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    In case anyone cares, I’ve achieved fantastic G3D ​​on MW5 with Reshade Depth3D.
    Runs super smoothly over my 3D projector with 1440p resolution.

    With Virtual Desktop and then F6 or F7 for Side by Side it also works for VR glasses … only Virtual Desktop seems to eat up some performance …

    Is there a possibility to use Vorpx for Side by Side like with 3D films … ??

    I don’t understand why Reshade Depth3D can do perfect G3D and no VorpX cloud profile can do this ! ?


    Last time I checked, SuperDepth3D is Z3D. But if it’s looking good on your setup then that’s great!

    It’s strange that you haven’t found a working UE4 profile yet. I generally test UE4 games first with the Mordhau one, and have good success more often than not. You could try the cloud profile for Medieval Dynasty. It’s probably the most recently released UE4 game I’ve tried.

    Have you tried without DLSS? I’ve heard that can be problematic, or anything dealing with dynamic resolutions. Also double check you have assigned the correct exe to the profile. Remember that Unreal 4 games always have the “shipping.exe” buried in the Binaries\Win64 folder.


    Thanks for the suggestion dellrifter22, but unfortunately neither profile seems to hook to MechWarrior 5.

    I don’t understand why Reshade Depth3D can do perfect G3D and no VorpX cloud profile can do this ! ?

    As dellrifter22 wrote, Depth3D is only Z3D. But at least it works, I didn’t get any VorpX profile to work even in Z3D.

    Is there a possibility to use Vorpx for Side by Side like with 3D films … ??

    Last time I tried, VorpX and Depth3D don’t work together.


    Hello Dellrifter22 and Mezensio,

    Yeah right Detht3D is only Z3D … so with depth map …
    But that looks as real as G3D in the buildings and the soldiers, especially at close range … that I forgot that it can only be Z3D …

    Maybe it’s also because of my settings in Reshade … I turned everything up and selected a different depth map … then it suddenly looked super cool in 3D …
    Only the remote depth graduation would give me even more 3D depth with real G3D …

    unfortunately that is still a bit shallow … but if you consider the enormous size of the Mech it is already possible … because in the close range we say 10-20 m the 3D depth is as it would be with the original eye relief … looks fantastic when the debris flies around your ears in such three dimensions …

    It’s a shame the developers didn’t provide native VR support for this game and it’s a shame that no VorpX profile works …

    Maybe “Ralf” can take a look at the game … it must be possible … !! ?? !!


    Yesterday I tried the old 3D driver Tridef 3D … and was flashed by the result … !!
    “Real geometric 3D !!!” … when looking at the outside …

    In the cockpit, unfortunately, only the cockpit itself in G3D … you can individually adjust the legs with a good depth … but strangely enough, the view to the outside from the cockpit is only 2D pancakes …

    But the external view in G3D also individually adjustable depth … rocks totally … !!! … have set something to miniature mode so large stereo 3D depth and I like that very much when everything flies around my ears in real 3D …
    1440p everything on max except shadows on low runs super smooth and looks bombastic … !!!

    Yesterday I gambled over a 4K projector and 3m screen … today I’ll try the Pimax 8KX, Quest 2 and HP Reverb G2 … using Virtual Desktop in Side by Side mode …
    It is a mystery to me why Reshade Depth3D and now also an outdated 3D software like Tridef 3D manage to conjure up real G3D in this ingenious game … and VorpX unfortunately still remains flat as flounder … like a damn pancake. .. !! ?? !!


    Hello Dellrifter22,

    Thank you for the tip with the Unreal 4 profile from Medieval Dynasty!
    It worked very well for me … even G3D was possible … without ray tracing.

    I opened the 3D depth up to 3.0 in the cockpit … in the exterior view then up to 5.0 … In any case, VorpX works great now … !! … Thank you again … !!

    Only for the outside view I still prefer Tridef 3D because the 3D depth goes much further there … so a large eye relief with more miniature effect, which I like very much about the game …

    But for everyone who doesn’t have Tridef 3D, VorpX with a good G3D is enough … !!

    Reshade Depth3D looks the worst of them all.
    So if I want a good cockpit view I prefer VorpX … then Tridef3D for the outside view.
    By the way … the profile is also going great in G3D with The Isle Evrima!



    There is now a VR mod for MechWarrior 5 on the Nexus:

    It works very well, performance aside.


    Tried the VR Mod … runs great with the HP Reverb G2 and Pimax 8KX …
    The only downer is the fact that the cockpit looks great in 3D … but the view to the outside then everything appears in flat 2D …

    The Mechs are huge, but the 6.5 cm eye relief only allows the cockpit to appear in real 3D … although even with only 6.5 cm eye relief, a flat 2D to 3D depth perception or depth graduation is still up to 50 m is at least perceptible …

    As beautiful as the mod is … but as a “3D fanboy” I prefer the fantastic individually adjustable 3D depth as is possible with VorpX or even deeper with Tridef or even more precisely with regard to shadow correction with Helixmod or Helixvision … !!!

    Unfortunately, the VR Mod doesn’t have an exterior view either …
    I will write to the modder whether he can integrate a variable 3D depth and an exterior view … even if this gives the cockpit too great a 3D depth or separation … but as a possibility to individually set it … would be quite great … then the VR Mod would be perfect !!

    Greetings to all
    3D and VR fans !!


    Sooo wrote to the modder in Discord and had an informative discussion … they gave the tip that the 3D depth can also be set via SteamVR … I didn’t know that before …
    Was totally surprised that it worked wonderfully …
    Finally all objects outside with a fantastic 3D spatial depth … !! … a feast for my 2 (3D) eyes … when everything flies away from you in the explosions … or the trees topple over into the room in three dimensions. … then the plumes of smoke the dust when I look down on my feet from a height of 30m … great 3D depth and much more immersion … than just having the cockpit in 3D … and only 5m outside Depth graduation … instead of 100m now … In any case, with this setting in SteamVR, I am fully enthusiastic about the VR Mod … !!
    If you want to try it out … here is a screenshot of Steam VR settings …
    I then set it to extreme and turned the slider to the left to 10% …
    The whole thing has one disadvantage …
    The cockpit has now shrunk a lot due to the much larger stereo base or eye relief / IPD … but you have the outside view of the mech and can still aim very well with the mouse and the target crosshair …


    Yes, I had the same impression as you. Great cockpit 3D effect but flat outside. As you mentioned, the problem with changing the world scale is that the cockpit feels minuscule and for me it totally kills the immersion. It seems to be piloting a toy.

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 40 total)
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