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    I think you should try another app for the Oculus Rift called Virtual Desktop.

    Virtual Desktop on Oculus Share



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    Elder Scrolls Online works with Oculus Rift DK2, but not geometry.
    You need to set the game to use DirectX 9.

    From what I heard here, somewhere else in the forum, geometry for EoS is in the works for Vorpx.

    I’ve played all the Elder Scrolls games since Daggerfall. For me, the single player storyline of EoS was worth bying the game for (leveling veteran levels were a pain, but I do think they have fixed that). A lot of lore and places that you get to explore with a great voice cast supporting it.
    Some of the bad reviews came from the bugs experienced in the launch (and about 6 months afterwards). But MMO’s are like that from my experience due to the complex nature of the games.

    I stopped playing after reaching veteran level 12 since I didn’t want to raid, but started again casually when it became ‘FTP’ (it’s not 100% FTP, since you need to buy the game). I have a veteran level 13 character.

    That being said. I recommend that you watch a let’s play from the game and take it from there. I can also recommend these videos:

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    Why do people blame vorpX when they can’t get something to work? do exactly what any body else would do, change settings until it feels right. vorpx is a one size fits all pants, it won’t fit everybody and for it to work good you have to adjust it to fit you. yeah its not plug and play easy peasy but its VR virtual reality, its NEVER going to be perfect out of the box. learn to adjust your settings like a big boy and stop blaming vorpx.

    As the title says. I’m using Windows 8 everything works except the eyes are swapped. Looks great if I go cross eyed. I have searched and I cannot find a swap eyes function. This is on a fresh install of Skyrim, ie. no mods. I have looked and the only advice I can find is to follow the guide, which I did, the eyes are still of course swapped.

    I am very disappointed. Every few months I come back to VorpX and think “it didn’t work for me last time, but he’s probably fixed it by now. There’s no way he took my money and hasn’t made the software work within the last few months. It’ll be great to start up VorpX, follow all included instructions, on a fresh install of Skyrim and have it work.” Clearly, that was too much to hope for.

    I would appreciate it if someone can tell me a way to swap the eyes. If, of course, such a way exists.

    Can it be that you have the extended desktop for the Oculus Rift DK 2 set as ‘Landscape’?
    I need to have mine set to ‘Landscape Flipped’ or else I get the same result as you do.

    I hope you get it working soon :)

    in reply to: dragon age inquisition #26463

    I wouldn’t say that it’s good, since you only see the world in 2D.

    in reply to: dragon age inquisition #25814

    I managed to get it running, but with no 3D.

    1. Create a copy of the DragonAgeInquisition.exe and DragonAgeInquisition.par
    2. Rename DragonAgeInquisition.exe to Battlefield4.exe
    3. Rename DragonAgeInquisition.par to Battlefield4.par
    4. Set the Oculus Rift to extended mode as primary display

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