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    Im fully aware of the no comments policy in regard to new profiles, but I still wanted to add me to the list of those who really like to see this if possible. 🙂

    Is there honestly a no comments policy in regards to new profiles? I haven’t checked yet, but I think that would be incredibly ridiculous, granted we payed $40 for SOFTWARE, yet can’t even make a request on profiles for games we want?

    If this is true this product no longer deserves to be sold.

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    FYI, won’t be posting anything on this forum anymore. I’ll just be another leecher from here on out.

    On a side note, you should go spend $400 on a ps4 and another $400 on a PSVR, or wait one year for official VR support instead of coming here to complain.

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    your how to youtube video is just bullshit.

    sorry to say that, but there is absolutely no depth at all, headtracking is working but you still have a flat image.

    fov is not high enough.

    it’s absolutely not playable, not immersive, nothing.

    so no, this game right now doesnt work with vorpx, far from it.

    the day when we’ll be able to put 110-120 fov and able to use geometry 3D or at least Z3D then vorpx will work with this game, untill then it’s a big no.

    your thread is misleading. you should rename it asap before people get hugely disappointed just like myself.

    First of all, it’s not my video, it’s a video I found by somebody else and I thought it would a nice thing to share my findings with other people.

    Secondly, I already stated the FOV wasn’t high enough, thank you again for pointing that out captain obvious.

    There is depth, head tracking is fine and there is NO flat image, you obviously done something wrong because I am not having this issue. It is definitely playable, incredibly immersive and you’re being obnoxious with your comments.

    I don’t care if people LIKE you get disappointed, because people LIKE you, don’t seem to understand that this is far better than nothing.

    Don’t come here making accusations and claims if you can’t even get the damn game working properly. Or if you didn’t read through my experience first before trying anything, because you obviously weren’t paying any attention.

    I am receiving nothing but thanks everywhere else, and here you are with your salty attitude making claims on something you can’t get working properly.

    To sum it up, the video I found isn’t bullshit, YOU are bullshit.

    Geometry 3D and a good FOV or it’s worthless.

    Yeah, you’re welcome.

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    This doesn’t sound too good. No geometry is a deal breaker.
    It just sounds like head tracking. I’d rather play in cinema mode with Geometry.
    What profile was used?

    Actually, I’m not even sure what profile it’s loading with it, I didn’t even think to check that lol.

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    do you have 3D depth ?geometry 3D ? z3D ? or is the image flat ?

    how can you play in VR with a fov of only 90° ?

    Yes there is 3D Depth, no geometry 3D setting in VorpX but if you plug your controller in and go to in game settings and make sure “Fix mouse cursor to screen” is set to on, then it is similar. Not sure what you mean by z3d, but no the image is not flat, I can look all around me with the head tracking. It’s not like cinema mode like you’re thinking, it’s almost a full VR experience. It’s not the best with a FOV of 90, as I stated in my experience, it needs to be increased. It’s still a very good experience though.

    I’m trying different settings atm nothing really good so far.

    Did you watch the YouTube video and follow the steps? You should be getting a really good experience.

    On a side note, I found out that going into settings > controls > Camera Acceleration = NONE makes head tracking a lot smoother without the delay. I will add this note in my main post

    EDIT: It appears I can’t edit my original post, is there a time limit or something?

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    I found a way to get it working with VorpX and Vive. Works with Oculus too. It’s not perfect, but hopefully somebody can come up with something to get it working spot on. It’s pretty damn immersive the way it is already, just use keyboard and mouse.

    Video here:

    My Experience:
    Okay so, my experience so far with the Vive: It’s very decent, I’ve just come up to a section with something scary (no spoilers here) and I definitely feel immersed in the game. I’m okay with just using mouse/keyboard, I wouldn’t use my head to turn as it’s slightly delayed, maybe a workaround will come out for that soon. One problem I do find annoying though, the FOV. If you zoom out with VorpX using your middle mouse button, you’ll see how much of the screen you’re actually losing, which is a significant amount. If we could get the head tracking on point and the FOV set right, we wouldn’t need to wait a year for it to be released for Vive and Oculus, it would be official.

    That’s my opinion anyway.

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    Now can you do it in reverse and make any PSVR game run for HTC Vive and Oculus?

    Resident Evil 7 PC race have got the short end of the stick. Save us, excitement levels 5,000.

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