance of this Ralf?


    Funny, I came here to make a post about Unreal 1, but then i saw this post :)
    It would be amazing with a officel profile with Directvr for Unreal.


    I would love to bring back child memories with this gem! Jonny can you plz guide us in making it work…what do you mean with “Geometry 3d is available too if changing to .exe to haloce”?

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