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    does WoW work on vorpx 3d with oculus rift s? I don’t mean the big screen effect, but converting to 3d to actually get the immersion effect.

    And if it works, is it with official servers (latest addition)?
    Do Ihave to look for some old versions of pirated servers?

    I’d love to beat the pandaria to 3d.



    wow works, be sure to select legagy directX 11, sometimes you also have to run the game in windowed mode to get everything works correctly (windowed full screen mode is fine i believe or regular windowed mode).

    you will have G3D working, but you can tweak setings to your liking.

    you also can have fov mod if you make some wow macros, that way you can play in first person view !

    look here for fov macros

    Tutorial: Increase WoW FoV

    been a while since i played the game, but vorpx should work both with retail version and classic version as well (it was working fine for me for classic version months ago maybe it’s still the case).

    and i dont know why it would not work with rift s.


    Doesn’t work with rift s at all? :(((


    I don’t play WOW but I have it installed, and it works fine with my Rift-S. Not that it matters – the headset brand is irrelevant.


    Ok. I will try it :). Thank you for your answer.


    I think this basics will be read by a lot of people in the future when considering the WoW experience in VR.

    Honestly, I didn’t expect anything from Vorpx. I bought it on the principle that I would probably lose a few bucks, but whatever.

    Overall I don’t have a very powerful PC, just a gtx 1660ti.

    WoW from Vorpx works extremely well. I am very positively surprised. I’m talking about imersiv mode, because full 3d is not suitable for this game, or I can’t turn it on on my PC.

    The experience is great. I not lie that it is better than 90% of the games I have played in full VR so far on the oculus rift s.

    So in case you’re wondering if it’s worth buying Vorpx, for WoW VR. In my opinion, absolutely yes.

    For this I also tried Ori and the Blind Forest. It looks great! My wife approve.

    The only thing I miss is the cervical spine, because I have a discopathy and it is difficult for me to play with the headset on my head for longer


    To answer your question, yes. It looks amazing. Once I get the FOV dialed in LOS is kinda at crotch/knee level. It would be perfect if I was playing a gnome. I’m running a RTX 2080 Ti on a Vive Cosmos Elite wirelessly. Looks fantastic. Now if I can get STO dialed in…..

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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