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    there is a wow mod who does that, i forgot which one tho.


    @ luris: time permitting there will be an option that makes the RMB a toggle button, which would let you toggle between third/first person.


    By the way, can we play WOW completely in this new interactive cinema mode?
    I do not understand very well, what this new mode is about.
    Is it a way similar to when we play in the third person games like Edge Of Nowhere, Chronos with Cv1 for example or is it a totally different function?


    Is the new version ready yet @Ralf? OrbusVR will be available to play in 12hrs on steam. Dont know if I should hold back playing that if the the new vorpx is due out imminently so I can continue on warcraft.


    @ DevlinDarkside: There are still some loose ends, I’m shooting for next weekend.

    @ grumdark: The immersive screen mode basically is a cinema mode preset tweaked for maximum immersion: screen close to the player, ambience scene, slight head tracking etc. For the most part this could be achieved before, but now it’s a one click thing easily accessible for new users without any knowledge of the settings involved.


    Little question : did someone manage to use Console Port with Vorpx in WoW ?
    Because I can’t… :(


    So… Is it working now? Don’t have time to check. (WoW is F2P before lvl 20, so anyone can try it)

    There should be a way to force WoW into DirectX 9, but it’s convoluted.


    Yes ! It works ! And thanks to Ralf’s advice on another thread, you can play with the great addon for gamepads called Console Port. I tried to play in Full VR, and to admire some beautiful places it’s really great ! But the Full VR is not fully optimised for combat or for some interface problems, like when you open your bags you can’t see all, because the edges of the screen are not visible.

    I didn’t test the new mod between big screen and Full VR, and I don’t know if there’s a way to switch between 2 mods rapidly.

    And the last “problem” of using a VR headset for wow is for typing text… quite difficult when you don’t see the keyboard ^^

    Edit : and no need to use DirectX 9 ;)

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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