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    This post will always contain the latest version infos and download link.

    Latest version available here:


    A new update is available. Adds compatibility with Cyberpunk 2077 2.1.


    An updated version of alpha 9c for CP2077 2.02 is available. Fixes the broken HUD scaling in the last release.


    Version alpha 9c is available. Adds compatibility with Cyberpunk 2077 2.02.


    Version alpha 9b is available. Adds compatibility with Cyberpunk 2077 2.01.


    Version alpha 9a is available, mainly adds compatibility with Cyberpunk 2077 2.0.


    Version alpha 9 is available. This update mainly adds compatibility with Cyberpunk 2077 1.63. In addition to that an issue caused by newer nVidia drivers has been fixed that could lead to automatic game settings changes not being applied.


    Version alpha 8 is available. This update adds compatibility with Cyberpunk 2077 1.61.


    Version alpha 7 is now available. This update adds compatibility with Cyberpunk 2077 1.6 and contains some smaller fixes and improvements.


    A new build with the below changes is available for download.

    • Cyber Engine Tweaks modding framework updated to latest version.
    • Optional grenade throwing gesture: move your left (or right in left handed mode) hand to your chest and then make a throwing move in the viewing direction. The original gesture still works too.


    An updated installer for the latest Cyberpunk hotfix is now available. Note that the mod itself hasn’t been changed, the installer just includes a new version of the Cyber Engine Tweaks modding framework. Hence you will see a ‘version newer than expected’ warning. The mod works fine despite this warning.


    Version alpha6a is now available. This update adds compatibility with today’s Cyberpunk hotfix update. No other changes.


    Version alpha 6 is now available. This update adds compatibility with Cyberpunk 2077 1.5 and contains various smaller (mostly gesture related) fixes and improvements.


    Version alpha 5 is now available. This is a major update that mainly adds a brand new feature: several common game actions can now be triggered with natural motion controller gestures, adding a whole new level of gameplay. Try it!

    Full Changelog:

    • Motion controller gestures added.
    • Launch environment with help/tutorial screens added.
    • Various fixes and improvements.


    Version alpha 4 is now available with the following changes:

    • Improved melee/blocking handling.
    • Glitches in regard to using cameras while hacking fixed.
    • Glitches during scanner vision fixed.
    • Aiming down sights tweaks.
    • Confusing notification after Z3D/G3D switch fixed.


    Version alpha 3 is now available with the following changes:

    • Pitch (look up/down) auto-leveling added. If you prefer to play with unlocked pitch, you can disable this on the DirectVR page of the ingame menu.
    • Keyboard shortcut for switching between G3D and Z3D (ALT+K).


    Version alpha 2 is now available with the following changes:

    • Aiming down sights reworked. You can now aim with your head while aiming down sights. Controller aiming is still possible too.
    • Incompatibility warning for older game versions
    • Various smaller fixes and improvements


    The first update is now available, addressing the following issues:

    • WMR headsets did not work with OpenXR. Your Reverb G2’s are now back where they belong: at the top.
    • The scope wasn’t centered in view while aiming down sights for some pistols and similar weapons, making it difficult to aim while aiming down sights.
    • Uninstalling the VR mod could cause the game fail to launch if certain mods were present before installing the VR mod.

    Please uninstall any prior version before installing this update. Otherwise you might still experience the uninstall issue mentioned above later.


    After several installs and uninstalls I still have 2 problems. I can’t look around and headtrack aim. I have great difficulty getting into fullvr mode. although the edge peek button works it does not switch me to the fullvr screen. In order to work I have to switch several times from immersive screen to fullvr and after many times it works. This problem is being encountered by more people. otherwise the mod is perfect, excellent smoothness and cleaning performance. Objectively though, I find it far better to play it with vorpx and its profile. I have no problem and objectively in visual terms nothing changes. I hope that this stand alone mod will encourage you to buy the program, which for me remains an indispensable tool for those who want to play in vr!

    Ryzen 5 5600x
    Rtx 3060ti
    32gb ram 3200mhz
    ssd pcie 4.0


    Please uninstall and then reinstall to reset all settings to default. Head tracking should just work, the mod defaults to FullVR mode with headtracking.

    The profile is set up to work with default settings. Everyting you might want to change in the vorpX menu are the ‘Resolution Quality’ and due to your GPU being below minimum specs for a pleasent experience, I’d heavily recommend to switch to Z3D. There is nothing else you have to tweak in the menu.


    Is it normal for this update to have the exact same size as the previous one ?


    Roughly yes, exactly no. For me the ZIP has 24.404.543 bytes while the prior has 24.369.057 bytes


    You can ignore my previous question :)
    I had a funny glitch, by clicking the download link, i was instant downloading the ZIP, which is impossible since my max download speed is 1.9mo/s and it was still the same old file as it was the exact same size.

