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    Hi guys.

    I´m a noob at VR and 2 weeks ago I got my first VR device, Oculus DK2.
    So main reason to get VR is to play old games: farcry 3/4, Soma, Mirror´s Edge, Outlast and some newer titles.
    With this post I want to encourage Ralph to continue your magnificent work with VorpX, I know it´s hard and people get frustrated very fast.

    Many talk BS about VorpX but with time and effort when using Vorpx, you can get decent in game immersion, if you want to argue about that, use your flat TV and compare…
    Of course there are bugs, but think really about that immersion, Ralph is making it all happend.
    No railshooting, technology demos etc. BS, f*c* those job simulators.
    Just pure games with some time real geometric 3d, let the bullets fly and blood will splash.
    I love VorpX and I was suprised how well everything has worked.
    I know it´s not easy to adjust games for some random casual player, but use time, use that 30 min for adjusting, read forums before you even start real gaming.
    And there are many games what aren´t support but with 1-2-3 you get them work!
    I think it´s not difficult to add native VR support to 3d shooters and drive games(Project Cars GOTY, wow) but big companies won´t do it, because there are too few VR users and many indie games are pure shiat.
    We have to wait at least PSVR and maybe 2-3 years to CV2 and VIVE2 to get VR to the mainstream.
    I´m just glad that the hardware has gone forward and sky will be the limit!
    Christmas gift to my self will be CV1 :)
    My All best to you Ralph and I hope Gabe Newell and some another bigshot will contact to you and give some help so you can take this to the next level.
    I know there are lots of people who think like I do.
    Btw, this is not a payed advertisement to Ralph, I´m only full of people who complain for not doing adjustments right!



    I always laugh when people say there are no games for VR I am so glad Vorpx exist. It’s amazing exploring your favorite games in Virtual Reality there’s nothing like it.I really can’t wait for the updates to the program and experience some new AAA games in VR.It’s funny the first game I beat in VR was Mirror’s Edge no motion sickness at all and it was fantastic even better was playing F.E.A.R. it’s my favorite FPS of all time so playing that in VR was a dream come true.


    Oooh… I’d never even thought of trying FEAR. Though it scared me enough playing at 2am on my monitor when it first came out that I’m not sure I want to risk it in VR :).


    Yes i think the same. But Ralf shoud provide better documentation about how each “supported” game performs. It would be better for everybody, especially for the players so that they can pick their games amongst the best supported ones and know in advance if there’s any issue or limitations with the other. So nobody would be disappointend wasting time or money. My opinion is Vorpx works GREAT witha good number of games and “not so great” with many others. I think the “great” ones should clearly stand out from the others, also in terms of set up hints. Also, it should be made clear that to “match” native VR, a VR-Ready hardware is mandatory.


    I agree about adding better documentation for the supported games. In PDF-document there should be a part about supported games and fine adjustments because at start you get advisable about resolution, so we need a guide with fine adjusment and with proper 3D settings. And yes that would be good to Vorpx´s reputation.
    You can also google about Oculus and Hive native supported games which dont need Vorpx to work properly.
    <offtopic> I have my own trouble to get Alien Isolation work right in native mode, runtime 1.9 DK2. Old guides talks about changing oculus to prime monitor but that is old knowledge. Alien Isolation works in native mode in my TV :D , so any one got some new tips about that?</offtopic>


    VorpX’s rep on the internet is what it is because a lot of lazy people and special snowflakes either can’t be bothered to RTFM or because they like creating drama where none exists. Maybe it’s because I came up in a time when you actually HAD to understand the software you used that reading the instructions before spazzing out was standard practice that I don’t see any of the ‘issues’ these people go on about.

    All I can say is that VorpX/Skyrim was why I bought into VR. No regrets.


    I think the default settings are a big problem. They are made for optimal experience, but are outright hostile for the first time user. It took me several days of headaches and dizziness before I could actually be able to start experimenting with the settings. There should be a “noob” mode so people can start from there and enable the more advances options. (For example start with lower zoom and let the user increment it at his own pace).


    sorry guys but it’s hard for me to call vorpx a vr experience, there is no sense of immersion at all.

