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    Haha, what luck. So I also downloaded Vermintide again to see if I could get VorpX to work since so far everything else has not worked with it.

    I also just launched Vermintide and it crashes every time right as the starting movies come up with the following error:


    i7-3770 3.4GHz
    8GB RAM
    GTX 980 (ASUS STRIX)
    HTC Vive

    No antivirus, etc running.


    I’ve tried to get Diablo 3, a game it says it works with, to work but nothing working. Tried with and without Steam VR running. Nothing picks up. Downloading Warhammer Vermintide again to give that a shot tomorrow.

    I have no anti-virus or anything else running (currently). I even disabled my Logitech software so literally nothing but Steam was running. Not working. It could be a background process, but there’s 65 of those going (mostly Vive/Steam stuff) which meaning that would be a total crap shoot.

    in reply to: Just got Vorpx, can't even start it #102898

    OK, made a little bit of progress. Super confusing, not 100% sure on what I’m doing, however, am getting closer in baby steps on this.

    So I downloaded my copy of Thief II, The Metal Age. I’ve managed to get the menu screen going in my headset. However, the mouse and keyboard (HTC Vive controllers didn’t work at all) were not working in the game. The left click seemed to do nothing at all, while right clicking seemed to only work on my left monitor. The screen in my headset was beautiful and clear as it is on my monitor, but gargantuan and off to the left. None of the hotkeys to change those settings worked either.

    But how I got to this little bit of progression was, starting VorpX, then running SteamVR, then running the game. After importing Thief 2, The Metal Age from the configure settings. Where I was going wrong when I read Ralf’s instructions on my other post was I was leaving the configure screen up and then running the VorpX picture viewer running. I thought that was what made VorpX work. Running the picture viewer.

    So still haven’t gotten any game to run, but it’s a step in the right direction, hopefully some of this helps.

    I’m with you. While I’ve gotten VorpX to start, and I can get the Desktop viewer to launch, I can’t get it to launch/attach for any game. All I get is the SteamVR home area (“This is REAL” with my Roomspace Grid) and that’s it. I’ve even disabled my second monitor while trying to run it in case that was causing issues as there’s no support for dual monitors.

    Tried using it with Diablo 3 and if VorpX is running at all then Diablo 3 locks up when I hit “Play” in the battle.net launcher. Also as a shot in the dark I tried running it with other games like ARK and no go there. Pretty lost and confused as hitting “Start VorpX” as the instructions doesn’t seem to do anything.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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