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    IMO Squadrons is woke garbage in the Disney+ Universe [Checkout the Campaign]. The flight mechanics are wonky as hell and the TiEs are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too overpowered. It’s not supposed to be balanced, the rebel side had shields, the imperial had greater numbers. Tie Fighter was way more challenging because of it. Rogue Squadron is also cool in VR btw but X-wing has the best flight mechanics.

    Anyway good video, I wish they were able to do this for the Privateer series. Would LOVE to have played an ‘X-Wing Alliance’ space trading game. Apparently, X2: The Threat also works in VR but I’ve not tried it. Not sure if X3 works but that would be rad, those are my favorite types of space trading. Elite sux imo, no story means no reason to play. Would really appreciate more videos for spaceflight games. I Know Darkstar and Tachyon The Fringe is listed as working in VorpX.”

    Also Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was cool with VorpX. Wondering if anyone got the MMO to work?

    VRified Games

    x2 and 3….hmmmm that could be interesting

    VRified Games

    Star wars:Republic Commando in glorious VR.

    This seminal cult classic in the Squad based shooter genre, is made possible by DG Voodoo 2, and vorpx

    These older games Absolutely shine in VR

    VRified Games

    Drokk……take to the streets of a Virtual Mega City-One,

    In glorious 6 DOF tracked and visually stunning G3D Thanks to DG Voodoo 2, and Vorpx, you too can live out your futuristic fascistic fantasies

    in Judge Dredd:Dredd vs Death VR


    Fantastic 3D SBS Resident Evil 3.
    I use VorpX on 3DTV and works fine !!
    Thanks Ralf !!

    VRified Games

    Witness Kojima’s terrifing and beautiful world of Death Stranding from a whole new perspective

    In this W.I.P experiment, we use vorpx and cheat engine to achieve the possiblity of viewing the fractured world through Sams eyes

    VRified Games

    Have you ever wondered how much more freaky those freakers would be up close?

    Or how much more majestic those mountain motorbike rides can be from behind Deacons eyes?

    Find out thanks to vorpx and the first person camera mod, in Days Gone VR

    VRified Games

    VRified Games

    The Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series of games have recieved alot of attention of late

    from VR Ports of Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy

    to a VR Remake of Dark Forces

    soon, thanks to praydog, an Unreal 4 Remake of Dark Forces 2 Jedi Knight will be playable in VR

    Join us as we try it out with Vorpx, while we wait

    VRified Games

    time to give back

    thank you all for subscribing and getting to 1000

    to say thank you we have a giveaway

    for a chance to win a 100 euro steam voucher
    simply be subscribed, like the video and in the comment section,

    wrong answers only, what are we playing?


    Wonder if you still check this place out, if so, I really like what you’ve done with the channel and the VR setups. I love the ‘dub’ for Sleeping dogs btw, hilarious. Thanks so much for covering Saints Row 3 btw, I bought it specifically to play in VR.

    So I have a few requests or ideas for videos if you’re interested:
    Mechwarrior 5 is fantastic absolutely recommend you check that one out
    also My Time At Portia has got great 3-D going with VorpX.

    Regarding requests, I was wondering if you could cover Xenoblade Chronicles in the Dolphin VR setup?
    Also, someone on STEAM got X4:Foundations to work with Reshade so it gets G3D, they have a tutorial up. I’ve tried tinkering with it but I can’t figure it out, was wondering if you would give it a go.

    VRified Games

    i will certainly take a look, starfighter, thank you 😃

    So….The Playstation showcase came and went

    Silent Hill VR didnt get announced 😰

    To Quote Thanos, “Fine, i’ll do it myself”

    taking the divisive 5th Entry, Silent Hill Homecoming,

    And adding 1st person 6dof VR to the mix, have we succeeded?

    join us for gameplay and a tutorial

    VRified Games

    2014, Resident Evil Creator shinji mikami made The Evil Within in opposition to the direction RE took.

    later RE 7 returned to form. Mikami praised its VR and the shift to 1st person (as RE1 was envisioned)

    today we attempt to add those elements to his work

    VRified Games

    Resident Evil Revelations 2
    1st Person VR Gameplay and Tutorial.
    – first Person
    -corrected F.O.V
    -HUD Placement

    help Barry Burton stage his comback, poor guy simply doesnt enjoy the same success his O.G Resident Evil Co-Stars have enjoyed

    VRified Games

    come, through the Meta Looking Glass, Experience
    Alice: Madness Returns in 1st Person VR
    Play the cult classic sequel to American Mcgees Alice, in a whole new way
    -custom Config
    -Invisible Player Model
    -corrected FOV
    -1st person for entire Game
    -6 DOF

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 64 total)
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