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    i can see the black border all the way around, the image is square with rounded corners to me.

    it like a porthole as NipOc says. the screen looks like its about 4 or 5 inched in front of where it used to be.

    i disabled async in the vorpx menu, and while the framerate did go up a few frames the sway and porthole effect remained.

    edit: just tried battlefield 3 and i cannot see the top and bottom if i keep my head still. but if i move my head even slowly the sway shows the border all the way around.

    (sorry if this is a bad explanation :P)


    The black bars that move in from the outer edges when you sway your head are a side effect of the timewarp. It may be possible to reduce them a bit down the road, but in general they are an artifact of the timewarp.

    Disabling the async setting doen’t disable the timewarp, it just synchronizes it to the game rendering and usually makes matters worse as the framerate goes down. This setting will be removed shortly.


    Yes the crop is caused by the screenshot, it uses the “whole” screen in the rift and you’re right, I should be able to look beyond the screen edges since my fov is around 180° horizontally.
    But (this is hard to explain) I can’t look beyond the screen in the rift because there is nothing to look at and the lenses won’t let me look at the rifts case, but I can look at the “gaps” in the edges and this causes the “screen” to look like a monitor or porthole.


    Very, very odd indeed. While you have a 180° fov, the screen corners are still hidden by the edge of the lens normally. I’ll see how much of the corners can be regained in the next version for you. You seem to have an exceptionally unusal, to not say strange, field of vision. No promises though.

    Also be aware that the black bars that slide in from the edges when you move your head fast at low framerates won’t go away. As said above, they are an inherent artifact of the timewarping.


    I don’t think my fov is unusual, most people can see the whole rift screen (if not, there wouldn’t be any discussion about a higher fov) and therefore most people notice it, when there is something missing at the screen edges.

    It’s not that dramatic, but it would be nice if the old, blocky edges were back.

    And cheers for the new features, like the Desktop viewer or asynchronous timewarp, they’re really cool.


    Don’t let’s drag this on forever. Of course everyone has a higher FOV than the Rift, BUT the screen corners are usually occluded by the lens edges, maybe unless your eye balls are practically touching the lenses. This has nothing to do with one having a higher FOV than the Rift or not.

    As said above, I’ll see what’s possible.


    The one with the eyeballs on the lenses, that’s me.

    And I hope for the best than.


    I must say i like the new more circle view better than old one where you can see hard edges. it made me feel much more like viewing big monitor. Brain has ability to see sharp edges much more easily than more curved edges.


    The black bars that move in from the outer edges when you sway your head are a side effect of the timewarp.

    The “side effect of the timewarp”

    Now I know what causes that delay when you move your head and the picture tries to follow your head (there’s no actual delay on the game itself, but the entire “screen” takes some extra time to follow your head)

    I really can’t imagine why the picture can’t just be fixed on screen. I’m sure there’s a good explanation, but for someone who doesn’t fully understand how the Oculus works, it does look like something very easy to fix… just fix the picture on the screen, and let the tracker do the mouse movement. But what do I know… :P

    You can really see the entire picture moving slower than your head (you don’t even need to do fast head movements, even moving slowly is noticeable, specially if you look at the game’s HUD) I wonder if this actually causes some extra headaches…

    It does give you some disadvantage when playing CSGO (or any other FPS)

    Everything else works fine, only the timewarp effect is the problem…

    Ralf, is this something you might be able to fix in the future? Or does this have to do with the Oculus runtime itself?

    Thank You!


    As said in the quote it’s a side effect of the async timewarp which basically moves the image. To reduce the effect make sure that your game framerate is as high as possible. The higher the framerate is the less work the timewarp has to do.

    Ideally you always should have 75fps for both the game and the direct mode fps value (you can check fps with [ALT][F]). Timewarp is a great thing, but it’s not a magic bullet.

    The easiest ways to enhance framerate are: reducing graphics settings, reducing resolution, switching to Z-Buffer 3D if the game runs with G3D per default.


    Well, I already had the game running at 75 FPS, so I guess there isn’t much I can do now :P

    (I also tried to set the game resolution and graphics quality to the lowest possible value, the timewarp effect looks the same, I move my head to the right and I can see the entire HUD moving to the left, including the sight… the radar almost disappears to the left if I move faster)

    But thanks anyway, hopefully this might be improved in the future… I currently play counter strike standing up, (like the people playing counter strike on the Virtuix Omni… of course I don’t have the Omni yet… so I just rotate and “walk in place” with a custom system I made that detects when I raise my legs and makes the character walk in game. So yes, I aim with the Oculus, that’s the reason why I’m so concerned with the Timewarp effect…)

    Thank you for your help :)

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