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    Please make sure to run the DirectVR scanner. If you happen to have disabled automatic settings, also re-enable them. Auto setting are important for various tweaks including a correct FullVR FOV.

    Make sure to definitely run the scanner! Tracking feels fairly snappy with mouse based tracking too, but for one memory scanner tracking is guaranteed to be 100% 1:1 without tweaking and secondly this is one of the games where mouse based head tracking and gamepad input don’t play along. With memory scanner tracking that’s not an issue and you can use gamepads natively. Same for motion controllers in gamepad emulation mode.


    Thx !!! That fixed it, i have to read your instructions more carefully !


    I have to start the Direct-VR-Scan very often because it’s not saved correct. After Respawn (!) or restart the game, the xbox controller is in Dying Light 2 menu still in the mode without a Direct-VR-Scan with a mouse cursor on the right stick, while the headtracking in the game works correct. I have to start the Direct-VR-Scan again and again to have the the correct xbox controller mode with the circle on the left stick, while playing some hours.

    I have reset the profile to factory defaults, but no success !


    Caching a scan result between sessiions only works under certain circumstances. The scanner is able to detect whether caching a result makes sense or not and only caches results in games where it does make sense.

    Might be a little bit annoying to do that every time you launch a game, but on the other hand the scanner is very hard to break by game updates. Most FOV fixes and other things that work in similar ways have to be redone after each game update, which is a mission impossible with games being updated as often as they are these days if you have dozens of games to maintain.


    Just want to say thanks for the profile! Playing triple A games like this blows me away every time I dive into one!


    I only got around to trying VorpX on one game since I bought it a couple months ago, but just wanted to give a big thanks to Ralf for listening to our community feedback and creating these fixes/DX12 profiles for us! Many criticize VorpX, and it isn’t a *perfect* ‘true VR’ experience (of course, because these games weren’t designed for VR), but it definitely gets the job done and can add a lot to creating an immersive experience! 👍


    quote ” it isn’t a *perfect* ‘true VR’ experience ”

    We will get a extended (but not full) motion controller support of all official vorpx profiles soon, but even without that it is fact that vorpx user’s have better games than the Native VR user’s, who criticize us !


    Hello everyone,

    Newer user here but I started using vorpx with portal 2. Very crisp, looked great and intuitive.

    When I moved to dying light 2, no matter what I do for settings, I can’t get the game to look crisp at all. Up close (within say 10 feet in game) things look good, but past 10 feet, the trees look like a game from 1998.

    I have messed with all in game settings (from low to high), and messed with vorpx menu settings. I still get great frames with everything cranked to the max. I can get vorpx quality settings up to ‘phenomenal’, while it says ultra ‘cannot be done on my pc’. I have added all ‘wide custom resolutions’ through nvidia settings.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    My setup:

    I7 13700k
    Rtx 4090
    32 gig 6000hz ddr5
    Pimax 8kx


    Hi Ralf/guys

    Using the official profile from Ralf and it runs very well with Dying Light 2, I have no problem running DirectVR scanner either, so everything seems in order.

    Except one thing: the headsync seems not what I expected? When I start the game, before I run DirectVR scanner, I can aim with my head normally. After I run DirectVR scanner (success) everything looks awesome but I can no longer aim with my head. In order to turn around or look around I have to use the gamepad’s thumbstick.

    Is there something I’m missing? Is there any setting I can tweak to get both DirectVR scanner and head aim working at the same time? Thanks


    On my System i have to run the DirectVR Scanner a few times until it works correct, and i have to focus a fix point while running the DirectVR Scanner.


    Thanks Dave, tried your suggestion but it didn’t work for me. Rescanned many times and kept my sight fixed on one point. It was success every time, but I still wasn’t able to aim with my head unfortunately. Only the thumbstick can move the white dot in the middle of the screen.

Viewing 11 posts - 31 through 41 (of 41 total)
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