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    Mhhh strange it work perfect on my side except one problem : I can’t use any other resolution than 1080p (wich is my native flat screen resolution)


    Your profile works fines to me and i was playng in 4k even with my native 1080p display.
    Though i’m back using the Godfalf profile, i don’t know if it’s about tweaking, but the Z3D effect around object seems a little more discret.

    Sadly, both profiles have problems when the game switch to RTC camera.

    I wonder if it’s possible to make a shortcut in vorpx to switch Z3D on or off on the fly.


    got it working after a few tries.. think it’s a WMR issue. they’re kind of screwy. Can’t really tell if it’s 3d, but maybe that’s because I’m used to running things in in G3d? Either way, thanks for the profile


    -dx11 works

    source : pcgamingwiki

    Force DirectX 11 for more consistent frametimes • Link
    You can force DirectX 11 as a launch option. For Epic Store users it’s simply -dx11

    For any other users out there you may have a .ini file in: Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade\Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\EOS\ Just add -dx11 on the end of the line so that it looks like “AppName=FFVIIRemakeIntergrade -dx11” (no quotes).

    now we can have a G3D working profile maybe, anyone wanna make one ? :D


    Wow, nice find : )

    So i quickly tried 5 or 6 profiles and i found one where GD3 works but it’s unplayable and it crash, but it prove that G3D is possible.

    This is the profile for Trials of Mana by legaiaflame (vorpx 20.1.0).
    You need to turn off head tracking, as it made my render for the left eyes flat white.
    Sadely, characters are blury as hell, the scene objects are fine though, but shadows are ****-up no matter the quality in the option.
    There is also glowy green artefacts on characters depending of … lightning sources ? i can’t say for sure what causes that.

    May be we can find a better existing profile until someone make one.

    BTW, i just added -dx11 in the launch option on the Epic launcher, i did not modify any file.


    yes, would be great if some experienced user could make a working G3D profile :)

    i will try myself when i’ll have the game but i’m too busy with many others games right now :/


    great find! will try to get a g3d profile up and uploaded over xmas break.. appreciate you all and esp ralpf.. I believe the Z3d works and my eyes or brain is just incapable of perceiving it because the game “world” seems deeper than the edges of the playing field, my brain just can’t do it. Thanks all and merry xmas.. we’ll work together and find what we can find… god bless ralf and all of our VorpX family who continue the work!


    I tried the Dragon Quest XI (Conarium good) profile and it is a little better.
    -Head tracking needs to be turned off.
    -G3D is here but even at max, it’s not very strong.
    -Characters are still blurry, but i found that if you select a main eye (right or left), the characters will be rendered sharp for the eye selected only… i don’t know if it’s possible to get both at the same time.
    -Shadows seems to be coherent as long as you don’t put too much strenght içn G3D (which is always problematic)
    -Unlike the Tiral of Mana profile, this one did not craches.
    -there is still the green glowing effect on characters’s skin


    I’ll take a look at the game after the Christmas break, so this is just a general hint.

    If you have G3D working in principle but there is some weird directional blur, you have a 50:50 chance to fix this with the shader tool by disabling the offending blur shader. Not guaranteed to work, but worth a shot.

    That way you can also disable shadows if you want.

    To enable the shader tool:

    1. Enable ‘Expert Settings’ in the config app (‘General’ page)
    2. Enable ‘G3D Shader Authoring’ on the same page
    3. In the game press CTRL+END (or ALT+END) to open the shader authoring

    May look a bit daunting at first, but is really fairly easy, even if you don’t really know what shaders are. You basically flip through the various vertex- or pixelshaders a game uses to find the offending shadows, then add them to the known shaders and define them as shadow (or just disable them).

    Sounds more complicated above than it actually is, and if you happen to be a bit of tinkerer, that can even be some fun on its own.


    good news Ralf, glad that you’ll take a look at it after xmas :)
    i know, as usual that there are no promises, but i’m happy about that ^^

    and i hope it will be G3D with that -dx11 paramater, that would be so awesome :D


    Really DX11 is in?

    I was sure it was a dx12 only game.

    Ok going to try to create a G3D profile. Hold on!


    I have posted 2 new profiles on the cloud if interested guys.
    One for G3D, the other for Z3D.

    G3D have 3D menu and you can disable shadow in the “Image Settings” in Vorpx Menu if you don’t want them. 3D Strenght is 2 By default but you can try other values.

    Z3D profile is an updated version of my previous one. Go update the profile if you already had it.

    I recommand using a mod to disable the dynamic resolution : Causes issue in Z3D mode. Not sure in G3D i didn’t tested already.

    Everything should be fine i think.


    wow nice !! thank you very much Picdelag :)


    I quickly tried your G3D profile but i crashed shortly after while i was tweaking the focal in order to make shadows matche a little more.
    I will test it more later, looks promising.


    I also have some little issue i try to fix…
    Maybe i will post a newer version soon.

    Also, most of the time, when launching the game and trying to load a save my game crash.
    I already have a *fix” for this :
    Launch the game => Set the 3D setting to OFF BEFORE trying to load a save => Once in game after the load is finished, go set the 3D setting back to Geometry 3D.

    It seems that this solve the loading issue for your entire game session. seems you only have to do that every time you launch the game, but after that you should be good until the next time you want to launch it again.

    I’m trying to solve some “dead pixels” now

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