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    If i have any issue with the rift its that its too zoomed in.
    I relise it might be impossible to implement a feature like scene distance that might work like fov.


    There are several ways to deal with a too narrow FOV in vorpX (from best to worst):

    1. Set the game FOV directly in the game if it provides to dial in an FOV of 120°,
    2. Set the game FOV directly with the vorpX Game Optimizer (vorpX config app) for games that support it.
    3. Set the game FOV to 120 manually through an ini tweak or external tool (avaliable for many games, google FOV + game name).
    4. Use the 3D FOV Enhancement in the vorpX ingame menu (availabe in Geometry 3D games).
    5. Use one of the letterbox aspect ratio modes in the vorpX ingame menu and/or ImageZoom
    6. Use the 2D FOV-Enhancement in the vopX ingame menu (be aware that this distorts the image)


    One thing I’ve found – if your head tracking sensitivity is too high, it can give the impression of being “zoomed in”, when the FOV is actually just fine.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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