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    I must admit i am a hardcore skyrim fan since it was released a decade ago.
    A few days ago a downloaded KCD und just yesterday i started playing.
    I would not stop playing for four hours though , because graphics and specially environment ist just: PERFECT. In g3d KCD is the best game i ever played .
    I am not talking about game features and modding, that has to be improved massively, and hopefully when the modding tool is released there will be a similar thing like bodyslide and cbbe bodies to customise the game.
    But here i really have problems with playing the game using a xbox controller.
    There is no remapping available and the mapping itself is just crap….
    just one say….


    I just bought the physical edition for PC, which at the same time adds code for Steam, and download the game right now.
    I’m doing a quick little test, with Vorpx and Oculus CV1.

    So the first thing I’m going to do is introduce this essential mod to eliminate camera movements during the movement simulation (headbob), to help with nausea / motion sickness problems with the use of VR headset.
    This is essential for a fairly decent experience with virtual reality.
    KCD should/could include an option to disable this easily menu inside, but this is not the case.

    In general terms, the content that I have seen with KCD seems very good to me, and finally some developers, dare to try some new and interesting things in the genre rpg first person.
    It seems that optimization / performance needs a good push, however, is something that I feared from the start.

    Something that I did not like at all is the way the dialogues develop.
    I prefer something more oriented in real time face to face, like Skyrim with Vorpx.
    Maintaining at least this as an option, would be a good start to make the first person more immersive, and at the same time, the developers get used to leaving the way prepared for possible adaptations with VR support in the future.

    I will try to do everything possible to play this game with G3D in Oculus Cv1, if the results are fairly decent, otherwise, I would have no choice but to enjoy it on my projector or another screen of considerable size.

    What resolutions and FOV are you testing with CV1? Any advice with this?


    HI ,
    G3D is just a charm compared to Skyrim W3 Fo4.. it looks like 100% improvement to those games..just perfect.
    i use the max settings from the main menu for fov. Switched off vorpx auto settings, and increased the fov in vorpx to 1.5.
    But here a problem i play with xbox controller but that is akward. I guess i never get aquainted with the existing controller scheme,, any way to use xpadder or any other tool?


    Just a little reminder that the FOV calculated by vorpX is pitch perfect for the headset you are using. Setting anything else manually is of course possible, but results in a wrong FOV and thus visible image distortion.


    In my case, with the Oculus Rift, vorpx chooses “96” for the FOV. I verified that it is correct, in the sense that it is the value for which there is no warping when turning your head. However, world scale is off; everything looks too big. To achieve a correct world scale, I have to set FOV manually to 110, which leads to world warping.

    A slider to set world scale independently from FOV would be helpful :-P


    Adjusting world scale via FOV is not the right thing to do. That’s what the “3D-Strength/Scale” option is for, which actually changes the stereo eye offset (or virtual IPD so to speak). A separate “word scale” option is redundant since it would be just be another slider that effectively does the same thing.


    Yep, sorry, totally forgot about it!!! Setting “3D-Strength/Scale” to 1.50 did the trick for me. Thanks again!


    I found this game to be very poor in VorpX.
    There is no Direct VR scan so I had to use the console command to set the FOV to 110 (Otherwise it just stayed at the default 75)
    No shadows S-3D. With the FOV set and shadows off it worked in G3D with reasonable separation, however head tracking is not great (I have still to tweak the rotation sensitivity). In the end I would say miles worse than Skyrim for me


    As said just two posts above yours the FOV is set automatically by vorpX and perfectly fits your headset. You should have seen a notification about that when it was done, the game’s menu just doesn’t show anything above 75. You can also see that this feature is available on the Direct VR page of the vorpX ingame menu.


    @ralph hi i know ur promoting vorpx fov, nothing wrong with that though, but theres a slight chance that some gamer like a more cartoonish view.So i am aware that if one crank up setting to fov 140 visual glitches disturb gameplay.
    As for me i like in KCD a fov aroung 110 and fov strenght setting in vorpx off.I have g3d at setting a 5 and fov strehgnt setting off because if its on ,you see the npc shoes walk beside the character.
    it up to ones taste . I use the ingame command cl_fov 120 fyi.
    I know that the vorpx calculation on resolution and fov are mathematical correct values.. anyways i dont like 100% stuff LOL


    This has nothing to do with promoting anything. People who are new to vorpX read this thread, think they have to tweak the FOV although they don’t and then wonder why the image looks distorted afterwards.

    Any other FOV than the one vorpX sets is just plain wrong, it’s that simple. That is not a matter of taste.


    this game is really good in g3d have been playing for hours now
    it looks amazing


    vorpX 18.1.2 is available and brings enhanced DirectVR for Kingdom Come Deliverance by adding DirectVR head tracking and support for custom resolutions. The latter can improve your framerate considerably. Check the “Custom Resolutions” section in the vorpX help to take full advantage of this feature.

    Also new games have been added and various existing profiles were improved by adding Geometry 3D and/or DirectVR features.

    Check this blog post for more information about vorpX 18.1.2.


    thank you very much Ralf :) kcd in g3D with full VR is a dream comes true !


    A small profile fix: the night sky was rendered at wrong depth with Geometry 3D. You can download an updated profile from the cloud.

    New installs from now on already have the fixed profile included, so you only need the cloud profile if you installed/updated vorpX before this post was made.

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