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    Hi, I’m playing wow right now,leveling (Battle For Azeroth)
    I’m doing some tests with Vorpx cinema / inmersive / full VR modes.
    I have tested some interface addons and some FOV parameters through LUA,but…I have a question that I would like to solve.

    How can we get tracking head without the need to keep click on left mouse button for this game?
    I’m doing some tests with my main character (warlock) at a distance,alternating first person camera, but I need to solve the problem to get tracking.



    you could try this mod, i dont know if it’s still work, make sure to check out of date mods options.

    i used it months ago with vorpx and it was great.

    now i just click the mouse when i want headtracking, but that’s because i forgot about that mod until now :p


    Thanks, although I just tried it and it does not seem to work with Battle For Azeroth,probably because it’s outdated.

    I have also tried another second attempt with this other addon, but I have not had any luck either.

    If you know some other addon or some other possible way to achieve it would be perfect.

    As a last option, maybe Ralf can get some type of option in Vorpx for this game, I’m not sure if it’s technically possible in the program or if it is complicated, but otherwise it may be an advantage that would not need constant updating for each version in WOW as the example of some addons.


    Update: finally I got this provisionally, through addon console port + wow mapper.
    I had to deactivate some control function, inside the vorpx menu but it works, it allows to use mouselook and controller stick at the same time,also binding skills in the interface itself of this addon.

    the next step for me, is to find a way that the interface only appears visible when you manually press a skill, or my character enters combat. I also want to do some different tests with FOV and decide what I think is the best option in conjunction with the above.


    Update 2: I have tried to prove the FOV solutions that I have found at the moment, and these have been my results.

    /run WorldFrame: SetPoint (“TOPLEFT”, 0,-150) WorldFrame: SetPoint (“BOTTOMRIGHT”, 0, 150)

    This method can help, but it adds some black upper and lower bands, and I also have the impression that part of the image is lost when it becomes a letterbox with its consequent loss of performance.

    Another method is the 3D FOV Enhancement option inside the Vorpx internal menu,
    but when stretching this to a certain point, the image produces some glitch or artifacts in the image and breaks some effects in addition.

    I have tried to reach an agreement between both, reducing the value of the first method, and slightly expanding the FOV slider within the menu, but I have not achieved results with the black bands produced by the first method.

    Here I come to a point of inflection, where I can not imagine if it could be possible to obtain an image by resolution and FOV more or less calculated without getting distortions to explore in the first person camera.

    I would not mind spending some time on this, because after these tests,
    the sensation within the world of Azeroth with Vorpx and in 3D geometry, I have found something very good, very great gentlemen. It is worth the effort to achieve an optimized experience here.

    I am open to any suggestion to achieve this.


    I just found this thread and this is exactly what I need, I had another thread here that fixed the FOV for people using the same Worldframe method you are using but what was turning me off was being unable to use the mouse as I am looking around. Seeing as you’ve solved it with the addon I’ll go through and get it to work and see if I can improve on anything.

    Tutorial: Increase WoW FoV

    Also if you play Vanilla WoW on private servers there is a cheatengine script that does everything. Although I tweaked his because there was a lot of shit that I didn’t like in his keybindings and his views but the fact that the controller itself is acting as the mouse and not the trackpad is something I wish Ralf would integrate.

    Do you have any judder? If not what are the specs for your pc?

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