vorpX beta – Available Now


Many of you might already have heard it. vorpX beta is now available for purchase.

Price is ~40$ + taxes, the final price will vary slightly based on your local sales taxes, you can review it on the order page before you buy.

You can buy vorpX beta here.

vorpX beta is already compatible with ~80 DX9-DX11 games and will provide you with many hours of fun. Play games like Skyrim, Crysis, COD: Modern Warfare 3, Fallout 3 and many, many more on your Rift right now!

A demo will be made available at a later point in time, so if you want to try before you buy, you may want to wait for that.

The beta license includes the full version 1.0 and subsequent 1.x updates.

You are allowed to install the software on two machines at the same time, provided both are yours.

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25 comments on “vorpX beta – Available Now”

  1. Matthew

    Does two machines at the same time mean the possibility of 3 machines at different times? Say install twice, remove one, install again on a different machine? Or just two licenses restricted to those machines? To be absolutely clear.

  2. Ralf

    Provided those machines don’t change every few weeks, yes. The purpose of this is to enable use of vorpX for example on a laptop and and desktop PC, it is not meant for sharing license. One license is for one person and two machines.

    Of course we will enable you to re-license when you buy a new PC.

  3. Garrett

    Pretty bold there vorpX $44.00 for some beta where you benefit. Well at least your software is usefull.

  4. Natalie

    Sent request code. I hope I get a activated soon. Thanks Ralf

  5. Gerd

    Hi Ralf! Any chances for SexVilla support in VorpX? Would be a amazing killer feature!!

  6. Robert

    Still waiting for my key, play fps or racing cars will be simple amazing, thankz Ralf!!

  7. tacos

    Anyone gotten their key? Been about 30 hours for me :(

  8. Matthew


    Thanks! Sounds quite reasonable. I know you are very busy. One more question: will your product ever support supersampling? Seems like a must have for VR.

  9. maniac37

    Same question as Cheesy, should we pay after for the final product?

  10. maniac37

    tonight or tomorrow i’ll test it. I ‘ll tell you if it work… (if i can register the product…)

  11. tacos

    Tried playing with battlefield 3. The fact that my head is tied to my movement basically kills it and for me makes it unplayable.

  12. tacos

    Also bioshock just crashes before I can even make it into the game :(

  13. X45CrMoV5

    Concerning the paying issue. As far as I know the final version of a software product starts at version 1.0. So i guess by paying now you will get all versions until version 2.0 (including 1.1 ; 1.2 and so on).
    The big question still remains, what “killer-feature” will determine a version jump to 2.0.

    Personally I already bought the beta version and it does pretty much exactly what i expected (which is good).You should adjust your expectations regarding “true” VR-modes for your favorite games.
    The driver won’t and can’t change the fundamental ways of the control inputs for the game, since it would need to change the game itself which is impossible due to many reasons. First and foremost due to legal issues, since this is a commercial procuct and not some “hack”. So independent head and body movement isn’t something i would look forward to.

    Some exceptions could be possible for “mod-able” games such as The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. But i don’t think and I also do not expect Ralph to work on this end.

    For myself I’m pretty much satisfied with the product. The only thing that bothers me is that my PC clearly lacks the computational power to run it geometry mode at decent graphics and frames per second, but i should have seen that coming…

    • Ralf

      Hi Umberto,

      Did you send the request code that is needed for creating the activation key? If you already did that and still did not get an activation key, or you don’t know how this works, please send a mail to support@vorpx.com with your issue.

      Basically you have to install vorpX from the installer link you received after the purchase and then follow the instructions that are shown when the programs starts for the first time.

  14. Giovanni Bracero

    Is there any type of demo or trial for this beta.

  15. ronaldo

    You mentioned on Oct 1 a demo would be available in a few weeks. Three weeks later. How close to being available? Very keen to try before I buy.

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