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    To my knowledge at present the only STALKER game that runs in DX11 under VorpX is Call of Pripyat. Other STALKER games – SHOC, CS, LA – run only in DX9 mode (I hope Ralf will implement R3 renderer to LA soon).

    If you don’t want to enter game only for changing DX settings, than I recommend you to enter user.ltx in appdata folder. In user.ltx you find a line “renderer renderer_r*”. You must turn it to “renderer renderer_r2”. R2 is DX9 mode.

    Makes sure you use the rift in extended mode.

    You’ll also have to set the FOV, becouse STALKER games use 75-85 FOV as default, and with the rift you’ll need a much higher FOV, around 120-130. STALKER LA and COP do have fov command from console. SHOC doesn’t, it is rather tricky to alter FOV there, but not impossible. I don’t remember right now how FOV is altered in CS, but surely possible.


    Hello Ralf!

    I would really appreciate if you helped me in the following matter.

    Nowadays more and more games use ENB and SweetFX graphical options, that improve graphics quality really much.

    The problem is, that these programs use d3d9.dll file, but VorpX will not launch untill d3d9.dll file is in the game directory. So it means, that it seems to be impossible to play these games on DK2.

    Could you please recommend any solution?

    Or would it be possible to fix this problem anyhow in future releases of VorpX?

    Thanks: Szabby

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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