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    Thanks for this very nice bonus feature Ralf (and Grocs!), it’s very useful for people like me who get sick very quickly when playing FPS in VR.

    I’m doing some SBS videos using it; I hope it’ll get you more gamers interested in VorpX & buying it! ^^


    Hi RJK,

    In answer to your earlier questions around 3D TVs:

    Any TV that supports 3D should work but I find the passive 3D TVs the best in my experience. They seem to be mainly made by LG, and to be honest you may not find a new 3D TV. The last time LG supported 3D was from their 2017 models I believe. Passive 3D means you can just use the 3D glasses similar to the ones found in cinemas (polarised 3D).

    My TV for example is this one – https://www.lg.com/au/tvs/lg-65UB950T

    Other manufacturers like Sony or Samsung used Active 3D, which meant you had to use special 3D glasses that were powered by a small battery.

    HDMI usually works fine and that is what I’m using for my PC.

    Most games are in widescreen these days. I haven’t seen any black borders on all of the games I’ve played. Half SBS normally means there is no change in the ratio. In Vorpx’s case if you are using a G3D supported profile it renders the image twice (requiring more CPU power of course).

    Normal distance is fine. I usually sit about 2.5 metres away from the TV. Darker rooms benefit when viewing 3D.


    Thanks Ralf and team for enabling this option!
    I originally bought for VR but when I realized it had a Generic TV option, I tried it immediately.

    It works wonders! I have it running with my DLP-Link projector and the video is even being sent over to the project via a Steam Link.

    (For those who haven’t tried Path of Exile with this, check it out – it has bigger effect than I expected. Looks great in a VR immersive mode too, feels like you’re controlling a marionette.)


    Today i tested Spellforce 2 on normal 46″ HD monitor. Compared to a Vive Pro the resolution is really poor, so the only option for me became an active TV. (Recognizing that passive Techniques will half the resultion on a 4K TV and make it the same poor as it is on a normal HD monitor).


    First of all, thanks for this amazing feature; I bought VorpX 4 months ago to replay Half Life saga in VR and finally enjoy Half-Life Alyx (a masterpiece) and after I found that Half Life in VR was a little nauseating, I tried to play it on my LG 3D Screen and… it was way beyond expectation!
    I think I will play more and more games that way, since it so immersive and relaxing at the same time!
    This post is to understand better how this mode works to get the best from it, since I recently got a new 4k HDR 3D tv from LG (so bad that they stopped making them) so I’d like to know how to setup in game resolution to get the best performances.
    Since at the TV is sent an SBS image, If i set the game to 4k VORPX will render 2 times a 4k scene (overkilling my Vega 64 graphic card) or it will render a total 4k scene?
    Is there any tweak or hint to get the best from this mode?
    Thanks very much for your support!


    Hello, I’m new in this forum. I read the topic with enthusiasm. Why was the topic not pursued further in 2020? I have an hp reverp g2. I bought the vorpx program in 2016 when I still had my oculus rift. I never really used the program. But now I’m interested in the generic 3d display mod. i have been a passionate 3d player for 12 years. I still use: 3dtv play, reshade3d, trifef 3d and sbs if a game supports it.

    I would be happy if someone reports here. Thanks.

    Best regards,


    Nothing has changed and things already worked as they should so what do you mean by “the topic not pursued further”? I don’t own a 3D tv but everything is there already, been there ever since and 3D tv tecnology became obsolete so it hasn’t changed either


    Well the topic was last discussed in September 2021 so it has gone quiet.

    I’ve been playing in 3D since 2009 and still do today. There are so many alternatives like Tridef3D, Reshade3D or 3DTV Play. For me this technology is not obsolete because today I can still play everything in 3D even the latest games.

    I have a projector with a 120 inch screen. A game in 3D on this big screen is a dream. It’s sad when someone says this technology is outdated. I think you just don’t know how great this technology is.


    I also think that 3D-SBS technology is not bad at all. 3D technology is not for medium current, but it is excellent for specific applications. And even today.


    Hi, I bought vorpX the other day solely for stereoscopic 3d on my projector and I must say it works great on a lot of games so thanks for this it was worth it… I tried the method that you suggested for removing the watermark from bottom left but it is still there, I changed it to False and saved it but it still remains? also is there a way to disable the warning that appears in the top left every time I start a game it gets a bit annoying when testing all my games because I am quite far from my pc keyboard, also is there any way to increase the size of the settings text because it’s quite small even on my 100 inch screen and is very hard to read in 3d? I tried increasing iGuiTexWidth and height in config file but that didn’t do anything either. Thanks.


    petey53 – I have problem with text size on OSD too. It takes a little practice :)


    Can this be set up to work with red/cyan anaglyph glasses? Hoping to use it with rFactor 2.


    Just a ‘kudos’ to Ralf for including this feature, which I also use semi-routinely. It’s nice sometimes just to kick back and play on my 3D monitor instead of bothering with the HMD, and there are a number of titles (complex keyboard and mouse titles), where it would be bothersome to play the game on the HMD anyway. It’s great to, with the change of a single setting, switch to using my montior.

    So, thanks Ralf. Also, I did notice your “You’re Welcome” message you put in OSD when using that mode. Made me laugh.

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