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    d3d9.dll needs to be renamed to v3d9.dll correct? since VorpX has a conflict? But after renaming it Dgvoodo2 won’t work.

    I do get the DGVoodo logo when I dont change the d3d9.dll.

    When searching in the Hex editor do I just do a text search? Or do i need to know the hex/binary equiv of d3d9.dll?

    I only see these files in the directories. not many .dll relating to this.


    It doesnt matter if you search for text or hex values.I use text, thats easier. Look through the other files (not only dll) as well. Like said, you may need to look for d.3.d.9.d.l.l or even d 3 d 9 . d l l – In this case you watch out that you dont overwrite the original values. Mainly you need to replace the first “d” of that string with a “v” and thats it.


    i found a file in the game dir called EQGraphicsDX9.dll
    this has a reference to d3d9.dll

    nothing in the eqgame.exe should i change that file? with v3d9.dll ?


    There is not much more help i can give you unfortunately. Its all been said. Only change the d3d9 reference in any file you find, nothing else. It may work or may not.


    I was using the wrong files. I was using the glide files found in the 3Dfx folder and not the d3d9 files found in the MS folder.

    But, I’m having the same issues as rich0550. I have 64 bit operating system so I tried the d3d9 file found in the X64 folder but also tried the d3d9 file found in the X86 folder. I also tried re-naming them to v3d9.dll. Still didn’t work. I also tried running the game in windowed mode, and in VorpX general settings tried alternate hooking method and “try to block known game overlays”. And still nothing.

    RJK_ can you tell us exactly what you did to get the game to run. Like, where you put the d3d9 file and what type X64 or X85 d3d9 file are you using? Did you just drop the file by itself in the game folder? What are your VorpX general settings? I feel like we’re so close if you in fact have the game running. We just need to know exactly and specifically what you did?…



    – dgvoodoocpl.ese and dgvoodoo.conf into game folder
    – For a DX3-7 game, d3dimm.dll and ddraw.dll into the game folder
    – for a DX8 game d3d8.dll into game folder
    – for a DX9 game d3d8.dll into game folder
    – If a game is 64bit, take the X64 files.

    – DX9:
    – Rename d3d9.dll to v3d9.dll
    – Open a hex edior
    – Replace any entry d3d9.dll with v3d9.dll in ANY file in the game folder
    – Same as above: d 3 d 9 . d l l with v 3 d 9 . d l l (if found)
    – If nothing is found you may be out of luck
    – Make shure you get the DGvoodoo2 logo before making any changes and without VorpX. If you dont, your game will not work at all.
    – some rare games require v3d9.dll to be present in windows/system32 and windows/syswow64

    – use the vorpX DGVoodoo2 factory profile or one of my DGVOodoo2 profiles
    – Note: they are all different !
    – For DGVoodoo2 settings please refer to its manual

    You may be lucky with your game or not, there is no guarantee that you will have any stereo seperation. Many games dont work at all. DGVoodoo2 support is highly experimental. You will have stereo seperation only with a proper profile. No 3D without. Important: there are differnces beetween different versions of DGVoodoo2. Always use the version that a profile indicates. Note: above 2.6 may not work with vorpX.

    – if your game is glide use the glide dlls and the vorpX factory profile (only 2D)


    Thanks for that but I’m still having no luck. If anyone else gets it to work please let me know.


    Have you read this properly ?


    Ive done some extensive testing with different DGVoodoo2 versions today. It appears that newer versions then 2.6 in DX9 mode (DX8 etc. not tested) will not work with many older profiles. ( I strongly recommend adding the version thats been used for a profile to the profile name to prevent confusion. )

Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)
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