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    Some interesting News on DGVoodoo2.
    A DX9 to DX11 wrapper is in development, a bunch of games (Shader model 1.0 at the moment) already can be wrapped to DX11. There is a WIP version that you can download from here (Middle of the page or follow the thread for later versions, or follow the wrapper page here.

    This can be very useful for DX games that VorpX cant provide 3D for, ive tested Spellforce 1 with great 3D (G3D), a profile will follow soon, the already existing DX9 profile in the cloud is a compromise only because of that strange Krass Engine.

    Then, i dont know if thats been like that before, but today i found out that vorpX doesnt even need a profile to hook into DGVoodoo2 ! No 3D reconstrunction of coarse, but this makes it Easy to play any Glide, DX1-8 game monoscopic in Cinema Modes without the hassle of additional profile writing for each game.


    It seems that DGVoodoo2 can be a big help for DX9 games that just dont want to work with VorpX. For example I have been trying to get Sudeki (Shader 1.1) working for MONTH , and the recent DGVoodoo2 WIP made it a childs play to render the game in nice 3D through the DX11 pipeline instead of DX9.

    Though at the moment VorpX collides with the D3D9.dll in the game folder, you can use the following workaround to get a game running.

    – Put the latest WIP or DX9 release (as described above) and DGVoodoo2 config app in your game folder
    – make DGVoodoo2 settings
    – try out if game renders properly with DGVoodoo2
    in case of success:
    – rename d3d9.dll to v3d9.dll
    – MOVE and Copy v3d9.dll into your windows/system32 and windows/syswow64 folder
    – Copy/move dgvoodoo.conf into windows/system32 and windows/syswow64 folder
    – HEXEDIT games exe, replace any “d3d9.dll” with “v3d9.DLL” (backup original)
    – Copy VorpX DGVoodoo2 profile
    – Add game to profile
    – Run Game


    Thank you RJK_! Just renaming d3d9.dll was enough to have VorpX run fine. Are the other passages needed for it to work correctly?


    If you do not hexedit the games exe and rename the dll vorpX will hook into the game without the DX9 wrapper and probably without 3D. Though the description above is only needed for some rare games that explicitely look for dlls in the windows folders (example: Spellforce 1)

    For a normal shader 1.x DX9 game (that looks into the game folder) you only need to follow these 3 steps:

    – Put d3d9.dll into game folder and configure DGVoodoo2 as usual
    – Rename d3d9.dll to v3d9.dll
    – Hexedit games exe , change each “d3d9.dll” of the exe into “v3d9.dll”

    When you see both, the DGVoodoo2 logo in the right bottom corner and the vorpX logo in the middle, you will know that everything has properly been setup.

    I assume in a later VorpX version the d3d9.dll search will may be removed when using DGVoodoo2, so the workaround becomes otious.


    Thank you again. In the end I use VorpX mostly with dgvoodoo, so it’s great to have someone looking into that.

    However, I probably didn’t get (or forgot) something. The problem with d3d9.dll is for games that are natively in DirectX9 only? If I am playing a, let’s say, DirectX 7 game, all this does not apply.


    Nice to hear that youre using DGVoodoo2. – Right, this is for DX9 (only Shader Model 1.x at the moment) where you have to use the d3d9.dll only. When you play a DX1-8 game (d3d8.dll or ddraw.dll, the workaround is not required.) PS: If you are more into the old stuff, you may use this webpage for profile requests. The site is also useful to check if a game has already been tested for a profile including results.


    Fantastic, thank you! I am trying to get MechWarrior 3 to run in VR. It kinda works, but I’m not so sure. How do you get side-by-side screenshots to check if the two images are different?


    If you are using the vive do this. Note: If you dont see 3D in your HMD, you probably wont see it in an SBS screenshot either.


    The newest DGWoodoo2 WIP supports DX9 shader model 2.x .
    I think these are real good news !


    You probably have tried more older DX9 titles than I did by now, but I would consider this largely unnecessary. vorpX can handle the overwhelming majority of DX9 games without the need for an additional layer in between that in the end just adds another source of potential problems.

    dgVoodoo support in vorpX is highly unofficial and will stay highly unofficial. It may break at any time with no guarantee to be fixed at all. Don’t rely on it unless absolutely necessary.


    Hello Ralf, for DX9 games i use DGVoodoo only if absolutely everything fails concerning proper S3D creation, for example Sudeki or Spellforce, both didnt offer any matrices, so in those rare cases the wrapper was a really big help through the DX11 pipeline.

    Another reason i can think of the wrapper could be a help is when a (mostly very old) DX9 game cant be tweaked to higher resolutions. “Force resoultion” makes some 480×600 games look real good. Anyhow i treat these DGVoodoo workarounds as a last chance only to make a game S3D and i would advice everyone to do so too.


    Looks like the DgVoodoo. dll is broken for the Wip version.
    I only use Vorpx for some sim games ans GTR2 are my favorite.
    Both GTL and GTR2 are now going into endless looping with X_config.exe resetting back to 600×800 16bit.

    I know there are cloud profiles for GTR2 but not only did the DegVoodoo.dll make the games looks much better it also including G3D with perfect motec LCD it also ran with +90 fps something I can’t even get with a RTX 2070 /I7 7700k with the standard profile.

    I know the support is unofficial but it worked great before and now it is NFG


    Sorry above for post.
    Looks like it is another W10 update that is coursing issues regardless if Vorpx is running or not.


    Important News on DGVoodoo2

    With the newest upcoming release 2.6 games with a VorpX profile will probably not work anymore because of some changes that affect the shader settings.

    So if you have created / downloaded a profile from an earlier wrapper version you must use the older wrapper for that

    DOWNLOAD older Wrapper versions HERE

    you will probably need versions 2.55.1 – 2.55.4



    I have just tested an extra built (for us!) were changes have been made compatible / redone, so we can expect the next release ( 2.6 ) to work as usual.
    Watch out for WIP’s from after today they should contain all the changes already as well as shader model 3.0 support.
    ( For VorpX , WIP57 from feb8 2019 is broken ! )

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