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    The reason I ask is that I greatly enjoy the program (even with some of the quirks) and I would like to think I can expect more games through the next generation. I’m not asking for specific sales numbers. Only assurance that VorpX will be around for some time. I really don’t think I could go back to playing flat games without depth perception and the sense of scale this program provides.


    I would like to know as well, but i doubt that we’ll receive any answer.

    Despite VorpX not being very popular (in my perception), these days with VR going more and more mainstream, the VorpX userbase grows as well.

    And the need for such apps grows too. So, currently, we have HelixVision (not as good as VorpX, but it supports some games that VorpX doesn’t) and ReShade with stereo3D plugin (don’t know details on that one).

    It’s looking good, i’d say. (My secret dream is about nVidia buying VorpX and integrating it into the driver. But i’m not sure if Ralf would like the idea… []-)


    Secret dream of nvidia buying vorpx ended with nvidia killing their 3d driver the one that helix is dependant on, you cant even use helix on 3k series because of that.

    Nvidia somehow still fixes shit being broken in steamvr but they are more interested in hot sales of copypaste milk cows, writing crutches and patches in new drivers just to make new milkcow barely run without making a mess.

    AMD isnt much better and driver behavior changes by just renaming executable of a game you are running. Its not as much drivers at this point but a collection of profiles for games.


    nVidia supports what is popular and brings them money. I see VR getting very popular in the next 10 years.

    Personal experience: Since my number one immersion factor in games is physically “correct” lighting, i waited for years for Ambient Occlusion to get mainstream. And then it happened – i stopped comparing gaming engines and just enjoyed the games. A bit later nVidia implemented AO in the driver for many old games that didn’t have it in-engine, and i was beyond happy.

    That’s why i like nVidia (and because i can use them productively in my workstation, unlike AMD, but that’s besides my point here). I dream of a day when they will do with VR what they did with AO, on a driver level, for all those wonderful classic PC games.

    BTW, my understanding is that nVidia killed 3D in the driver, because it wasn’t popular, and because they realized VR was on the way to replace that stuff in the near future.

    Honestly, i don’t really give a damn about VR, i just want to play my games in Stereo3D, and if i gotta do it with an HMD, so be it. []-)


    I’m in the same boat – I could never play a flat game again. A whole chapter of my life gone like that. And I tried, but the lack of depth perception is just so bad I truly hate it. As jjensson mentioned, superdepth 3D is good for stereo 3d. But VorpX does the best overall job in my opinion.
    I think VorpX has a big enough following that it has the momentum to stick around for quite some time.
    Best thing to do is just spread the word on VorpX.


    Well technically nvidia is already walking towards vr if you check their experimental stuff, but Im unhappy about them killing 3d driver and amd is a joke software wise.

    As for future of vorpx – its best at what it does right now and only problem is people ruining it for themselves with wrong expectations then spreading negative info. Its up to any of you to do the opposite, but its hard to have a civil discussion online.


    Reddit is the worst with their vote system. Negative posts about VorpX are highly visible, but when you post something positive, you get downvoted to hell.

    I love what Ralf is doing, but his marketing is way behind. Luckily we have YouTubers like Beardo Benjo and Stereo 3D Productions (not very active ATM) that regularly use VorpX and vlog about it.


    im curious about the sales as well, or more specifically the percentage of people who use Vorpx among VR headset owners (excluding PSVR).
    *i should add, i like Vorpx.


    Reddit is the worst with their vote system.

    I could write pages regarding on how lame, stupid but most of all way overrated reddit has become, calling itself “The Frontpage of the Internet” while it is actually more like the ugly mirror of it, let alone that weird and mostly negative voting-behaviour of its users (while actually completely boring and pretty dull stuff is getting upvoted to a point where i actually think it must be bots or bought upvotes coz no real person would upvote that useless crap) along with that stupid “karma system”.

    Regarding vorpX I just read a few comments there but i noticed it´s just the usual useless negativity, spread by dorks who think they´d be smarter than they actually are so i skipped reading even further.

