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    “looking abover my right shoulder and use ADS,”

    Is that something you realistically do when playing? I could easily tweak the transition parameters between normal and ADS, so no problem technically. Just wondering whether something like that ever happens during normal gameplay for anyone.


    i play it like a stealth game, and ghosting through the enemies will be difficult, if aiming through iron sights depends to the Headtracking


    This was made mainly for test purpose in order to compare how strong is ADS depending on the scope of sniper or gun.
    I wanted to “mesure” the value so i needed a wide scale to make the result more obvious.
    For exemple about the sniper rifle, if ADS is as strong from a 2° angle or 90° angle, that’s great, i can rely on it, i will be confident that where i manualy aim the reticule is where i will hit.

    In case of gun scope, if ADS from 2° angle seems fine enough but 90° is way out of the reticule, guess work to compensate does not guaranti i will be able to aligne with my target, so i can’t help but feel that i’m using an unreliable tool.
    So if it was testing as far as 2° i could conclude that both sniper and gun scope are about the same, but in reality they are not, and a wider angle helps to show how big of a difference it get while increasing the angle ADS stay reliable or become unreliable.

    This is also emplified by the size of the target; if i want to do a head shot with a gun at close range, ADS with 2° difference won’t matter much, but at long range where the head’s size is about the size of the reticule itself, these 2% could be 50cm out of accuracy.
    In case of Cyberpunk, i could see this kind of problem breaking sneaking gameplay more often than vanilla experience.

    Now personnaly, i don’t play looking above my shoulder too much :))
    But yhea, there is always this case where you look at somewhere and you get an opponent on the other side so you have to make an emergency shot, so reliability to hit where the reticule is when i’m manualy moving my mouse is important to me.


    OK, I made some tweaks that I think also work fine with rare edge cases for guns/pistols where player and head rotation are wildly different. Without making the actual ADS situation entirely static tracking wise in the process. You can grab an updated build from the download page.


    So since this uses alternate frame rendering, does it have better performance than the vanilla profile? Even with z3d performance wasn’t too good for me on a 2080ti before, so I preferred to play some other games, has it improved now?


    There isn‘t really any difference framerate wise between Z3D and AFR 3D. Z3D is also available in the mod if you – understandably – can‘t stomach the AFR method. I‘m still wondering myself how on Earth that could become so popular recently. But here we are…

    What really sets the mod apart from the prior profile are the decoupled walk/look directions and the various camera tweaks.

    With your 2080Ti stable 60fps shouldn’t be hard if you stay modest graphics quality wise. Try low or medium detail settings and then check how high you can go resolution wise with that.

    Personal suggestion: even on a 3080 I prefer raytracing off with a super crisp high resolution over DLSS butchered raytracing at a lower res. As great as raytracing looks in the game sometimes, the crisper image just is the bigger overall benefit.


    How can I uninstall just the mod please? I have 140 hrs in cyberpunk 100 % vorpx and was looking forward to this, but it insta crashes before game window opens.

    HP Reverb G1, 3080 ti, steam theatre off, mod config set to openxr


    Any other mods installed that hook into the graphics pipeline? vorpX running at the same time? Crash sounds like some hooking conflict. Uninstalling is easy though: just use the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs dialog.


    It was just me being still on the original mod. I just used the vorpx unis000.exe and then downloaded the update which indeed works. Thank you, the extra 3D effect is impressive.


    Turning off TAA (ini tweak) does indeed eliminate (or at least greatly reduce, there is then so much aliasing it’s hard to be absolutely sure) the halos that direct VR brings to the table. It’s also *vastly* sharper at any given resolution of course, although the decrease in resolution necessary to run without DLSS means that distant detail suffers greatly as there just aren’t enough pixels to work with. Combined with

    Unfortunately turning TAA off means DLSS won’t work, as it is for some reason tied the the single worst form of AA ever invented. I think TAA simply stands of Terrible Anti Aliasing.

    I was also unable to turn the in-game AMD upscaling on, although I have not really tried to troubleshoot that issue yet. It may be that it won’t work with RT on, I seem to remember reading something about that.

    No doubt cyberpunk is a tough nut to crack. At this point I could almost certainly achieve sufficient performance to run Direct VR 3D in cinema mode with TAA and DLSS off, but with no way to inject a different AA method it’s unplayably aliased and shimmery.

    Solution (again) that comes to mind first is working to make sure vorpX plays well with ReShade. It’s just the simplest solution out there for fixing recalcitrant games.


    Is ther an option to aim with the head instead controller?
    For me aiming with the controller is just a pita and give me nausea


    What would cause my game to crash while launching it?

    I can’t even get into the intro


    @ chtiblue :

    You aim with your head during normal gameplay, controller aiming is aiming down sights only. It’s a bit convoluted to explain, ultimately the reason for that is the decoupled walk/look directions. No promises, but I might add a ‘classic’ mode that works like a regular vorpX profile tracking wise as an option later if it doesn’t break too many of the other mod features.

    @ fluxywild :

    First please try to uninstall and then reinstall. Just in case the install is broken. If the issue still occurs afterwards, there might be a conflict with something else that hooks into the graphics pipeline. E.g. another mod, some GPU utililty, or anything else than can display overlays in games.


    I’ll restart and only run the game with nothing else just to be sure.


    Nope same problem.

    You have any idea what it could be? I
    m sure i turned off any overlays but obviously something is missing

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