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    Ralph, can you confirm that in the new version of the Vorpx there will be a working G3D option for elder scrolls online?


    ralph, i’m installing elder scrolls online (80 giga): i hope vorpx works with it (g3d) :)


    I had some trouble starting up ESO, every time I tried to switch to immersive or cinema, the game would lock up and crash. Eventually I loaded up vorpx config, paged through some settings (didn’t change anything) and clicked save, and now the game works fine.

    I am very impressed how well G3D works! Very little that is wonky…lighting, water, spells all work fine. Shadows are a little janky, but that is to be expected.

    The height of your character very much matters…unfortunately my main is too tall.
    With the default settings, the UI interaction and cursor lines up very well with the 3D plane, and it feels good. However, I didn’t think the 3D effects were enough. I bumped G3D up to 1.50 instead of 1, and that helped immensely.

    There are two mods I advise you to get, that immediately made the game better for me:
    The first one is Immersive Horse Riding. This mod lets you ride your horse in 1st person mode instead of forcing 3rd person. It is very lightweight with no further settings/interaction required..it just works.

    The second mod is Free Dialog Camera, which doesn’t force the game to zoom your camera up to whoever you’re talking to. This is important because when the game zooms the camera in, most of the 3D-ness of who you’re talking to is lost, and you’re looking at a warped perspective. This mod properly keeps things in perspective, yet brings up the dialog interaction system as normal.
    The only thing you need to fix (compatibility kinda broke) is to go to your ESO document folder->live->addons->FreeDialogCamera and modify the .lua file (can open with notepad) to change 1 line. Change ZO_ItemPreview_Shared.IsInteractionCameraPreviewEnabled = IsInPreviewMode to ZO_ItemPreview_Shared.IsInteractionCameraPreviewEnabled = GetPreviewModeEnabled and that’s it.

    Anyways, happy questing!


    RALPH NOW, i can play eso online! wonderful with vorpx in g3d!

    who needs now skyrim vr? :9


    Eso is fantastic in geometry mode however every 30 min or so steam mixed reality vr crashes and i get a blue screen then black. Not sure if theres any steam settings i can change havent played any othr game long enough to see if it effects them to


    been playing for 4 hours no more crashes strange but good


    what version of ESO are you using? i have the stand alone version and it looks bad. everything has artifacts and there is a fishbowl effect when looking around


    If you want to play the game in full VR mode without a “fishbowl effect”, you have to raise the field of view in the game’s options menu to the max and then use the Image Zoom option in vorpX to account for the rest since the FOV itself can’t be set high enough unfortunately.

    If you don’t know what FOV means or the instructions above seem complicated to you, please simply reset the profile to its factory default in the config app. Since vorpX can’t adjust the FOV automatically for ESO, the profile defaults to immersive screen mode, which doesn’t require a perfectly fitting FOV.


    While being immersed in another VR game outside of Vorpx…and building a new system, I saw this new Vorpx update and decided to try out ESO with it. While I haven’t tried much to get the FOV right yet, other than maxing it out in the games camera slider, I did notice it ran quite smooth after lowering the graphics settings to compensate. It’s great to see G3D support added. Nice work Ralf!!!

    For future ESO support, Direct VR would be the ideal wish…hope it’s not to hard for you to do. Cheers!!!


    Hi Guys!
    I only had VorpX for a short time before SkyrimVR dropped. Cool to see it’s still going strong. Wasn’t sure if I was going to need it again as there seemed to be direct VR versions or comparable replacements for the limited number of games I play.
    So my wife has been watching me play Skyrim for some time now. A few weeks ago she mentioned how it would be cool to play a game together like we used to. So I built her a machine and bought 2 copies of ESO.
    I’m having some difficulty getting the view right. I can’t find an in-game FOV setting and I’ve kind of forgotten how to set up VorpX. Does someone have a preconfigured full VR ESO profile I can use? What should I set my in game resolution to? I tried it out on the monitor at 4K on ultra settings and stayed over 70 FPS.
    Any help would be appreciated. My wife’s copy should be done downloading in 51 minutes…
    Oops, almost forgot. I’m using a Samsung Odyssey headset.


    Well it came back to me once I stared at the VorpX in-game menu for a while. I set the in-game resolution to 2880×1600, 1:1 pixel mapping, and 1x zoom. I will have to play around with the other settings. I also found the in-game FOV slider as well.
    The good news is after an hour my wife is hooked on ESO. yeah! We couldn’t see each other in the game. Saw a bunch of other people and added each other as friends, joined a group, and are able to chat in-game so I imagine we will figure it out. If Anyone has any insight…


    OK, I just got Elder scrolls online working with Vorpx

    1st impressions? not good. Not good by a mile.

    Is Vorpx and the Valve Index not compatible?

    When no mater what settings I use either in Vorpx or in game, it just looks bad.

    Could someone please tell me they can even get the game to run in VR mode and be able to see the whole screen.
    The only way I can see the in game game menu is if I switch out of VR and go to theater or the other mode, otherwise I can’t see that far to the left.

    Here is what I have tried
    played with the resolution in game
    played with the steamvr settings for this game
    played with the FOV (both game and Vorpx)
    Played with the zoom.

    Nothing helps. it looks bad as well as i cant see the whole screen.


    If you are playing in FullVR mode, you can can switch to EdgePeek with the middle mouse button temporarily to check elements in screen corners.

    Alternatively set the ‘Play Style’ to ‘Immersive Screen Mode’ in the vorpX menu. I’m not 100% sure currently, but I think that’s the default. Games that require a lot if menu/inventory etc. interaction are typically better played that way unless the HUD is scalable.


    So you think not being able to see the whole screen is normal?
    I figured I had some setting set wrong. drives me nuts.
    Every time I need to change the game resolution I had to change the play style from VR for theater mode or what ever you call it and just so I could see the menu on the right edge of the screen. (just to be clear, I cant 25% of the right side of the screen where the menu pops up when you hit escape) not sure what I cant see on the left side)

    I got to say even If I could live with not being able to see the entire screen while in VR, the graphics look pretty bad. The other play styles look good though…
    Thats kinda odd to me. how can Full VR mode look so bad and yet immersive mode look so much better?

    I have an app, FPSVR, that lets me see FPS GPU CPU and the game is not working hard.


    FullVR mode has a few extra requirements to work correctly, most importantly a game’s camera field of view has to precisely match the FOV of your headset. vorpX can do that automatically for about 200 games. ESO unfortunately is not among them, hence the default is ‘Immersive Screen Mode’, which does not have any extra requirements and let’s you hop in right away.

    More detailed information about FOV and how to handle it for FullVR mode if vorpX can’t do it automatically can be found in the vorpX help in the ‘Essential Hints Guide’ (also available here for convenience).

    If you are new to vorpX and don’t want to care about such things before you know your way around a bit, it’s also worth to check this list with good FullVR games for beginners.

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