vorpX Update 0.64 – Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts Support

Oculus Rift - vorpX - Call of Duty: Ghosts - Battlefield 4

The first vorpX update is finally available. This is mainly a maintenance update that, among other things, should address most (if not all) issues that some of you had with various Steam games.

There are more interesting things too, mainly the addition of the two most anticipated games of the year: Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts are now playable on your Oculus Rift development kit. Another nice addition is the indie horror title Outlast, which is a great game to play in the Rift. Highly recommended!

If you already own vorpX, you will receive the update automatically. Simply start vorpX Control to download and install it.

If you do not own vorpX beta yet, you can buy it here.

The price is ~40$ + taxes, the final price will vary slightly based on your local sales taxes, you can review it on the order page before you buy.

Full Changelog:

Added Game Profiles:

– Battlefield 4 (Z3D)
– Bioshock 2 (G3D, Z3D)
– Call of Duty: Ghosts (Z3D)
– Dead Space 2 (G3D, Z3D)
– Dead Space 3 (G3D, Z3D)
– Outlast (G3D, Z3D)
– Q.U.B.E (G3D, Z3D)
– Splinter Cell Blacklist (Z3D)

Game Profiles changes/fixes:

– Battlefield 3: no 3D after ALT-TAB/Resize
– Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Support for the Director’s Cut added
– Elder Scrolls: Oblivion: nightsky/stars look weird with Geometry 3D
– Elder Scrolls: Skyrim: nightsky/stars look weird with Geometry 3D
– Fallout 3: nightsky/stars look weird with Geometry 3D
– Fallout NV: nightsky/stars look weird with Geometry 3D
– X3: Should now support X3: Albion Prelude in 3D (untested)

New/Changed Features:

– Experimental 64bit support
– Added NullTracker to disable tracking completely
– Various Windows Vista related installer changes/additions


– Various changes to avoid startup crashes with Steam/Origin/UPlay games on some systems
– VR Keys mapping not working
– Gamepad mapping not working
– Default Eye Separation twice as high as intended in Geometry 3D
– Keyboard focus ‘ding issue’ with various games
– vorpX Control does not start in Windows Vista
– Disabling vorpX freezes screen in Geometry 3D (DX9)
– Disabling vorpX causes black screen in Z-Buffer 3D (DX9)
– Headtracking activates vorpX option freezes rendering under certain circumstances
– DX9 render time handling in Geometry 3D
– Potential crash issues while loading Oculus profiles
– Geometry 3D Draw Exception DeusEx HR and possibly more games (DX9)

… and a lot of smaller changes/fixes that didn’t make it into the changelog

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23 comments on “vorpX Update 0.64 – Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts Support”

  1. dennis

    Why no news about the demo? Hasn’t it already been more than a “few” weeks?

  2. Bill

    Just buy it !!!!! ….Its worth the stinking 40.00 bucks. People still don’t realize …how important drivers like this are invaluable to the rift.

  3. dennis

    Hi Bill – Once people buy it, they can’t get their money back if they discover they have no use for it, right?

  4. Bill

    Dennis ….how many games do you own that are on the vorpx list of compatible games? If you have more than a half dozen… its well worth it. Think about it …when Skyrim came out it was 60.00 dollars …how many paid that much? Now you can enjoy Skyrim in VR for the same amount if you find a sale on Skyrim …which I did. That alone is worth the 40.00 for the driver. I have more than a dozen games that I am having a blast with.. because of vorpx!!.

  5. dennis

    I own Flight Simulator X, and that’s the only game on the VORPX list I own. I’m not what you’d call a gamer right now. But regarding FSX, I’m not even sure I’d be happy with how VORPX simulates stereoscopy from the non-stereoscopic images that are native to that particular flight sim.

    So, are you with the VORPX company, Bill? Is the company backing away from providing a demo?

  6. Bill

    I own FSX and that was a big reason for buying Vorpx…no other solutions had 3D. I do not work for anyone. I have been gaming and simming in 3D for many years now ..I have used iz3d ..Tridef and nvidia 3DTV Play..I know a good driver when I use it. It does take time to set the game up correctly just like tridef…but the 3D in FSX is very good with Vorpx. Outside the cockpit is fantastic…inside there is discernible 3D but it is not great. The outside views of your aircraft are outstanding. Vorpx is worth it if you own FSX….How many addons do you have? I have thousands of dollars worth…One Orbx airport is 40.00 …this driver turns your beautiful scenery into perfect 3D scenery. …I am also forward looking …the rifts resolution needs to be higher than 1080p for a good looking cockpit I think. I also own DCS black Shark and A10..and .Rise of flight which I think have great rift potential. As far as I can tell there will still be a demo….personally Im happy Ralf is working on updates over demos.

  7. Bill

    As an FSX fan you probably already know about the ezdok camera addon…..the mouselook with ezdok works well with vorpx for great head tracking. I do miss my track ir ‘s ability to lean in and look at gauges. We will have that soon enough.

  8. erwan

    Great !!!! Everything seems to works better with this new update. And it fix all my 30 seconds crashes.
    Now it’s the best injector you can get !!!!
    Great great job Ralf.

  9. concessionOfTheFeet

    Nah. From what I have garnered Tridef drivers are still a much better deal (you get their entire industry favorite stereoscopic driver/software suite) and nearly 90% of the games I own run well with it.
    It takes a little extra setting up, it’s certainly a little more difficult for noobs, but if you are a real gamer I would stick with the professional choice.

  10. vrme

    Owning both, I’d say VorpX currently is the better choice for the Rift. Not only does it support DX11, which Tridef doesn’t for the Rift (so no Battlefield, no COD: Ghosts etc.), it also has quite a few special VR-features that I really don’t want to miss. Mainly the edge peek function of course, which is quite essential in most games, but there is much more.
    Both programs have their own strengths, but for the Rift my choice clearly is VorpX ATM.

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  12. mareknr

    I will appreciate if you make Borderlands 2 support. Do you plan to comprehend this game?

    • Ralf

      Good news: Borderlands 2 is already supported in the latest version.

    • mareknr

      Great. I’m just waiting for my Rift. When it will come I definitely buy VorpX. Great work.

  13. mareknr

    Some more games are interesting for me and I didn’t find them in the list of games: Sacred 2, Turok and Batman – Arkham Origins. Are you considering to implement support for them? I know that two of them are old, but it would be great to have it. :-)

    • Ralf

      Turok is most likely too old. I’ll look into the other two, but no promises.

    • mareknr

      There is one game series which could have Oculus Rift support – Silent Hill. Silent Hill 3 or 4 are probably too old, but last PC game – Homecomming – would be inlcuded into your driver. Could it be realized? Thanks for the answer.

      • Ralf

        Homecoming is most likely possible. Like many other unsupported titles it might even run out of the box in unsupported mode.

      • mareknr

        Ok. I try unsupported mode for older games. Thanks for advice.

        • Ralf

          There is nothing you have to try in particular. :) If a game works in unsupported mode, it just starts and displays a message on startup.

        • mareknr

          Good to know. I thought there is built in mode for unsupported games in VorpX. I will have my rift next weekend. Then I will find out how to work with all of sutff arround it. :-)

  14. alv973

    I own Vorpx on November 2013 and when I start Vorpx control the software never ask me to update.
    Is there a download link for the full update ?

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