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    alien isolation looks like im playing on a big 3d screen, its supposed to be in this way? a i really regreat to purchase vorpx software, all games i try the things looks big, only one has the perfect 1;1 ratio like native games was half life 2 , but the performance its terrible on my gtx 1080


    I think you are playing it in cinema mode, do you find yourself in a big room, sitting on a couch with a controller in your hands, playing on a big screen TV ? If so, you need to turn off Virtual Cinema Mode and enable Normal or Adaptive Z-buffer from 3D Reconstruction menu.

    Besides that, in order to get native like feeling in VorpX games and objects to appear at normal size/scale, you need to increase the FOV manually from games menus (if available), config or ini files or use a 3-rd party tool, designed for that game. Also display resolution is key. I can confirm that if u set almost any game properly in Vorpx (some take more time, some take less than 5 minutes) they will be displayed like a VR native game or very close. For details of how to set resolution and FOV properly please read this:

    Performance/Quality Tweaking with Custom Resolutions

    Essential Game Hints – Please read this!

    As for performance, I’m not sure how u set Half Life 2, to get terrible performance on GTX 1080. I played Half Life 2 + ep 1 and 2 at a constant 90 fps on a GTX 1070 and i7 CPU. Same goes for Alien Isolation where the performance wasn’t always 90, but now, with Oculus’ Asynchronous Spacewarp (ASW) which requires only 45 fps I’m sure it will run just fine.


    GTA V (works great with VR Hud and FOV Mod) I don’t use Gta VR)
    GTA IV (including EFLC). Works great with VR Hud and FPS mod 1.3
    Half Life 2 (including Black Mesa Mod HL1 Mod)
    Bioshock 1


    2. Bioshock 2

    I’m puzzled. On my machine (Win10) the DirectVR hack of “Bioshock 2” crashed every 10 minutes, it was unplayable. I had to play it in normal Vorpx mode. I found the gameplay very annoying, repetitive and pointless. It was a struggle to finish the game.

    “Bioshock 3” works well in DirectVR, but has some issues with shadows, lighting and in-game videos not showing. You will miss some facets of the story without even noticing.

    My personal list:
    Since I’ve never expected a true, native VR experience from VorpX, I mostly enjoyed the 3D cinema mode. I still have to reset my headset way below my normal head position, because Ralf doesn’t seem to be able to deal with or even acknowledge this bug, but whatever: It works. No longer neck stiffness from looking above all the time.

    That said I had lots of fun in “Dragon Age 1”, “Dragon Age 2”, “Dragon Age: Inquisition”, “Resident Evil Revelations”, “Gothic 3”, “The Witcher 3”, “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons”, “Bioshock 1”.


    I too have enjoyed Skyrim, Fallout4, BioShock Infinate, and Metro LL, but recently I’ve been playing a lot of:

    – Battlefield 1 onilne
    – Star Wars Battlefront 2015 online
    – theHunter Call of the Wild (Assassins Creed Unity profile)

    All 3 have in game FOV adjustment and good Z3D. And I’ve been playing online without a problem, no ban or disconnect.

    I’ve noticed I end up choosing Z3D over G3D almost everytime, due to its agreeable shadows and faster performance – which means I can crank up the resolution and max the eyecandy.

    p.s. As of a few weeks ago an update to Dying Light has unlocked native VR support again via quick file edit. It’s not perfect, but fun to check out.


    Holly shit mate, thanks a lot, had no idea, no info/news about this popped up on my usual VR hanging places on the web, and I was already playing other games in VorpX, I gave up on Dying Light after searching for more than one year.

    You made my day man, and especially before the weekend, guess I’ll let the team go home from work earlier today ;) I still hope Ralf will release a working profile to fix the height issue from VorpX’s settings…anyway, that was also the case back in 2015 when it first came out for DK2.

