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    Sounds good.
    I have a problem with invisible mouse cursor using Dgvoodoo.
    It is in Wip56
    I can operate game GT Legend if I can predict where the cursor is.
    VorpX little popup do not work with mouse ether.
    A shame as the game looks and runs great dgvoodoo dll in VorpX
    Same issue with Gtr2.


    Hello, ive done some testing with the DGVoodoo2 Glide Wrapper.(v 2.55.4) Of coarse no real 3D reconstruction, but some kind of “fake depth” on distant objects as well as popping out HUD elements makes the old glide stuff appear relatively nice on high resolutions. At least it makes more fun playing them with VorpX.

    I have a profile that you can test (dont want to put it in the cloud yet) which works with Undying and Summoner. The profile will most probably work with any other other glide game too. Just drop the Glide dlls of the wrapper into the game folder where the games exe is located and force resolution to whatever you want (under glide settings).

    Please let me know how you like this. You will notice the fake Depth best when standing near corners or in hallways.


    DGVoodoo2 Release

    New release out

    Also a new WIP58 is in progress.


    – Restoring shader signatures for VorPX
    – Minor shader compiling optimization
    – Full support for ‘DF16’ and ‘DF24’ texture formats
    – Implementing depth-only rendering (shadows in ATI tech demo Assassin)
    – D3D9 Multi-rt Clear bug (scene demo Birostris)
    – Improved rt + depthstencil validating (Donald Duck remastered + some scene demos)
    – sm3 – non-sm3 pipeline linkage bugs (Strania + scene demo Crush)
    – Fixing a bug in sm3 shader validator(s) + flowcontrol validator
    – Some shader code generation bugs are fixed (e.g. a ps_1_x regression one in BloodRayne 2)
    – First version of x64 D3D9 (tested only with UT2004 and Oxenfree)
    – More optimal D3D system memory usage in general
    – More optimal D3D video memory usage in general
    – Optimized memory usage for DirectDraw – old Unreal engine games now run with any amount of VRAM
    – Incompatibility of DDraw ALLOCONLOAD textures with MS DDraw, fixed (Fighting Force)
    – Incompatible D3D9 device creation (finding refresh rates + handling exclusive mode), fixed (e.g. Enter The Matrix)
    – Optimizing D3D8 CopyRects for resources in MANAGED pool (long level loading time in BloodRayne 2)
    – Default amount of DX VRAM is increased to 256MB + VRAM size is changed to 64 bit
    – Adding new option ‘DirectXExt\\DeferredScreenModeSwitch’ for games crashing on device init with fullscreen switch
    – Adding new windowed mode attribute ‘FullScreenSize’; if enabled then window will have full screen size with
    image scaling inside – this is useful for fake fullscreen mode (without mouse emulation because it’s forced windowed mode)


    Ive been testing with DGVoodoo2 and DX6 a little, i got an experimental profile for Shadowman (1999) which gives the game some fake depth, just like the glide stuff above. Tell me what you think.


    DGvoodoo2 WIP60 released.

    If you run into problems with the wrapper and G3D profiles, try different settings in the dgVoodoo.conf

    0 – Internal code generator only
    1 – Internal code generator + D3DCompiler co-work
    2 – D3DCompiler only (compatible mode with previous wrapper versions)

    ShaderCodeGenerating = 2 is the recommended setting for VorpX and must be set manually


    DGVoodoo2 2.6 released

    Download the latest version here.

    Older profiles may not work anymore with this wrapper version.

    If your game doesnt work with this version please either:

    – use the version that is mentioned in the profile description
    – change the settings mentioned in my previous post to “2”
    – use version 2.55


    I just stumbled upon this. Now i’m curious and a bit confused.

    1) I though that VorpX supports the old Unreal Engine games if you use a DX9 or DX10 renderer, no?

    2) I asked in this forum about Undying, but i never got an answer. Now i saw the screenshot. So, i can play Undying & Unreal Gold on VorpX (w- DGVoodoo2)?. Is it 3D?


    The Undying GLide profile is very experimental and you will have some kind of 3D effect but ist far from a proper 3D reconstruction.

    For Unreal i recommend this . DGVoodoo2 or any other renderer is not needed anymore.


    Oh, wow, thanks RJK – that’s a big relief. Unreal is one of my 1st PC games and without it i would be very sad in VorpX. :) (there are so many custom maps for it)

    But i wonder, why Undying is not compatible. After all, it uses Unreal 1 engine. Has it been modified for this game?


    Undying Unreal 1 engine is DX6 which cant be handled for proper Stereo 3D yet. The experimental profile was using the Glide output through DGVoodoo2. The other one is a DX9 patch.


    I rather meant the following: If Undying is using the same engine as Unreal, why not use a DX9 renderer that is meant for Unreal?

    The only explanation that comes to mind is that DX9 requires Unreal Gold, but Undying is an older version of the engine that’s not supported by those new renderers.


    I do not know whether the DX9 renderer is written game or engine-specific, if youre lucky they did it in a way you can use it for Undying as well. I have no idea if that will work.


    News Jul 2019

    Some recent experiments have revealed that many DX6 and Glide games can provide Z3D through DGVoodoo2 (v 2.6). If you wish to test your old game, use one of the follwing profiles from the cloud as a base.

    – DX6/Glide Shadowman, Dungeon Keeper 2, Summoner

    It doesnt matter which one you use for DX or Glide.


    Though at the moment VorpX collides with the D3D9.dll in the game folder, you can use the following workaround to get a game running.

    – Put the latest WIP or DX9 release (as described above) and DGVoodoo2 config app in your game folder
    – make DGVoodoo2 settings
    – try out if game renders properly with DGVoodoo2
    in case of success:
    – rename d3d9.dll to v3d9.dll
    – MOVE and Copy v3d9.dll into your windows/system32 and windows/syswow64 folder
    – Copy/move dgvoodoo.conf into windows/system32 and windows/syswow64 folder
    – HEXEDIT games exe, replace any “d3d9.dll” with “v3d9.DLL” (backup original)
    – Copy VorpX DGVoodoo2 profile
    – Add game to profile
    – Run Game

    Hi I – rename d3d9.dll to v3d9.dll and bring up a hex editor but no d3d9.dll can be found. If the file is renamed to v3d9.dll dgvoodo2 does not seem to be working. Also vorpx does not seems to like using the Dgvoodo2 profile.

    Is this post still valid? if i have d3d9.dll in the game folder VorpX gives a warning about it.

    Also when i run dgvoodo2 to make a config it does not alter the game.exe

    advise appreciated


    It appears that v3d9.dll can be left in the game folder, also dgvoodoo.conf. The above counts for games only where the game does not look for the dll in the game folder, example: Spellforce 1.

    If you run the game with the unchanged files and do dont see the DGVoodoo Logo, the game isnt DX9. Test which DX version the game requires first. When you are shure its DX9 then change the games exe with a hexeditor like you tried.

    Some games point to other files in the game folder, make a content search for d3d9.dll in the game folder and change other files as well. If you dont find d3d9.dll, manually look for d.3.d.9.d.l.l or similar. (This may take time) Note: Some games dont even work after changing them.

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