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    Since vorpX 17.3.0 takes quite a bit longer than it should have, it’s probably time for a status update for those who might wonder what the heck is happening behind the scenes.

    Without further ado: the main reason for the delay is the removal of the Game Settings Optimizer from the config app, which proves to be a truly epic endeavour. While having the optimizer as a separate module seemed like a good idea at the time, it also has severe drawbacks. So the decision was made to exchange it with something that “just works” on game start.

    The main advantages are: 1. 40-50 more games will automatically have pitch perfect FOV similar to Direct VR games without the need to fiddle with any settings, 2. settings changes are reevaluated every time a game is launched, 3. new users don’t have to learn about the optimizer.

    Unfortunately implementing this new system is rather time consuming. Not only was it necessary to rewrite the optimizer from scratch for all the different ways games use to store their settings, most importantly all ~100 optimizer profiles have to be converted, extended and tested.

    The good news is that all of this is nearing completion now. Afterwards focus will finally shift to some new 3D profiles.

    Apart from that vorpX 17.3.0 will come with a huge amount of medium to small changes/fixes in all areas. The list of those is longer than for any prior vorpX release. Just a few examples: additional shader fixes for over 20 Geometry 3D profiles, more natural depth for many Z3D profiles, animated hands as controller visualization, new “Immersive Screen” game mode, help tooltips in the UI, less time critical hooking for all DX9 games, more sophisticated gamepad/motion controller axis evaluation, potential crash fixes for some games, better handling of hooking issues. And still a lot more.

    Stay tuned.


    Thanks for the update Ralf! …and all your hard work! Exciting to hear!

    I’m always checking in for vorpX news, can’t stand to play my games without it these days :) … too spoiled now.

    More people need to experience this!!


    hello Ralf.

    thank you for making this thread to let us know what’s going on.
    it seems like this next update will be epic :D

    i wish you the best for its completion, it is surely a lot of work.

    cant wait to try the new features and all the improved/fixed stuff.

    cheers !


    Immersive screen game mode? What might that be?


    Sounds like some great additions to the current features. Even though it seems to be more suited towards newcomer, I’ll be looking forward to trying it out.


    Making things easier and better understandable for new/casual users is indeed the main focus of this release when it comes to the main features, but a lot of the smaller improvements/fixes are useful for everyone.

    There also will be new profiles, so long time users will have something new to play with too. I just don’t know yet how much time will be available for that in the end, so I can’t say how many.


    Keep up the great work Ralf!!

    Looking forward to seeing what you’ve done with Z3D depth (my preferred 3D due to the level of performance)…hoping Skyrim is one of those profiles. Having Skyrim in VR down-sampling from 4:3 4k @ 90fps Z3D is incredibly smooth…at least for me. Started from beginning in VR and up to lvl 21 now as a light armoured mage. Even though it’s my 5th playthru…it still feels like a brand new game again in VR. Plus, I’m still finding areas I missed in my prior playthru’s in 2D…LOL!!!

    Loving Vorpx…using for mainly Skyrim presently.


    I love the update! Keep up the great work Ralf!!!!


    Sounds good Ralf, keep up the good work, VorpX is fantastic, just finished Outlast 2, no problems, great experience.


    It even got better in the meantime. Since my original post the new settings optimizer learned to auto-set a resolution based on what individual games allow and a user’s system supports.

    While quite useful for almost any game with an optimizer profile, that is especially great for some games that allow unusual custom aspect ratios without glitches (e.g. Skyrim, Battlefield 4/1, Metro Redux). Significant image quality/performance gains through VR-headset optimized resolutions in such cases without having to deal with .ini edits or similar things. Everything just happens.


    That’s neat! Yes, custom resolutions have helped me a lot!

    Will the new optimizer system be adjustable in game menu, similar to Direct VR sliders? Really like being able to tune the FOV on the fly in game.

    And will it similarly save adjustments? Or will it reset every time it reevaluates at launch?

    Automatic resolution seems nice, but I’ll still want to be able to choose my own resolution (often much higher than recommended) and have it remember.

    I like the idea that games will be auto optimized by default, but hope we will still have the freedom to tweak it or disable it if preferred.


    No worries.

    Although technically something completely different, UI wise the optimizer is actually integrated into Direct VR to not introduce yet another set of options. Both systems are aware of each other wherever that makes sense. If both a memory scan FOV and an ini-FOV are available you’ll be able to choose what you want to use for example. Useful if the memory scan fails.

    How exactly the auto-resolution setting will be exposed to the Direct VR UI hasn’t been decided yet, it’s so new that I haven’t thought that fully through. You will definitely be able to turn it off, in addition to that there will probably be quality presets.

    BTW: “Tuning” a calculated Direct VR FOV almost always results in a wrong FOV. A Direct VR FOV is calculated precisely, taking the actual headset and all other factors that influence it into account. The chance of a calculated FOV not being correct is extremely slim, the game specific formulas used are usually tested very well. The correction slider is there for the remote chance that a calculated FOV may be incorrect, but you can be sure that that is almost never the case.


    I literally just came here to ask about progress as its been so long since a release. Glad to hear things are coming up soon. Been dying for some new profiles too, looking forward to the ME:Andromeda profile.

    Interesting changes, can’t wait to try them out. Sounds like the field is yours to exploit with Tridef having fallen off the radar seemingly. BTW, tridefVR has a working ME:A profile, but I’ve been waiting on yours rather than getting that. :)

    Still loving Cinema Mode too for many games, please keep all those options around! I think you mentioned already that you were in a previous post.

    Keep up the good work. VorpX has been a shining light of awesomeness in VR.


    Sounds like its going to be a great update.

    Hoping you add an option that will enable a user to revert to a preferred setting…or a last used setting option…or similar. Would save a bit of memory jogging if one wanted to flip back to prior workable or saved profile while testing.

    Also, with what you are doing with streamlining the process…a select-able user type mode would be a nice feature. Like…a regular mode for new user’s and those who don’t want to get their feet wet (and want to just play an optimized game)…and an advanced mode that exposes more settings that tweeker’s want to access for more control.

    Keep up the great work!!


    The original settings are backed up before any changes are made and you can revert to them at any time if you want to switch back to monitor gaming for a game. That basically works the same way as it currently does with the old optimizer in the config app.

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