    I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post Reddit links here, an admin can remove this last entry from my post if it’s not allowed: https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/6i7hpg/playing_dying_light_on_cv1_as_a_dwarf/


    Of all the games I tried, only 2 are actually good enough to be properly playable. Thief (2014) and BattleFront.
    Most every other, the FOV can’t be set high enough no matter what. I can fake it a little bit with Portal 2 but either the fps isn’t high enough or the FOV is off even after adjusting what I can in VorpX. It’s just funky enough to not be worth it.
    Fallout 4, again I can fake it enough but it’s still not quite right, there’s a couple other titles like this but most are just terrible. If you can’t have a real 120 fov horizontal, it just never looks quite right.

    So basically I play using the cinema screen and I’m ok with that as long as I have the 3D option but the lack of UE4 support is killing me as so many games use that engine. Dishonored 2 isn’t playable at all with imported profile and some won’t even hook, especially if you want to use ENB series or Reshade. As such I never recommend my VR friends to get this.

    I just wish Ralph was able to put more resources into VorpX, usually the lone coding wolf for software like this just never pans out enough to have polish. Too bad Valve doesn’t try to make an app like this.


    Since January both Fallout 4 and Portal 2 have full Direct VR support. Among other things that means that FOV is automatically set 100% correct for both games without anything needed than a click on the Direct VR scan button after entering the game.


    Oh god yes, give me Dying Light on the CV1 Rift PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!

    I’d buy this software for just that right now..

    I’m going to buy it anyway because………………………………..Half Life 2 & Skyrim


    Note that I only play games in Geometry 3D (always with a resolution of 1920×1440), as I’m one of those rare people that don’t see a difference between Z3D and 3D Reconstruction = OFF. This might be important to know for people also seeking games playable in G3D.

    For comparison purposes, my specs:
    -Oculus Rift / 1 Sensor
    -i7 4770 (4 x 3.4GHz)
    -MSI GTX 970
    -8GB RAM

    As you can see, these are the absolute minimum required components for the Rift.

    5. Alien Isolation:

    – DVR scan never fails

    This is one of the most fearsome experiences. Can’t play this at night. It has a clean minimal GUI, correct hand/body scale, runs very smooth at highest settings. A very fine game in VR.

    4. Fallout New Vegas:

    – DVR scan never fails

    Works out of the box in DirectVR
    (after the scan). Around 20 mods installed, played 15 hours and no crash. I enjoy this game very, very much. The only annoying thing is the dialogue zoom which gives me a real headache at times.

    3. Fallout 3

    – DVR scan never fails

    Same as above, I just like the atmosphere in FO3 a little better.

    2. Bioshock 1 & 2

    – DVR scan never fails

    Such awesome experiences! Looting is easily done without Edge Peek. Everything is sharp and clear as it can get. You have to rescan DVR after loading/entering a new level, but the scan usually succeeds. Only slight issue: Sometimes horizontal positional Head Tracking doesn’t work after DVR scan.

    1. Fallout 4

    One of those crash-free wonders. Despite the low to medium settings to run it at a moderate framerate, it’s my absolute favourite and it’s still a true eye and ear candy. DirectVR ALWAYS fails for me, even when I tried it without mods. BUT…

    After fiddling around for days, I found a very pleasant setting:

    – Edge Peek
    – G3D
    – rest = default values

    I’m having a blast building and organizing settlements and watching settlers passing by. Combat and looting is also very addicting (much more in VR). V.A.T.S. feels ok as well.

    @ Ralf: I’m really curious what your favourite VorpX games are. After spending so much time optimizing all these games, are you bored of all of them or do you still enjoy particular games using your software?


    I always find it difficult to name top favorites, be it games, movies, books, music or whatever. There’s something good to be found in so many things.

    That said, what I recently enjoyed immensly was the first hour of Half-Life 2 Episode 1. Even more than the rest of the game this first hour is an almost perfect for VR mix of shooting and (easy) physics puzzles. If I was to make a VR first person shooter, it would be exactly such a mix of adrenaline driven sequences and puzzles to cool down in between. Must! be played standing with motion controllers.

    Then there is of course Fallout 3, I just love the mood and atmosphere of this game which is amplified by VR ten fold. If you like other Bethesda RPGs more, they are also always a good choice, of course.

