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    are you sure you should run at 8:9 aspect ration, as I usually try and run 4×3

    Good question, VorpX doesn’t give me warning if I choose 1680p, like it gives for other big resolutions that I didn’t add in NVIDIA Control Panel, and I have only added 1600×1680.

    But I finally used 1440p, and I have 1368×1440 and 1920×1440 in NVIDIA control panel.
    20% of times the game launches on a borderless 8:9 window, and 80% of times it launches on full screen, but when it’s full screen it seems streched, so I guess it’s working internally at 1368×1440 because I don’t see performance differences.

    The combo “Windows 10 + My Monitor” handles custom resolutions in misterious ways … once also I had the screen black while I played, but only once.

    I uploaded my profile, give it a try and tell me how do you feel it. It’s really blowing my mind, so inmersive game in VR.
    The key points after enabling G3D were disable S3D shadows, LetterBox 2 and 1.7 3D strength, and I see it at perfect scale/3D, just I see the lower border line.


    @ slydog:

    I usually recommend 4:3 for setting FullVR resolutions manually to not overcomplicate recommendations. Not all games like unusual aspect ratios, also some vorpX settings may affect whether narrow aspect ratios make sense. With 4:3 you are always on the safe side for FullVR mode.

    If vorpX can handle resolutions for a game like in KCD, let it decide automatically. Ideally add all recommended custom resolutions to the display driver and then choose the preferred quality in the vorpX menu. DirectVR decides quite effectively whether to choose a 4:3 resolution or a more narrow aspect. It knows whether a game handles narrow resolutions well and also considers all relevant vorpX settings.


    Yes, I forgot to say it, the settings that are handled by VorpX (Resolution, FOV), I never change them manually in the game.

    And if I change other settings in the game, I restart the game, so I can be sure I have the settings set by VorpX, because sometimes the games “normalize” the settings when you click on accept settings.

    That’s why I’m not 100% sure what exact resolution I’m using, I just set 1440p in VorpX and I see it much better than before adding custom resolutions.


    Hi everyone, I have this game on xbox and I love it. I just got my first PC and Oculus Rift S & am curious if its possible to play this on VR? I don’t have any modding experience. I would really appreciate some guidance on how to set this up if it’s possible. Thanks!


    Yes, there are VorpX profiles for this game. I’ve played it using the cinema and immersive profiles, which I prefer for menus and controls, but “full” VR is there as well, if your card can handle the framerates required. (Minus full hand controls obviously) Its not 100% like real VR, but as close as you can get and quite amazing.
    Do your research here on VorpX and see if its something you want to try out. Takes some tweaking sometimes, but I love it.


    @ frommdog: The profile for the game has full DirectVR support of the highest possible level, all you need to do is running the DirectVR memory scanner, i.e. press a button, after entering the game world. vorpX takes care of everything else. No need to tweak anything except potentially adjusting resolution/detail settings depending on your PC’s performance.

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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