    The main thing it lacks is the screen distortion, in order to get a feeling that you are actually inside the scene the screen must be distorted, else when you turn it looks like you are inside a crystal ball. In order to distort properly they have to find a way to use a perfect resolution that fits the hmd.

    second thing it lacks is proper support for geometry 3d, most games have problems with shadows and a lot of shaders, they are putting very little effort on fixing shaders, and if you are a 3dvision user you know what i’m talking about. So for most games you have to play with fake 3d.

    basically what you get is a big screen slapped on your face with head tracking, i will never play games this way, i prefer using 3dvision, better quality and better performance e g3d working fine thanks mostly to the community fixes.

    vorpx is on the right way but still there is a lot of job to do.

    What i would like to see in vorpx is not yet another title support in this state, instead i would like to see 100% compatibility with games where is possible to make it, mainly first person view games (what’s the point of vr on a third person view game??), so maybe 10 games where vr works as it should instead of 100 in this surrogate vr.

    so to summarize, to get proper vr:
    -use perfect resolutions to fit the hmd (undone)
    -adjusted fov (done somewhere)
    -screen distortion (undone)
    -proper artifact-free 3d (mostly undone)
    -head tracking (done)
    -adjusted menu/hud (done somewhere)

    i understand that is not an easy job because is hacking an already done game with builded code, injecting dll and so on…
    why not focusing on a single engine like UE for example so you’ll get a bunch of games with basically the same job, release a few game fixes that automatically inject what they need with minimal user interaction = everyone happy.

    probably on many games this will never happen, but i’m sure this can be done on some titles, focus on those titles and forget the rest!!

    i hope one day i’ll be able to use it so i can justify my purchase, atm let’s call it an early adopter of an interesting project that is not released yet.


    Some of what you write is true, most of it is pure nonsense. Just play at another resolution if the suggested standard res is too low for you. Or maybe you played everything in cinema mode or whatever you mean by lacking screen distortion.

    I’m using VorpX since DK2 days and to date my best VR experiences still are VorpX games. Skyrim, Fallout 4, Portal 2, Half Life (Black Mesa), just to name a few, are a lot more immersive experiences than 95% of the stuff on Oculus Home. Once there are more real games for VR that will obviously change, but it will be quite a while until then.


    Yeah i don’t see distortion or similar with a proper setup (especially: Fov, Resolution and Screen Zoom). Everything feels about right with the best games and proper configuration.


    last two i’ve tried for example had crystal ball effect, no distortion, batman arkham city and bioshock infinite… no sense of depth, everythiong looked so flat and out of proportions, and i was in g3d… will try some others, maybe is enabled only in some games ? this could be the reason…

    the thing about perfect resolution i think is needed in order to apply the distortion correctly, how can you apply it if the window doesn’t fit the hmd? maybe i’m wrong i don’t know just guessing i’m not a programmer..

    if is this the case, why not document the support more clearly? community had to make a sheet in google docs in order to document support for g3d for example, i would like to see at which level the game has support, if like me you have tried just a few games and all of them have crystal ball effect i assume that is not supported anywhere.


    Hi Tig3rmast3r, i remember Bioshock Infinite running quite sweet. I still have to try with G1 1080 but on 970 was one of the best looking games. I can try and help you out with the configuration and see if it runs better. What’s your graphic card thou?


    i have gtx1080 and vive, i can try again but i’ve already touched almost everything inside the menu, maybe i’m missing something, would be great if i’m missing something…
    just guessing, maybe it looks right in oculus and not in vive ? i could try using revive..


    If you see image distortion (“crystal ball effect”) while rotating yor head, the field of view is not set up properly. The actual lens distortion is done for ages by the headset runtimes themselves on perfectly sized render targets with the size and aspect that is suggested by the runtimes. This is true for both Oculus and Vive. None of it works like you assume it works.

    The only thing that can cause distortion while rotating your head is a too high or too low FOV. Adjusting it correctly is the most important thing in regard to a correctly looking image. More important than any stereo 3d consideration.

    How that is done depends on the game. Ideally the vorpX Game Optimizer in the config app can do it. In other cases a manual ini edit or external tool like Flawless Widescreen may be required. In the worst case you may have to use a non-perfect workaround like scaling the image down. You can find a general list of options in this regard in the Essential Hints Guide in the vorpX help.


    Another thing, disable any 2D FOV extension, that also causes distorsion IMHO. You will always lose the visibility of a certan % of the display, but that doesn’t depend on Vorpx, i think.

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