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    Thanks for the profiles Dave, most of those are on my wishlist to play soon.

    I’ve been playing AC: Valhalla recently also, using the profiles from Resident Evil Village and Grounded. I discovered that on my system, any depth buffer issues went away as soon as I enabled the FSR upscaler built into the game. I’m not sure if this is something they added later, or if changes to the vorpX beta made this possible, but it’s great to play this now in Z3D.

    The only strange thing is that the HUD shaders are not found by the shader tool scanner, and therefore can’t be assigned for adjustments. Quite unusual.

    One more hint for any who like to play in fullVR view like I do: FOV can be increased much further by editing the ACValhalla.ini found in C:\Users\(Name)\Documents\Assassin’s Creed Valhalla… I set my value to:


    Note however that anytime you open the video options menu in game, this value will be reset to default. So it’s important to get all of your graphics settings set on your first launch, and then edit this ini lastly before you relaunch the game. As long as you remember to never open the settings menu again, you won’t have to change it ever again.

    TLDR: Z3D might require vorpX beta and use FSR upscale setting in game.


    This a are just very simple basic profiles, please upload your profiles with the correct shader authoring settings and your great other settings for your profiles as usual. I will play with your profiles after release, too.

    I uploaded the profiles because nobody did that before, and for vorpx beginners it is very helpful to have some basic profiles to customize them for their needs.



    hi dellrifter

    im struggling to get this ac valhall to inject with vorpx. Ive tried loads of profiles and even the cloud ones thst PD has created/ It just wll not inject?

    any suggestions ? thnaks



    It wont display in your headset? Or do you mean it’s just not 3D?

    I’ve never had problems hooking Valhalla, it’s just tricky to get the 3D working.

    Are you using vorpX beta build? You’ll probably need that to be able to see and download Dave’s cloud profile, and hook properly.

    Maybe double check your running Valhalla in dx12 mode. I don’t remember if Valhalla allows an optional dx11 mode, but that would be one reason you are not hooking properly, if you are using a dx12 profile trying to hook a dx11 game.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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