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    Any chance of a fix?


    same sort issue with fsx the vorpx mouse cursor blocks the game clickable compontents… i bought it for fsx but am finding it very unusefull :(


    After downloading the update, VorpX no longer recognizes my DK2. I get the standard “The configured device was not found. Vorpx will exit now.” message. Earlier today, before I connected to the internet and installed the update, VorpX was running Skyrim like a champ.


    is headtracking possible with vorpX and rift dk2?


    Out of the box for everything that has mouselook (allows you to look araound with the mouse), which includes most first and third person games.

    In a few special cases (some racing games for example) additional software for head tracking may be required.

    EviL FazZ

    Hey again,

    Long time now type …and of course, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t need help, which I do again, as I haven’t been using VorpX much as I never really got it to work well.

    However, I had no idea it was updated months ago (didn’t get any updates) but as I said last year when I originally purchased VorpX, there’s no way to manually update and it doesn’t auto update either …so …how exactly do I update VorpX …it still says Version: beta ()¬,..,¬)

    VropX - Version: beta

    Fun regards []^,..,^]


    Any chance that you blocked vorpControl.exe from accessing the internet? It has be able to reach the server for the update check.

    No problem though, you can simply use your installer to install the latest version. If you didn’t keep a copy, please send a mail to support |at| vorpx com.

    EviL FazZ

    Hey Ralf,

    Thank you for your speedy response and very helpful support, really appreciated {}^,…,^}

    I’m a hoarder of useful files and data (especially when it’s not easily available on-line), it’s even backed up multiple times in my daily, weekly, monthly and annual schedule …so it’s all KooL and found my original VorpX installer ()^,…,^)


    Regarding the possibility of VorpX being blocked, I use ESET for my internet and file protection, which never gives me software issues, as it’s very specific and easy to use, clearly showing activity past and present, but what has been manually blocked too, so it’s possibly something wrong with the ‘older’ version of VorpX …maybe?!

    Lastly, as will moving my developments to the HTC/Valve Vive in the coming months, it was nice to read you will be hopefully support is where and of course if you can. I won’t ruin this post by asking a slightly off topic question, but will post my question shortly, after I search more on it first of course []^,…,^]

    Thanks again Ralf and happy gaming one and all \[]^,…,^]/


    Servus, wann kann man den mit einem Update rechnen? So zweckens Implementierung neuer Spiele insoweit möglich?


    buying this as soon as my rift arrives- Thanks for supporting “Alice: Maddness Returns” as I was so taken by the scenery in the game in 2d I couldn’t play it.

    I assume it will blow my mind in 3d.

    I’m a fellow dev so I don’t think I’ll be a burden when I get it.

    Keep up the good work man, and keep it up when the consumer version comes out. If it’s different from the DK2 I’ll still pay you for yearly updates.

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 40 total)
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