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    Well, i tried but sorry guys… I can’t do better than this…

    For the moment, you can try my profile.
    Not terrible but not perfect i think.
    Have to play a real game session to see if the issues are too much bothering or not.

    The Z3D will be totally fine i think if you use a mod to disable the dynamic resolution.
    G3D is up to you…

    These are just temporary profile, because i’m sure Ralf will be able to release a perfect one.

    Profile used for the G3D is “Star Wars : Jedi Fallen Order”


    Did you try the Dragon Quest XI profile i listed above as base ? Because from what i tested, i had no crash. I don’t know if it’s any help at all.

    But anyway, thanks for putting efforts into it; it’s great to see people motivated.


    Mhhhh same problem.
    To be clear, the game freeze while loading.

    Maybe it’s only me for whatever reason…

    So i only see one more problem about my profile : “Some big dead pixels” depending of the camera.

    Still have to give a real playtest, don’t had the time.


    Great G3D profile! In case anyone is curious about the performance, with a geforce 2080 and hp reverb g2 I get near 60fps in 1080p with the low texture detail settings. around 40ish with high texture detail (necessary if you can/want read the Japanese Kanji on signs and things). Make sure to put shadow detail on low for a small performance boost.

    Unplayable in 4k

    I recommend turning the 3d settings Off and clicking Ok&Save so that it’s off by default, and then once you get into the game manually turning it on to avoid the Load game Crashing. Also I find the 3d to be better in Cinema mode.

    I see what you mean about the dead pixels during the cut scene, right over the faces.. a bit distracting but not a deal breaker(closing one eye often helps). Thanks for the work to get this running in G3D


    Shader: Pixel 58 seems to remove the “dead pixels” but also turns everyone’s hair black


    same with the Shader Vertex – 33 except removes hair completely
    Pixel – 66 seems to be related.. which is also the skin


    anyone have any luck removing the shadow things during cutscenes?


    Tried my best. I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I can’t figure it out. Good luck to others. I’m stumped


    Don’t know what I am doing wrong but G3D doesn’t feel like it has any depth.


    Method 1
    1. use cloud profile Final Fantasy REMAKE G3D (DX11) [Picdelag]
    2. in epic games store click your profile icon in the top right, click settings
    3. scroll down to “Manage Games”
    4. Click Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade
    5. Check Additional Command Line Arguments
    6. type in -dx11
    7. make sure you have the 3d turned off until after you load your game


    Method 2
    1. Wait to see if Ralf hopefully makes a profile that also removes the weird dark blotches during cutscenes
    2. Thank him and play

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 40 total)
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