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    I was wondering if there is, will be or never will be a demo/trial version of VorpX? For me, $40 is a lot of money to spend on something that may not work with the game I want to play in VR mode with my Vive. FFXIV, in case anyone is curious, though I did see on the list that World of Warcraft was compatible with VorpX. Anyways, I was just wondering if the developers have a trial version or the intent to release a trial version now that the Vive is supported. Thanks! :)


    don’t mind the list and terms like “compatible” or “supported”. many of these games from the list are bad in VR or may not even work, depending on your hardware and skills.


    I understand that, hence why I am curious as to whether or not a try before you buy will be implemented.


    I’m in the same position and 30€ is quite a bit of money to me too. Especially since i don’t know if one of my favorites (Stalker: Shadow Of Chernobyl) will run – Ralf says just try it. :)

    So i’m waiting for now. Maybe when the Vive reaches 800€ instead of being 900€ i’ll not lose sleep over it, but for now i will just observe how the scene develops.


    I was bit put off for a while and then one day just decided to look at it like a gamble.. a night out etc. I was ready and accepting that it might not work and just looked at it like spending $40 bucks and had no expectations. I ended up being quite pleased with it.

    What I like about it is it is just a set of tools basically. The list of games is just a small starting point for what works. Once you learn how to create profiles and how all the in game settings work I find I am constantly looking at my steam library and reinstalling old games to see if I can get them to work in VR.


    This software really kicks ass, it just needs a bit of practice to make it work at its full potential. I got nearly native results with a bunch of amazing game (i wrote a small list on another thread). I am collecting VR games on Steam so i made quite a lot of experience with VorpX as well and i can tell that beside these ones, which i consider the more performant, there’s many many others that may have few glitches or minor incompatibilities but still worth to be played in VR with Vorpx because they are 100% more engaging than the monitor in any case. This is the most honest review i can do after 2 months practicing with Vorpx and many many games. I cut&paste the list of my favourites here:

    My list of favourites:

    Mirror’s Edge
    Bioshiock Infinite
    Aliens: Colonial Marines
    Shadow Warrior
    The Darkness 2
    Dear Esther *
    Life is Strange *
    Dead Space 3 *
    Max Payne 3 *

    * Unlock prosiontal tracking form advanced options

    These are my favourite perfomance wise. I would add also:

    Alan Wake, which doesn’t suppuort geometry 3d or positional tracking but runs so well with Z-Buffer that you won’t miss the 2.

    If you have a good pc and are interested on 2 or 3 games above you shouldn’t hesitate because, once learned how it works, you definitely won’t be disappointed in my opinion.


    prosiontal=positional :))) Sorry from the awful writings above, i hope the message is clear.


    Thank you for the list of games but unfortunately, I don’t have a rift. I bought the Vive so I’m going to have wait till better support comes around anyway. Just glad that more people seem to agree that a trial version would be nice, maybe even as a one game use for a week trial.


    Ok! just want to say i do have Vive, not the Rift.


    Oh? You’re using the Vive and VorpX is working for your games despite just now being supported?


    Sure, dude, it’s been a month and a half or so since the release. Works fine on my Vive and Gtx 970.


    I too have a Vive and would like a demo version, especially since Vive support is in beta.
    Even for game supported, I’d like a demo to see how they look and work to me on my system.

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