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    Hi Ralf!

    We have a little team, bought DK2 and VorpX all with the main intention to try STALKER COP and Lost ALpha initially on the rift, particularly, becouse STALKER COP is on Vorpx DK1 supported games’ list, and Lost Alpha uses a slightly modified COP XRay Engine.

    You wrote above, that you are not aware of any reasons, why COP wouldn’t work on DK2 with VorpX. Well, we tried every possible solution in the last couple of weeks, but no results. VorpX doesn’t recognise Lost Alpha at all, and on COP only thing we get is black screen (sounds can be heard though).

    So. I know, you have a lot of other works to do, but please, be so kind to at least look into this issue and make a response for us, VorpX customers.

    Thank you!


    Hi Szabby, I know that I’m not Ralf and so far I didn’t try out any STALKER games with the DK2, however I wanted to try to help you, since the issue sounds very similar to what I experienced with Star Citizen.

    Did you try to rename the exe so far? udk.exe seems to work wonders often, even though it’s mainly for unreal engine games. Still other games hook also.

    I’ll just asume, that you tried everything from the troubleshoot post (setting Rift to extended view and make it primary etc).
    Do you enforce anything in your graphics driver? Like Antialiasing for example? The Stalker Games always had issues with that in my experience, even though they never turned completly black for me. Try to set your drivers to default.

    Also try out starting Stalker and vorpx as admin.

    You could test if Stalker hooked correctly, by starting it and then switching the Rift of, then you should see the at least the vorpx logo on your display.



    Thanks for your kind trying to help!

    In fact, in the last couple of weeks I have made a good progress in testing different methods, and now finally I am able to run all STALKER games on DK2. Thing are quite tricky though to organize, but after several experiments I found the “know how”.

    Lost Alpha runs in DX9 only, for some reason R3 renderer crashes every time.

    STALKER SHOC of course is the same, DX9 only, as it always was a DX9 game (however, a patch is already under developement by russian modders, which will add R3 to XRay of SHOC). I use SHOC with Autumn Aurura 2.1 mod, and the graphics quality is really remarkable, even in DK2, perfect!

    STALKER COP seems to be the best choice for DK2, as it can be run in DX11, full quality, plus, the most important thing is,that VorpX adds “Z” type 3D to the game. I use COP together with Merge Mod, and it’s also great in DK2.

    STALKER CS I haven’t tried yet, but I’m sure, it also works fine on DK2.

    Biggest challenge was to find solutions, how to increase FOV in these games, becouse vanilla FOVs are around 55 and 67.5, which make the games unplayable on the rift. there are some FOV changer mods as well, but these also don’t fit, as the highest FOV these offer is only 90, which is still way too low. And Lost Alpha is the only STALKER game, that includes console FOV command. In all other STALKER games you can not change fov nor in console, neither in ltx files, becouse to do that you have to alter the engine dll files. Of course, with shift+scroll you can change FOV ingame with VorpX, but this solution isn’t good, becouse it’s only a “false” solution, that takes screen further in front, and to be honest, seeing the edges of the screen spoils all 3D experience of immersion.

    I would highly recommend for Ralf to pay serious attention to Lost Alpha. Dezowave team will release Lost Alpha Developers’Cut soon, with higher resolution textures, improved light and shadows and extra nature content. So when released, Lost Alpha will be the best graphics quality STALKER game out there. According to millions of fans, I assume, making this game VorpX ready with at least “Z” 3D support is more than justifiable!

    thanks: Szabby


    Call of Pripyat should work, it even has a profile. Please try switching between DX9/DX11, maybe one of them works better for you.

    Enhanced STALKER support (including DX9 Geometry 3D) will be in the next vorpX version. Not tested with Lost Alpha yet though.


    Hi Ralf!


    Like I said: all STALKER games work fine on DK2 and VorpX!

    What I wanted to point out was, that Lost Alpha works only in “2D” and only in DX9. I suggested you to focus on Lost Alpha, becouse soon there will be Developers’ Cut version out, which will be the best graphics DX11 STALKER game ever made.

    And please also consider this: Lost Alpha uses a bit modified engine of STALKER COP. According to the fact, that STALKER COP already has a VorpX DX11 and Z-adaptive 3D support, I guess that Lost Alpha would only require some minor further work from you!

    Greetings: Szabby


    please ralf, add the 3d geometry all titles stalker …
    in my case, I need to play with geometry, even if it means playing in DX9, no matter to me.

