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    The Sims 4; Sims 3 works with Unity profiles such as Anna with minor glitches with g3d and pos tracking, but Sims 4, even if it manages to get g3d and pos most of the geometry doesn’t move while other geometry does, making the game really messy and not really playable. I’m not even sure if it’s possible to make this game official, I only know it somewhat works with Unity profiles.

    Same here, I’m experiencing the same problems.
    I wish there was a profile that could work with the game.
    Also, when in first-person mode, the head-tracking is kinda wonky.


    – Journey (this alone could become a selling point for vorpx)

    – Freespace 2 (there a many mods out there and a active fanbase, even headtracking support)

    – Sega Rally Revo (best Arcade Racer)

    – Super Luckys Tale (a shame the second Game has no VR Support, many gamers were disappointed)

    – Sega Model 2 Emulator –
    (that would be sooo awesome)

    – Everything (thats the name of a game, no joke)

    – Innerspace (Since 3 Years Fans begging for a VR Support but the Dev´s do nothing – game would be perfect for VR)

    – A Hat in Time (why not another 3D Platformer? – a good genre for VR)


    Quelqu’un a t’il un profil pour Eurotruk et Americatruck ?


    Mechwarrior 5


    – Wolfenstein (the new games)
    – Rage
    – X4-Foundations


    And if it’s possible the Total Wars games. But I think it’s not really a 3D-engine!?


    SWTOR and Secret World Legends


    ‘A plague tale’ visuals should be beautiful in real 3D…
    …well, if you don’t have murophobia…^^


    Mechwarrior 5 would be amazing. I’d be happy with just having head tracking in cockpit.


    Dragonball Z Kakarot, as it has a first person mode AND many people have been wanting a Dragonball VR experience for a long time.

    It would do a lot of good to improve Vorpx publicity and the amount of people who would buy vorpx, and I daresay we might even see a wealth of new people buying into VR solely because of a DBZ VR experience.


    I would love to see any of the games in the Clauswitz engine get support. Stellaris, Crusader Kings 2, Hears of Iron 4, and Europa Universalis 4. They’re all in different versions of the same engine and I’d love to pipe them through my headset in 3d


    4 games that must be awesome in G3d : Total war warhammer 2 (+ it’s very popular)
    Metal gear the phantom pain , Devil may cry 5(Resident 2 remake looks gorgeous in G3D) and my winter favourite STEEP.(please)


    StarCraft 2

    I’ve tried all OpenGL G3D profiles from the list of (btw. thank you for the very useful list).
    The only profile where I get “real 3D” was the profile of Far Cry. I made a copy of it and assign the sc.exe to it. I’ve also excluded the StarCraft.exe.

    Maybe some clever guys of you can tune the profile a bit to get it work with StarCraft 2 better!? ^^
    I play with this profile but it has some graphic glitches. For example if you switch to prefer left or right eye you can see all the text, but only on one eye. But it’s better then nothing ;)
    You have to try it guys. It looks very cool.


    Mechwarrior 5


    shadow of war kinda works G3D you should try the shadow of mordor official profile.
    But the righteye seems to be blacked out until you pull up the vorpx menu {ESC} key or right thumbstick.

    I dunno how to balance that out if anybody has had a similar experience or a solution.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 98 total)
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