    I downloaded through another web browser and i had the good file with a slightly different size, this one does not crash when using WMR, Thanks.


    My PC is incompatable with Oculus Link (GTX 1650 ti) I’m using the quest 2 and the virtual desktop method freezes on the startup and crashes, would we be able to have geometry 3d as an option for the official VorpX profile sometime? I’d be happy with just that.


    as i said, i uninstalled and reinstalled the mod. i uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but i still have both the problem of not headtracking and the problem of not being able to enter full vr. the screen always sits there as an immersive screen. with my gpu 3060ti setting nicer in the vorpx menu, I have 70/80 fps in game and 120 on the viewer, it’s just fine.


    You mentioned that several times, but as much as I‘d like to I can‘t give you any other answer than before, sorry. As far as I can tell no one else seems to have this problem so far.

    Try Oculus native, try OpenXR, try SteamVR, and if none of that helps, there isn‘t really anything that can be done except sticking to regular vorpX, which luckily you have anyway. The next vorpX will include the mod.

    Also please remove all other mods if you have mods installed. That‘s always the first thing To try when encountering issues with modded games, there always is a chance that one gets in the way, especially any camera mods in a case like yours. If that happens to be your problem, it would be great if could let me know which mod causes the issue, so I could add a warning for others.


    Very cool Ralf. You’ve given us all a nice Christmas present! Also, why aren’t you taking the day off? (also, why am I typing this today? :)

    As often happens my initial question may have mostly been due to misunderstanding what this should be doing for me.

    I guess I’m down to two questions for the time being, especially as if I can’t get v1.31 to look as good as v1.23 it looks like I’ll be sticking to the main vorpX method anyway.

    1) Am I supposed to be seeing a G3D option? Direct VR is clearly not the same as G3D as it still products halos. If I’m supposed to see G3D then I have something wrong on my end.

    2) Is there a config file where I can reduce the total amount of depth? Am I somehow missing it in the vorpX menus? As lovely as this is, I will often go with less depth to reduce halos and other artifacts.

    Please do NOT answer those question until after the holidays!


    Cyberpunk with regular G3D in VR is not something you should even think about in 2021. This uses alternate frame rendering and the halos are TAA artifacts inherent to the method. No promises, but there might be a way around that in a future update.

    And now I will stop answering anything except emergencies for the (short) rest of the day. :)


    Thank you Ralf for this amazing Christmas gift!
    One question I have is the head tracking, the aim goes the opposite way… When I look left, the pistol/gun goes right, vise versa to the right and the same as I look up or down, the hands and weapon would go the opposite way.
    I tried reversing them in the game options but it is the same result.
    Isnt the head replacing the mouse movement in the mod?



    Aiming down sights works a bit differently than it usually does. Originally born out of necessity due to head rotation/position being decoupled from the character, I believe in the end I was able to convert that necessity into something that is actually better than head aim.

    So while during normal gameplay you have the usual vorpX head aim, when aiming down sights, you hold your head still and aim with the gamepad/mouse/controller like you would when playing on the monitor. May sound a bit weird at first, but in the end it resembles actual aiming more closely than just shooting where you look at. Hope that makes sense.


    Yes my friend, makes total sense! That’s what I’m doing, using the right stick.
    Thank you for confirming!

    Much love Ralf


    After some futher testing, i have 2 questions.

    Vehicule cameras; i love the inside view, it’s great, much more comfortable than original :)
    Outside view got changed as well but they feel totaly differents; it was not possible to keep the behind the car view ?
    Also on motocycle, it’s not possible to driving in TPS, which was one of the only possibility to see our character in the world, so i kinda miss that view :)

    About scopes, testing differents scopes on differents weapons, ADS behave differently.
    For exemple, if i use a sniper scope, looking abover my right shoulder and use ADS, my view will join back 99% the body orientation and get stuck on the scope’s reticule, making it very close to aiming with the mouse vanilla style and i love it.
    But guns scopes ADS doesn’t bring back the player vision as much. For exemple, same as the sniper, if i look above my right should, ADS will bring me back to body orientation only 50%, i have to move the other 50% with head aiming and it is a lot of guess works to match the gun’s reticule at first shot.

    If i had to decompose actions during gameplay it’s :
    SNIPER :
    ->look anywhere
    ->aim with mouse where the reticule is
    ->target hit

    Gun :
    ->look anywhere
    ->guess work
    ->hit testing
    ->adjust head to match reticule on last impact
    ->target hit

    Is it possible to make gun’s scope to be as efficient as sniper scope with ADS reticule ?

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