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    I’m also having trouble with Fallout 76 on my new computer. I have an HP Reverb G2 headset, so I set vorpX to WMR then launch FO76 from Steam. One of two things happens: either the “Play” button switches to “Running…” for about 2 seconds then it stops and switches back to “Play”, or I can get it running with SteamVR but then I’m not benefitting from OpenVR in vorpX (and vorpX notices and gives a tip saying I should switch). Close vorpX and FO76 runs fine (but pancake, eww!). I have nothing else running at all; I’ve only had this computer for 2 days and this is just about all I have installed so far.

    I was running FO76 successfully with OpenVR on my old laptop for a few days after the new vorpX version released, and I really noticed and appreciated the improved performance! I bumped up a few display settings and still got a better frame rate, it was great. I don’t know what’s different on my new computer — well okay, everything’s different, but something is preventing FO76 from launching with vorpX’s OpenVR.

    Does anyone have ideas of what to try or how to diagnose the problem?

    I noticed at one point during my fiddling around that even with vorpX set to WMR headset, launching FO76 would cause SteamVR to start up? Why would SteamVR start when launching a non-VR game? And within the SteamVR overlay I could “quit vorpX” (instead of “quit Fallout 76”). It seems like SteamVR was launching because it detected that vorpX required it?

Viewing 46 post (of 46 total)

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