    Next would be Bioshock 1, again mainly because I love the mood and atmosphere of the game. Exploring this beautiful Art-Deco underwater world is breathtaking in VR even if you already played through it on the monitor.

    As number four I would name one that generally is considered a mediocre run of the mill shooter, but personally I find it surprisingly good, at least in VR: Aliens: Colonial Marines. If you like Sci-Fi themed games or Alien in particular, give it a try.

    And last but not least there is one that isn’t actually officially supported for various reasons: Descent/Descent II with the fan-made OpenGL port D2X-XL. Probably my all-time favorite shooter game. Far from what one would consider perfect with vorpX, but if you are fond of 6DOF action and don’t mind the extremely outdated graphics, I can still recommend it. That’s a highly subjective assessment though, I’d almost be surprised if anyone else would agree. So be warned.

    Honorary mention: Resident Evil 7. I really wanted to play this one and it’s great, but in the end actually too scary for me. I chickened out before the introduction level was over… VR horror isn’t for everyone, I guess.


    @ Ralf: Nice, I always find it exciting to read about the experience of makers with their own creations.
    I’m glad you mentioned Half Life 2, Alien CM and Resident Evil 7, I’ll have a look at these, in G3D hopefully. RE7 just for the fear you described. I love when horror games actually scare off people. I have to give it a go! :)

    I should probably do a separate thread for this question about Half Life 2, but has anyone tried out both VR modes, the game’s native support and VorpX? Are they very similar or does one mode have a big advantage over the other?


    Since I only mentioned my top three I’d like to add TES:Oblivion to the mix. It’s probably my number 2 and IMO is much better than Skyrim and Fallout because of perfect hand models. It runs great even with 4k, Unique Landscapes mod and TES4LodGen on ultimate, which makes it look even better than Skyrim. I do admit I have a GTX 1080 TI, but I honestly think the game is bottled-necked by either the cpu or the engine itself and not the GPU. This is probably my favorite Bethesda game of all time and I’m happy to say it also runs just as good as Fallout NV and much better than Skyrim and Fallout 4 with Vorpx. If you liked SKyrim and never played Oblivion than there has never been a better time than now!

    Mods that enhance VR (all can be found on http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion):
    – FOV Modifier (A must! For a constant FOV)
    – Oblivion Stutter Remover (Must for smooth framerate)
    – Enhanced Camera
    – Dot Crosshair
    – Darnified UI
    – Loot Menu (tweak the mod’s ini to fit inside the vorpx screen)
    – Hud and Camera Toggler (set hotkey in mod’s ini file. Google “oblivion key code” to find out the codes for different keys)

    Look through this list for Gameplay mods:
    And this for graphic mods (be conservative):
    Be warned Oblivion is a crash fest compared to Skyrim, so don’t through to many big overhauls into the mix all at once!


    1. Alien Isolation
    2. Dead Space 1-3
    3. Dying Light
    4. Stalker COP Misery Mod
    5. Metro 2033 and Last Light.


    “And last but not least there is one that isn’t actually officially supported for various reasons: Descent/Descent II with the fan-made OpenGL port D2X-XL. Probably my all-time favorite shooter game. Far from what one would consider perfect with vorpX, but if you are fond of 6DOF action and don’t mind the extremely outdated graphics,….”

    I can definitely agree about Decent 1 & 2 (subjectively Decent 3) playing in 2D. In the mid to late 90’s they were the go to games (I remember feeling the nauseous motion sickness back then that everyone now experiences in VR…and it was also back then due to fps…as it still is now). Went through the 3DFX card movement (owned each card as they progressed) till Nvidia bought them due to poor market decisions leading to their final bankruptcy. 3DFX was the only reliable way to play the Descent series…if you were hitting 30fps you had it made. (oh yes, can’t forget to mention using my MS Sidewinder 3D Pro joystick to play with the 6DOF…was a great experience…actually still have it, but the Z-axis is very jerky…making it unusable now). Ahh…nostalgia…

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