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    is it the dum overlay? it’s this vorpx overlay… isn’t IT?! like if you ever needed proof that shameless advertising was indeed shameless. why? why do you make your paying customers look at your logo? i don’t get it… doesn’t seem very LITE, considering how resource intensive VR is in the first place, advertising your already indi software so aggressively at the expense of those who bought it… kinda wack. but it’s whatever… i actually don’t mind advertising, but… forced is kind of… idk man. my pc aint your cow.

    is DLSS on pancake, but my card doesn’t even support that, so it doesn’t show up in the options… hmm.. dlssIndex value=”0″ in setting, but quality is set to 5… I’ll set it to 1 and see what happens… not holding my breath.

    game doesn’t like overlays, i hear… and I’m always seeing the vorpx overly pop into the VR view (from inside the HMD) for some reason right before i get the eroor.


    The vorpX logo and the version info are there to let you know that vorpX successfully hooked into a game. Both go away after a minute or so.

    Regarding the actual issue (quote from a few posts above yours):

    Try a ‘SAFE MODE’ restart of the game and also try to run it windowed. Trying a few times should get you in the game usually.

    I also get this here occasionally and am 99% sure that its related to the RockStar overlay fighting with vorpX. When the issue occurs, it alway occurs shortly after the R* start message pops up in the upper right corner of the game window. I have yet to find an entirely reliable solution for this conflict, unfortunately the game refuses to launch when the R* overlay gets removed.



Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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