vorpX Hotfix 16.2.1 Available Now

vorpX hotfix 16.2.1 has been released.

This is a hotfix release that fixes the two issues below. The next big vorpX update with new features will be released soon. Stay tuned.

- Oculus Rift: New Oculus runtime 1.10 feature "Asynchronous Spacewarp" could
  lead to heavy judder (randomly inserted wrong frames a few times per second)
  under some circumstances.
- All: Settings weren't always saved to disk after clicking "OK & Save" in the
  vorpX ingame menu.

If you already own vorpX, it should auto-update when you start vorpX Control next time. If it doesn’t for some reason, simply use the web installer that you received when you purchased vorpX. It will download the latest version available. If you don’t have your web installer anymore, you can get a new one here.

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