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    I bought vorpx today for RDR2 and got it working alright, but whenever I launch with vorpx the controls on my Xbox controller get scrambled. I read this was a normal problem and you can map keys in the settings menu, but when I click on a key to remap it in VorpX settings, it won’t let me bind a key to it and it just changes to “–“. Also when this happens I can’t click on anything in the menu including the close button, but they still glow when I hover the mouse over them. Anyone know a fix for this?

    Also when I’m in FullVR mode it acts like immersive view but the game stays centered in my view, the headtracking works but I have to zoom in very far in order to not see the ambience background, and even when I do if I look up or down I can see the borders for a second while it catches up. Thanks in advance if anyone knows a solution to these.

    I’m on windows 10 with a GTX 1080Ti and i7 4790k


    Now I’m getting a memory error, it happened randomly when I was mid-game and now every time I open RDR2 with VorpX it crashes with this error as soon as I get to the main menu. I have 16 GB of RAM and 11g VRAM and was playing fine before at 90+ FPS. Sorry if I’m posting too much, from what I’ve been able to play so far I loved it and want to be able to keep playing! I even tried putting my resolution down to 800×600 and it still happened lol



    Switch to EdgePeek mode for using menus (mouse wheel click, right thumbstick click). In EdgePeek mode vorpX temporarily switches to a cinema like view and also scales the HUD/menu to full size to circumvent any issues that may potentially arise from scaling it down.


    The zoom value is set to the fairly low default value on purpose to make sure the game’s field of view matches your headset’s field of view. DO NOT change it unless you have a way to increase the game’s fiels of view, otherwise the image will look zoomed in/warped.

    That’s the way to handle FullVR FOV in games that don’t allow to set their FOV high enough to match your actual headset FOV. You can find more information on the matter in the ‘Essential Hints’ guide, either in the vorpX help or here.

    However, for RDR2 you might be able to use a mod that enhaces the field of view. Never tried it myself, but you can find detailed instructions here.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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