Some Details About vorpX

March is coming closer and thus the Oculus Rift developer kit. Time for some details about what you can expect from vorpX, I guess. There’s much more going on than in a ‘normal’ 3D-driver. And as far as I’m concerned, otherwise the whole thing woudn’t make much sense at all. I’m quite confident you will be with me in this regard, once you tried more than a quick test of any older game with your own Rift.

Literally several hundred hours of work went into the project already, and extensive (but fun) tests where done to identify and then tackle many of the issues that inherently arise when you want to play older games on the Rift.

So, here we go:

1. Adaptive 3D-Algorithm

Image based 3D normally does not work like a pair of eyes. While your eyes focus and converge (in the physiological sense meaning that both eyes rotate slightly inward so that their lines of sight meet) at the same point, 3D images do something else. They separate focus and convergence. Convergence is always a fixed value. That is also true for typical 3D drivers, and it makes every sense in the world for an image or screen, since you want to be able to focus anywhere on the image.

With a VR device like the Rift on the other hand it makes much more sense for a 3D algorithm to behave like a pair of human eyes instead. vorpX does that. The images automagically converge where you look at, just like your eyes do. This can, but doesn’t have to, be accompanied by a slight DOF-blur, simulating your eyes way of focusing.

All of this is purely optional, of course. If you want manually configurable convergence, you always can.

2. Configurable VR Hotkeys

This may sound more practical: how to press buttons when you can’t see your keyboard? A serious problem for many PC games that use more keyboard shortcuts than just WASD and a few extra keys.

vorpX has a freely configurable (via an ingame menu) virtual hotkey system to tackle this issue. At the touch of an easy to reach button, <SHIFT> middle mouse button per default, a semi transparent menu pops up in front of you, All you have to do then is to look at the button you want to “press” and release the mouse button. Extremely useful, pretty natural, and it can’t get easier.

That’s it for today. There are more of these things that I like to call the SUTs. Small Useful Things. Although they are more than useful. Taken together they are a plain necessity if you want to really play games on the Rift that are not specifically designed for the device. Stay tuned (if you like).

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13 comments on “Some Details About vorpX”

  1. jf028

    Looking forward to your driver!

    […] Shortened by an admin. – jf, I know you meant well, and I really hate censoring comments, especially the first one ever here. That’s why I left this untouched at first. But on second thought I dislike putting down other peoples work even more. I hope you understand. Still thanks for your heads up!

    It seems you are really putting in the time to make something that is close to ideal for getting Rift compatibility with games that weren’t meant for it. As someone with an out-of-date computer, I’m also really looking forward to trying the depth method. Assuiming your driver is as good as I’m expecting, I hope VorpX becomes the go-to driver for people with dev kits!

  2. eqzitara

    Good luck
    Been following your thread on MTBS and hope you havent been discouraged by events. Please keep it up!


    It’s too bad that Neil isn’t allowing you to post about vorpX on MTBS3D. I was constantly checking your post for updates. Being able to directly interface with you was important and I hope you keep the communication channels open and update as often as possible!

    • Ralf

      That’s the plan. I will also put a newsletter system, a RSS feed and similar stuff in place, so it won’t be too hard to stay posted. Most likely this will happen tomorrow.

    • Fredz

      A twitter account would be nice too, you could post there when a new blog article is available and even when you’ve got some quick info for which a complete blog post would be overkill. I guess it would also be easier for most people to follow your progress, subscribing to another blog can be an hassle (it is for me at least).

      • Ralf

        I didn’t do that until now since I’m not sure whether I have enough interesting things to tell for a good Twitter account. But I think you’re right, this is most likely the easiest way for everyone who wants to follow. Thanks for the hint.

      • Fredz

        Nice, thank you. I’m sure you’ll have interesting things to post judging by your several projects and interesting interventions on MTBS3D. :)

  4. Fantomaz

    Hey man I’m super stoked for your drivers. You’ve clearly put in a lot of time and effort, 40 plus games support is insane! Keep up the good work!

    Btw, since this is your site can you talk about wth happened with mtbs? Seems like total bs you weren’t allowed to discuss your project while others that are commercial are still promoting theirs. Anywho I hope your spirits weren’t too dampened by that hullabaloo. Good luck!

    • Ralf

      Thanks. I’m fine, the whole affair even has its funny aspects, I have to say. Although it would have been better for everyone involved if nothing of this would have happened.

      So what was it all about? I don’t think it makes much sense to get into details. Just that much: some people seem to think that it’s a wise decision to apply their ‘rules’ in very different ways. And they also seem to think that it is wise to ask for obviously unrealistic amounts of money in return for very little.

  5. mane43

    I look for to when ur driver is ready and to see what games it allows me to play when I get my dev kit

    • Ralf

      Unfortunately the release date isn’t fixed yet. vorpX is currently developed with a Rift-like headset that I built myself, but some things will have to be adjusted for the real thing.

      Game wise there is something for everyone, I hope. Shooters, RPGs, racing, flightsims etc. A detailed list will be made available before release, as soon as everything is ironed out.

  6. Blaximus

    Awesome, waiting for my dev kit like a junkie, lol. Looking forward to buying this driver seems alot of forward thinking has gone into this. Keep up the good work.

  7. Lorenzo

    I love you. :D

    i’m awaiting for my rift, i think it will could to arrive in May, and i wanna to play Skyrim!!!!

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