    I just tested today stalker games, have an awesome ambience and very immersive.
    fov is almost solvable for me, with FOV switcher + letterbox1 + reduces a little zoom.but need the geometry recostruccion for me,Sure help,and optional z modes.



    You already can play STALKER COP in geometry 3D in DX11 (as I’m sure you have already tried). SHOC, CS and LA are only Z3D and DX9.

    However, I recommend you to try SHOC+Autumn Aurora 2.1. That game is extremely powerfull in visuals, even without “real” 3D.

    Just don’t forget to set FOV around 120-130. That is necesary I think to have the real immersive experience (vanilla STALKER games have FOV only around 55-67.5, and even FOV switchers offer only FOV90 at maximum. But I think you must set FOV to much higher than 90).

    In one of his posts Ralf promised to add geometry 3D for all STALKER games. Let’s hope, he was serious on this. Especially Lost Alpha, which offers the highest quality visuals among all STALKER games so far.

    Question is, when will Ralf be able to make this changes in VorpX…


    hi szabby, thankyou very much for all info and advice, stalkers titles are now my main project for the vr.

    I recently bought a pack of keys stalkers steam (bundle) is now offering a low price on a bundle web.
    I’ve had to deal with some problems launcher …
    Solution: disable steam overlay in titles stalkers :)

    for now, I have done some testing on stalkers c.o.p. DX9 and DX11
    However, I can not activate geometry reconstruction … does not work for me for now. (not displayed in menu)
    z-normal and z-adaptative works fine in stalker c.o.p

    Today I want to continue testing, also with stalkers s.o.c and mods recommended by you.
    lost alpha is an authentic work of art…
    I would like to see a vorpx support for this great “mod” and previous stalkers with geometry.

    PD:sorry my english :P



    I use COP with Multi Merge mod, and the graphics is really outstanding! Especially with geometry 3D. But don’t use maximum amount of it, becouse it might cause headache, if there is too much 3D turned on.

    Yes, LA is great, I’ve told to Ralf in several of my previous e-mails, that he should focus on this game, and yet it couldn’t be that hard either to integrate into VorpX, becouse LA uses a little bit tweaked version of XRayEngine used in COP.

    Like I said, most importan to set FOV to around 120-130 in STALKER games in DK2, otherwise you will get a serious headache:).

    I have spent weeks to make STALKER games run properly on DK2. So if I can help you, don’t hesitate to ask.:)


    Just one more addition: Autumn Aurora 2.1 seems to be the best visual mod for SHOC right now (but of course, there are many more outstanding mods as well). AA2.1 was developed by some of the developers of Lost Alpha, so the quality is guaranteed :)!


    Hi Ralf!

    First of all, thank you for implementing STALKER – Lost Alpha support. However, Geometry 3D causes several graphic issues (flickering shadows and textures, doubled edges etc.), but Z3D works well.

    Would you please help me answering the following questions:

    1. In STALKER – Lost Alpha DX10 mode offers much better visual quality than DX9. Do you plan to implement Z3D supprt for DX10 as well?

    2. There is a SweetFX/ENB mod for Lost Alpha, that makes visuals much better under DX9. The files of this mod have to be copied into BIN folder, where the exe file of the game is. There is a file of the mod, namely D3D9.dll, and the problem is, that VorpX won’t launch becouse of this file, VorpX sends an error message due to this file and quits. So this means, that if I want to play the game in DK2, I must delete d3d9.dll, so I won’t be able to use the mod.

    Could you please recommend me any possible solutions to solve this issue?

    Thank you!


    Can’t speak to your first question or to ENB, but you might be able to use Raedon Pro to inject Sweetfx, even with an Nvidia card. This works with vorpx activated. I’ve tested with Dishonored, Thief (2014), & Bioshock Infinite. Unfortunately, I’m unable to provide instructions. Someone on the oculus forums posted a youtube tutorial. You may want to search there. In addition, you may have luck with google searching for Radeon Pro/Sweetfx/Nvidia (in the event you have an nvidia card).


    Hey Everone

    I have big problem with STALKER:CS when I run Vorpx game doesn’t run. Without vorpx everything is fine. When Vorpx is on, game is crash or I get information: Cannot open file “fsgame.ltx”. I try everything and nothing work.



    I try to help yout problem.

    First and most important question: do you try to play the game with Vorpx in DX9 mode?


    If I understand, I must change setting in game?
    Yes I try.

    My spec:
    i5 2500K
    8GB Ram
    GTX 970

    Windows 8.1

    Thanks for your time.

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