    In order to make redditors actually “like” something, it either has to be a meme and/or easy to understand, nothing sort of “complicated” coz people there don´t like to use their brains a lot, that is why you find “great” stuff on the frontpage with 80k upvotes….great stuff like that one video showing a car hitting another one (being as original and interesting as the average car-crash-vid on youtube) or those memes where you can´t be sure if everyone loves it there coz it is so friggin simple and stupid or those morons probably only hittin the upvote button so much coz 100 redditors before hit it too, without actually being aware of what is behind it let alone understanding the upvoted meme at all.

    The worst thing of all within reddit, is the community there decides what is good and what is bad, completely regardless of how the same thing is seen by others everywhere else, even inside reddit´s different subs there are submissions getting submitted in two rather similiar subs, getting 5k upvotes in one sub while getting downvoted mostly in the other one, and no common sense of this world could probably understand why that is happening.


    I subscribe to this, I’d like to know at least that Vorpx is doing fine, because it’s a fantastic piece of software and I’d like to use it all my life
    Also Ralf is a great developer, we’re pretty lucky he’s so involved in this.

    I don’t think we’re gonna find out, though


    With PCVR growing steadyly, VorpX improving and supporting more games, I guess sales are going forward :)


    I subscribe to this, I’d like to know at least that Vorpx is doing fine, because it’s a fantastic piece of software and I’d like to use it all my life

    LOL if there wouldn´t be vorpX, i actually would have sold my VR-Gear months ago and that is in my opinion coz VR-exclusives still leave a lot to be desired, let alone certain of those really do suck, so i had hard times to really get myself into VR to begin with, if i wouldn´t have realized how much of a fantastic difference it makes to play non-vr games on huge screens inside VR!

    …oh and once again, those free vr-desktop programs ARE NOT the same as vorpX´s vr-desktop, first of all it´s vorpX far better quality but most of all there are too many games not running (or stuttering too much, besides drawing lots of power from hardware) on those free programs.

    So much for those users saying “You could have just get yourself virtual desktops for free instead buying vorpX and using it as virtual desktop only.”

    The list of games not running on free virtual desktop software has pretty increased since i started to play all my non-vr games with my vr-gear, while they all run on vorpX´s, except certain dx12 games for now.


    soon ralph like Markus Persson :)


    … also if vr will not become mainstream in games, it will survive in the hardcore gamer scene and the business section. Have a look at the linux scene. In the business server and also many other industries its mainstream, and in the linux desktop and mobile scene, there are hardware projects although it isn’t much profitable. This is my worst scenario, but vr will though not die. But with the exception, if we will have auto-stereoscopic TVs and Gaming Rooms in a quality of hologram’s in Star Trek !

    But we will have the PSVR2 ! In my opinion it will be the revolution for the masses because Sony will release a headset in a quality of the valve index for low budget console gamers, and will sell millions in the next years. The PSVR1 sold 3 Million units. Sony makes VR for the masses and not for the classes, like the PlayStation itself. We will get a PS5 and PSVR2 Bundle at 1000$, with a quality of a PCVR System at 2500$.

    Oculus has tried the same with the Quest 2, but they aren’t selling a High-End Gaming PC at 500$ and Mobile VR will not replace the Flatgames in the future, and if you want PCVR with the Quest 2 you need a 1500$ – 2000$ PC and a Quest 2 at 450$, and this is to much expansive for the masses.

    The 100-200$ HMDs are perfect for XXX movies. Have you ever seen a 3D 180 degree xxx movie ? I don’t know why this is not popular !?

    Vorpx is a one way ticket, never ever Flatgames on TV !!!
    I hope if VR will replace the Flatgames and become mainstream, every game has the option to play it with a gamepad or keyboard and Mouse, i hate the motion controller and aerobic in my living room.


    I think Ralf should open a Patreon for those that want to keep supporting it, and maybe throw some bonuses for Patreon supporters. I’ve been using Vorpx since DK2 days, the first game I finished with Vorpx was Bioshock 1 on DK2, and not paid and extra euro since then. I’ve got my money’s worth and then some, and it’s such a fantastic software that I want to support it, hopefully Ralf will find a way to increase monetization if it’s not good, but since it’s still working actively I want to believe it’s doing OK, and with the Quest 2 breaking all kind of records the future is bright for VR and Vorpx, or so I hope.

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